Leopoldo speaks through the cracks

For the first time in more than a year, Leopoldo Lopez spoke to Venezuelans in a video smuggled out of Ramo Verde prison. In it, he announced the beginning of a hunger strike, calling Venezuelans to take to the streets this coming Saturday.

Prior to the video being made public yesterday, the government entered into full freakout mode. López’s co-prisoner, San Cristóbal mayor Daniel Ceballos, was transferred to a prison in Guárico state, while López himself is presumed to remain in Ramo Verde.

Here is my translation of his speech, followed by my impressions:

“For one year and three months, along with more than 70 Venezuelans, we have remained imprisoned for having decried the Venezuelan state as corrupt, inefficient, repressive, and non democratic. In its time, we not only talked about the problem, but we also invited Venezuelans to blaze a path together, peacefully and democratically, that would allow us to force a change as allowed by the Constitution. The government’s response has been implacable: repression, violence, people detained, wounded, and dozens of deaths. Many of those who have died did so at the hands of agents of the State and of groups linked to the government clique. Many of these deaths are wrapped today in the impunity and complicity of Venezuelan justice, and of those who now hold power.

After one year and three months of our call, the situation is worse: more lines, higher inflation, more scarcity, more crime, more corruption, and even serious accusations of drug smuggling on the part of people at the top of the government. Today, the inmense majority of Venezuelans want a change, but like us, both democracy and the common citizen in Venezuela are imprisoned. We are the prisoners of a corrupt elite whose only interest is to hold on to power.

For these reasons, for the permanent violations to our rights and to our families, for the violations to the present and the future of millions of Venezuelans, Daniel Ceballos and I have decided to go on hunger strike, a hunger strike with three concrete petitions.

First, freedom for political prisoners.

Second, a halt to persecution, repression, and censorship.

Third, a definitve announcement of the date for the Parliamentary Elections, and that these elections, which will be a step towards the peaceful, demoractic change that millions of Venezuelans desire, be accompanied by electoral observers from the OAS and the European Union.

Likewise, Venezuelan brothers and sisters, we want to invite you to go to the streets of Venezuela this Saturday, and to do so peacefully, massively, with no violence. Let’s go out into the streets with our brothers and sisters, and no regard for ideology, party affiliation, in order to show that we are on the side of change for Venezuela. Let’s take the streets peacefully and democratically.

Let’s not lose hope. Let’s not lose faith. Brothers, sisters, we, from jail, are full of strength and faith. We ask you to remain hopeful so that together, soon, we can open the doors to a new Venezuela. God bless you, God bless Venezuela, and may He help us foster the change that we all deserve in peace and democracy.”

In the video, López appears calm and serene. He breaks into a bit of a smile toward the end, but the overall tone of the video is ominous. He seems to understand the seriousness of the situation, and he is clearly in touch with what is going on, even mentioning the recent scandals involving Diosdado Cabello and drug smuggling. As for his concrete petitions, the second one is … well, not concrete at all.

The video has caused quite a stir in Venezuela. My bet is that Saturday people will take to the streets massively. It might be just the thing to stir Venezuelans and wake them up from the slumber they seem to be in.

The important thing about the video, though, is that security at Ramo Verde is less tight than the government would like to think. It is hard to believe López’s people managed to get the camera in, and get the video out, without the cooperation from somebody on the inside.

Up until now, the government had been remarkably efficient in preventing any leaks from López from getting out. The video indicates there are cracks in Ramo Verde.

What does this say about the internal cohesion of chavismo? We’ll find out soon enough.

161 thoughts on “Leopoldo speaks through the cracks

  1. Calling to protest on the streets might erode cohesion among MUD members. I’ve already seen Justice First party members who already complained about Leopoldo and his “radical way” to do the things we want.


        • so this means that a guarimba is on the goverment’s best interests or that they whant us to think that it is, or the complete opposite, is it a bluff, a double bluff, a triple bluff…. my mind is f*cked


        • “…Marios Silva released the video before Lopez’s wife…”

          Perfect sense: In compliance with the new twisted rules, Lilian Tintori was being stripped down before entering Ramo Verde.


        • I don’t think the video was shot say, day before yesterday, but could have been shot up to a week ago or so.

          I would guess he does not a cell phone on him all the time, so one would have to be smuggled in and then out. In that process it’s plausible that a third hand is involved, and perhaps a copy of the contents was made in transit, then sold to Mario Silva (aka Grima Wormtongue)

          It is interesting indeed, Mr. Stolk


          • The Simplest answer is usually the right one. They simply paid off a couple of guards to look the other way – that is the way it works in a completely corrupt regime. I mean it is not like they are loyal to the cause, they are loyal to the almighty buck and getting their “fair” share. There is no honor among thieves. I would call these co-called Chavistas whores if that wasn’t an insult to whores. At least true whore deliver the goods – these animals just take the goods for themselves and tell the people to get in line and shut up.


        • Heh, It didn’t show the comment, (Or at least it doesn’t show it here).

          But basically it mentions that we’re going to a “no-exit” path and such path should be avoided


          • “…we’re going to a “no-exit” path”

            Because “dipping the pinky” has done wonders since 2004, specially when the candidates don’t have the balls to take the prize…


    • If peaceful protests are seen as a “radical way” by those people, I wonder if they are fond of any democratic values at all. What would be a non-radical way to fight Chavismo then? To pray only? Or are prayers seen as too radical too? It makes me think if they are not trying to undermine the opposition from inside… They sound chavista.


      • You know that Justice First didn’t support “La Salida” right?

        > What would be a non-radical way to fight Chavismo then? To pray only? Or are prayers seen as too radical too?

        “Focus is at the national assembly” one of them told me


        • And how peaceful protests would be incongruent with focus at the national assembly? Just because there will be elections people can’t protest peacefully? WOW! Are they North Korean?

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          • I’m speculating, but for sure there’s a lot of rift between Justice First and Popular Will. If Capriles asked people to protest, I’m sure those “Justicieros” would have reacted very differently.

            According to some people of PJ, though, this is another call for “Guarimbas”


  2. Unfortunately as usual, absolutely nothing will come of this. If they go on a hunger strike, they will let them die eventually and it will all have been for nothing (i.e. Brito). The government does not care and there is no justice to fall back on….no matter how many international Human Rights organizations including the UN make demands the government will not do a thing..period.

    I don’t think this is what will wake up the masses…I don’t even think there’s anything that will at this point. Next Saturday will be just one more march for the books that will end up in nothing.


    • What do you propose? To stay at home doing nothing? How is that any better? Are you buddhist?
      I bet that you have already jumped ship a long time ago! Your mentality shows.

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      • Wow! What a way to take offense…relax…I’ll just let the events speak for themselves then……

        PS: There would be nothing wrong if I were buddhist…but I’m not.


        • You reminded me of an athlete who had given up on going to the last Olympic Games a few days before the games started because she thought that she wouldn’t win any medals anyway. Sorry to say, but that is a loser’s mentality. We can call learned helplessness too. Thankfully, Leopoldo Lopez is not like that, he’s the kind of person that makes history, not the kind that resigns to his “inevitable” fate.

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        • Adriana I agree with you. The govmnt will do nothing and there will be no consecuences from a hunguer strike. Mark who are you to ask for solutions? Go ask Ma Corina or anyone from MUD.


          • At this stage of the game ANY proactive advice is better than “the government will do nothing and there will be no consequences from a hunger strike.” For God’s sake, you guys can’t find food and medicine!!! Don’t go because of Lopez, go because of yourself!

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          • Of course the Dictatorship won’t do anything. But the people might, unless they love living like sheep in Cubazuela.


  3. I think Mr. Lopez has made some heroic sacrifices on behalf of the Venezuelan people, even when a great many of his compatriots have been equivocal or worse about recognizing this work or these concerns at earlier stages. He is taking a huge risk in going on a hunger strike. From far away, it seems the mood in Venezuela is ugly. But remains equivocal about where to go and what to do. Mr. Lopez’s actions are premised on a call for people to start drawing clear boundaries and setting clear demands, and what I see him facing in his moment of clarity in the people whose support he is calling on to tip the balance is something different: confusion, chaos and desperation. This does not look to me like Czechoslovakia in 1989, as I had been hoping. It looks more to me like an arab state in disintegration.


    • Right. We should all do everything we can, and join the Protest right now, where ever we are. That. or just shut up and enjoy the long lines hoping to get tomorrow’s chicken.


  4. Scene 1: LL call’s for a pacific protest. Curiously, the first light of the video is shown by Mario Silva.
    Scene 2: people go out to the streets, chavernment makes a move to ignite the protest into more active and violent.
    Scene 3: emergency powers are granted to take care of the “psychological war” that the oligarchy is doing agaiinst the revolution. Army goes to the streets. A forced calm returns
    Scene 4: an announcement of postponement of parliamentary elections ” ’cause the conditions are not right”
    Scene 5: the government survives another year.

    Doesn’t it seems that it is a bit of a chance that all of this happens when Diosdado is being searched for internationally and “la cosa esta pelua en las calles?”

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    • The same thing I was thinking and about to write.

      I believe López is honest but I think Chavismo will use this.

      This is the perfect excuse in the mindset of Chavistas.


      • Of course the Dictatorship will use this.

        Esta actitud derrotista, de corderos atemorizados no lleva a nada sino a mas Cubazuela.

        Hay que aprovechar esta unica oportunidad este sabado, Todos deben salir a la calle, empezando por Caprilito. Si mas de 1 millon de gente sale, pacificamente, que pasa? Preguntenle a los Serbios.

        Ahora es que vamos a ver si en Venezuela hay guaramo o si prefieren seguir en cola a que les regalen su harina pan.

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        • Pienso en voz alta. No tengo respuestas. Quisiera saber: qué pasa si 1 millón sale a protestar de manera absolutamente pacífica y 50 tipos infiltrados disparan contra diversas personas, matan a un par de decenas y se producen las correrías de siempre?
          Qué plan se tiene al respecto?


          • A veces hace falta salir a reclamar, aunque algunos terminen dando su vida por grandes y nobles causas. En la historia, los ejemplos son innumerables. En Vzla, que le paso a Perez Jimenez? Si la gente se atemoriza y no sale, no pasa nada. Y minetras tanto, cuantos mueren an las calles, 25000 por año, Mr. Kepler.

            Prefieres estar viviendo en Cubazuela, o peor, en el 2050?

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            • Mira: la cuestión no es si se sale o no a protestar, sino cuándo y qué plan se tiene cuando se vayan a infiltrar y comiencen a matar gente y a culparnos de ello. Que lo van a hacer es seguro.
              Tú estás en la Isabelica o en Calabozo? Y: ya tienes el plan B para cuando ocurra eso?
              Solo pregunto.


              • Ya que es algo seguro que los mojones rojos van a infiltrar choros en las protestas para matar gente, entonces la gente tiene que entender que:

                1) Que salir a protestar NO ES IR A BAILOTERAPIA, no es un paseo a la plaza como se lo han querido vender a la gente.

                2) Que salir a protestar contra el chavismo es PELIGROSO, la gente se asusta y sale corriendo porque no esperan que los chavistas vengan a matar gente, porque pensaron que iban a estar 100% seguros, como en un paseo.

                3) Que como el chavismo tiene malandros, armas y todas las malas intenciones de causar el máximo daño posible, la gente tiene que salir DISPUESTA A DEFENDERSE, si ven a un malandro sacando un arma, gritar a todo pulmóm que tiene un arma y lincharlo ahí mismo, si llegan los colectivos con sus motos y sus cabillas (Por donde vivo pasó así) la gente tiene que tener así sea un palo para tirarlos de las motos y molerlos a coñazos, la gente acá les metió la pela de sus vidas a dos choros de esos y los tiraron en medio de la plaza para que se los llevaran.

                Hay que demostrarle a los chaburros que la gente no va a dejarse coger a coñazos de GRATIS, la postura de “No hacer nada porque el gobierno lo va a tomar como excusa” no ha servido en 13 años de protestas desde el 11 de abril, si sale uno o dos malandros de los colectivos con los brazos rotos de una protesta, los demás se lo pensarán dos veces antes de atacar porque son todos unos cobardes comemierdas los cuales vienen con toda la intención de matar al que sea que se les pare enfrente porque o tienen la cabeza llena de mierda o les pagan para eso.

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          • La última vez que salieron un millón de personas a protestar y la dictadura los emboscó cogiéndolos a tiros con unos comemierdas el muerto salió de un brinco de chimpanflores.

            Por cierto, eso fué en una jornada de “bailoterapia”, porque la gente iba con los mismos piticos y trapos en plan pacifista (por eso salieron corriendo cuando empezaron a caer los muertos), sólo hay que pensar 5 minutos para imaginar como hubieran quedado esos tiradores comemierdas si de verdad los “locos maricones fascistas” hubieran sido violentos de verdad.


          • Syd, si estuviera en Vzla, te GARANTIZO que estaria desde bien temprano y hasta tarde en la calle este Sabado. Y con mi familia.


            • Yo no estoy en Venezuela, así que prefiero no andar con bravuconadas. Y en Venezuela tengo familiares que han recibido disparos en protestas y un sobrino al que los chavistas les rompieron los dedos.
              Desde aquí fuera es facilito decir: y sí, saldría a la calle, carajo, y pondría a mi hijo a mi lado y patatín patatán.
              Yo salí a defender votos en una de las zonas más peligrosas de Venezuela, pero ahora no estoy allí.

              El teclado da para mucho, pero en esto, prefiero que lo usen primero los que están en Venezuela, de preferencia los que están en una zona distinta del oeste de Caracas o del Norte de Valencia.
              Que hablen primero los que están en La Isabelica o en la Candelaria o en Calabozo.


              • ” Que hablen primero los que están en La Isabelica o en la Candelaria o en Calabozo.”

                ¿Esos se consideran entonces “barrios populares”? Digo, porque la última vez que la gente salió a protestar, pues les cayeron encima alegando que “como no salieron los pobres del oeste de Caracas entonces no sirve de nada”, claro, porque era muy fácil salir con los choros cogiendo a la gente a tiros cada 20 minutos…


              • Si todo el mundo pensara cobardemente como tu, por ejemplo recientemente en Serbia o en Egipto, muchas dictaduras todavia estuvieran ahi.


              • ElDespertador: what a name!
                And what a piece of rubbish you write! You are not only a coward but one who wants others to do the dirty job for you and on top of that pretend to be “El Despertador”, the one enlightening people.
                Instead of talking rubbish, go to Venezuela and do what you pretend others to do in areas where the average population lives.

                Otherwise close your mouth.


              • Ralph,
                I am very aware of what are the demographics of those areas. I know them very well. That’s why I selected them. They are not “poor per se” for Venezuelan standards. They are just low middle class on average (first and second) and a secondary city in the Llanos.

                The opposition already had a majority in the first two during the last protests and even so it was very dangerous to protest there, so that several people were murdered and a lot heavily beaten. They were not like Northern Valencia-San DIego or Chacaíto or El Hatillo.

                Why do I have to explain everything? Why do the ones calling for massive protests WITHOUT HAVING A PLAN are living in the few poshest areas of Venezuela or, more frequently, abroad?

                I just say: people need to think this through…and those of us who are not really really going to risk it as people in average places in Venezuela should better be less arrogant and stop pretending to be heroes (from Miami/Washington/Paris)


  5. When there were mass protests here in Brazil, I tried to convince all my family to go with me. The women were, naturally, afraid. “What if the petistas (our chavistas) do some sort of violence against us?” Well, I couldn’t guarantee that any violence wouldn’t happen, after all, I’m not God. I can’t predict the future!!!

    And a dangerous city will make people afraid of the most silly things like protesting. So, I couldn’t convince them. But I convinced my father by saying this: “Will you really be able to lay your head on the pillow tonight and peacefully sleep knowing that when you had the opportunity to change the fate of the country you instead chose to do nothing? If your answer is yes, then don’t go. But I wouldn’t be able to do so. I have to go!” And then he went with me.


  6. Bueno. Leopoldo habló otra vez. Antes se entregó, ahora va a dejar de comer.

    Nadie va a salir el sábado a ninguna parte, ni su huelga de hambre va a tener ningún efecto.

    Yo de verdad alucino con la gente que cree que este gobierno sale con gestos y estrategias como esta.

    Por un lado me da lástima LL y su familia, por otro me sorprende que alguien pueda estar tan desubicado en esta vida.


    • Esa es tu pequeña y lamentable opinion.

      El Sabado podra ser la mayor manifestacion desde Febrero 2014, o mas.

      Hablamos despues. Mientras tanto, ponte en cola como las obejas, a ver si consigues una arepa o un pedazo de pellejo de res.

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      • Oveja con “v”.

        “Mas” sin acento es sinónimo de “pero”. Para indicar el adverbio de cantidad debes escribir “más”.

        “Såbado”, de nuevo con acento.

        “Después”, con acento.

        “Opinión”, con acento.


        Febrero en medio de una oración se escribe con minúsculas.

        Si fuese tan sencillo corregir la falta de inteligencia como es fácil corregir la falta de ortografía la oposición sería gobierno y tu serías distinto.

        Una más: yo no hago cola, vivo felizmente en el extranjero, donde me fui para no compartir sociedad con gente inculta e impulsiva.

        PS: Otrova Gomás es un escritor inteligente y agudo, deberías cambiar tu seudónimo por respeto, porque escribes como una caca.


  7. If perico silva “leaked” the video before it got known for more people, that means that ramo verde’s security did its job and stole it before it could go outside, nothing new under the sun here.


      • Any file can be copied, it’s not that mysterious, dude, it’s obvious that perico silva had the original in his hands and made a copy to use it against LL before unclutching it.


  8. So, what is the purpose of a hunger strike? Ghandi went into strikes to prevent his followers of getting violent against the british forces, who cared not for his wellbeing, and could spin the news, why would someone put his life in the hands of these thugs in power like this?


  9. Clearly Leopoldo and Ceballos had plenty of time to think about this.

    Clearly the video and its message were very carefully prepared. And this is a smart Harvard Educated guy, not your average Masburro speaking.

    My take is that Leopoldo decided this is the right time to try and wake people up. The right time to go for a public outburst. Many reasons include:

    1/ Free-fall of the economy and the dollar. Colas and escasez getting even worse now.
    2/ Electricity outages and crime not getting any better recently either: people are upset.
    3/ Recent ABC and WSJ Bombs on NarcoCabello
    4/ Recent International exposure of their Human rights, ex-presidentes, even Brazil..
    5/ Upcoming “elections” will be fraudulent anyway, people also upset about that.

    As Political leaders with real cojones they decided the time is right to hit the streets. Peacefully, but at any cost. What do you do, drop a Hiroshima bomb or wait and invade Tokio on from the ground up? Wait another year, another stolen meaningless “election”, another 25,000 killed in the streets, or protest en masse NOW?

    It’s about waking people up, to see if they react, when there is still time, before Cubazuela2 reaches the point of no return till 2050.


  10. Hmmmm I think he is jumping the gun again. I feel for the guy, respect him but sometimes you got to have cold blood and let the events unravel instead of pushing them. Of course I have not been unjustly in jail for fifteen months… a lose lose situation


  11. LL must know that the government will gladly play chicken with his strike, and will force feed him if need be to avoid the bad PR the event of his death would bring. But what they won’t do is submit to his demands; not even to the third one. The gov has worked hard to ensure no one on the outside is in a position to barter. That said, I have no doubt Leopoldo truly believes in his work and is committed to this country. I admire the fact that even from jail he’s trying to provide some guidance.
    I hope that whatever comes of this move serves as another step in undermining the regime.


  12. I hate to say this, and I hope I’m wrong, but I think LL’s hunger strike will come to naught. IF the Oppo’s lucky, and a few hundred thousand of a rapidly-diminishing middle-class do turn out for a march, it will probably be the usual low-impact Altamira-Chacaito type. I don’t believe LL has real pull with Venezuela’s large majority lower socio-economic classes, notwithstanding his relatively high popularity as an Oppo representative in a few opinion polls.. The Regime, however, doesn’t want an internationally-popular LL pulling a Brito ending, but I don’t think LL wants to end up in a coffin, either–so, eventually, he’ll probably have to call off his ill-timed hunger strike, for his own sake. Venezuela’s unbelievable failed state situation will change only when, in my opinion, the large majority lower socio-economic classes lose their fear (of losing their Petro-State handouts) and spontaneously rebel, or the middle-rank military outflank their Cuban spies and rebel.

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    • Unlike you, I do think that the “lower socio-economic classes” want something else besides dying for the lack of medical supplies and the record crime statistics.


      • Come live in Venezuela, then talk–of course they want something different, but it’s how to get it that’s going to be difficult.

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          • Well if the “poor” and others like you think like that, and have no fight left, good morning Cubazuela. For decades come. Enjoy the long lines for a piece of chicken, learn to love your fellow bachaqueros, and get used to very old model cars.

            Go back home by day light, or you be one of the 25,000 Killed by crime, “playing it safe” avoiding these peaceful street manifestations.


            • The poor do think like this, and, until they change, Venezuela’s situation will not change. And, yes, Cubazuela 2, already partly here, is a very real possibility.


  13. And again our distinguished blogger hoping for dissent in the military…

    I am afraid he is suffering a chronic case of “Wolfang Larrazabal Syndrome “


    • The 3000 military upper-level enchufados are not the “military”, which are the 100,000 lower-level military and their families, who are suffering the same economic problems as the rest of Venezuela. Cuban spies, with 50-years’ experience at ferreting out military dissent, have subverted any effective military uprising up to now. Larrazabal was more a leader of the post-uprising Junta, than the causal agent of military change.


  14. “Con tales acciones, el gobierno tiene una excusa para …..”

    2015 y la gente aun cree que una dictadura militar necesita excusas o justificativos en las acciones de sus opositores para perseguir y matar?.


  15. Menos mal que hay mujeres como la Tintori y la Ceballos, que van a estar manifestando en las calles, con sus esposos jugandose la vida en la carcel, junto a miles de gente que no se la cala mas.

    Si fuera por la mayoria de esto “bloggers” intelectuales aqui, asustado por la dictadura, no habria ninguna salida. Y si estan en Vzla, pues gozen de su harina pan regulado y su cupo. Se lo merecen.

    Esas mujeres tienen mas bolas que todos ustedes.


    • Macho,

      Supongo que escribiste eso súper emocionado delante tu teclado en Miami o en El Hatillo.
      Te faltó “agenda”, “socialista” y en vez de “bloggers” debiste colocar las comillas sobre “intelectuales”.


        • No se trata de tus tildes, Otrova. Y quisiste impresionar a alguien escribiendo en francés? Supongo que tu mamá estará emocionada.
          Se trata de que te crees muy valiente mandando a la gente desde el exterior y haciéndonos creer que tú, si estuvieras en Venezuela, lo harías.
          Por cierto: es bastante infantil que escribas en francés. Eres típico de la clase feudalista que en Venezuela pensaba que era muy inteligente por escribir en francés o inglés. Das vergüenza ajena.


          • No estoy mandando a nadie, pendejo. Tampoco criticando, como tu, la escritura de nadie ni estupideces como acentos, bolsa. Y si me parece buena idea ir a la calle, y si iria. Como siempre lo he hecho en mi vida,

            El hecho de que algunos psuedo-intelectualoides como les guste hablar pura teoria y tengan mieda de una manisfestacion no significa que Milles y sino Millones de Venezolanos como yo van a salir a la calle, gros con!


            • Ay, sabes hablar francés! Qué sofisticado! Supongo que cuando has ido a Venezuela has dejado soltar un par de frases en francés para impresionar a la gente.
              De nuevo: no se trata de tu escritura. Se trata de tu típico vocabulario con tus terrores hacia los intelectuales (o “intelectuales”, que te salió en “blogueros”) y todas las imágenes que traes de los ultraconservadores gringos…pero usando groserias en francés.
              Weißt Du was? Du bist einfach dämlich – manche würden sagen, Du bist ein Arschloch- und Du kapierst noch nicht, worum es eigentlich geht.

              Vas a salir a la calle? Entonces no escribas aquí, compra un pasaje y marcha en El Valle o en Carora.


              • Imbecil, escribo aqui y donde sea. En vez de estar criticando tu primero, guevon, mantente en el topico y deja tus infantiles ad hominem para otro sitio.


            • Pero a ver, ¿por que le tienes tirria a los acentos?

              Mira, yo que tu le callaba la boca a toda esta gente y 1) empezaba a usar un super corrector ortográfico 2) me iba a Catia a caerme a coñazos con la gente de los colectivos.

              De verdad ¿que se habrán creído estos imbéciles? ¿¡Será por cojones!? ¡En Miami hay más cojones que en América entera nojoda!


      • Hijo, te podria dar nene,, esto es un blog, y en cualquier idioma que escriba, Frances si prefieres, tontos como tu no comprenden nada.


        • Tu francés es malo también. Lo siento.

          Mandar a morir a los demás mientras se miran los toros desde la barrera cómodamente es inmoral.

          LL es valiente, educado y sincero, pero no es un brillante líder político. “La Salida” fue un error tan esperpéntico que aun hoy dan ganas de llorar.


          • La Salida no tuvo dirección que la planificara, sería bueno que la gente termine de entender que fué algo que surgió espontáneamente y que fué después que se inició que LL y MCM lo apoyaron, insistir en que ellos “mandaron a la gente a hacer barricadas y a que los mataran en las calles” es repetir las mentiras irresponsables del chavismo.


            • Ummm, i don’t know. LL and MCM did not initiate the thing, but they certainly supported it in the belief a majority would take to the streets.

              Many said, rightly, that people were not in the mood for a fight. LL and MCM didn’t listen and fuelled the fire.

              They failed tragically.

              Right now I would work to keep LL in everyone’s mind and raise awareness about the injustice of his imprisonment, but I would never, ever follow his ideas.

              He has no instinct, he is not an original thinker, he has no popular support outside Eastern Caracas.

              Guts are a great asset, but they are not everything.


  16. Con ojos de marciano se me ocurre que con esto LL busca no tumbar el gobierno ni nada por el estilo , ese es un proceso largo y complicado y de curso impredecible . pero si :
    1. atraer la atencion del mundo sobre la situacion de los presos y los derechos humanos en Venezuela ( a modo de desacreditar la ya bastante castigada imagen del regimen ) y
    2. galvanizar el animo de un grupo nutrido de opositores que sino participan de alguna accion tumultuosa y visible tienden a caer en la apatia .

    Desde luego esto supone un costo , a saber : un recrudecimiento en los de actos de represion violenta del regimen con su saldo de victimas desafortunadas y el riesgo que si las acciones de protesta publica no son multitudinarias se refuerze mas bien la sensacion de desaliento de algunos grupos opositores.

    Personalmente no tengo idea si esta iniciativa tendra o no un efecto NETO favorable o no , desde luego -como todo- supondra potenciales consecuencias tanto deseables como indeseables que creo temerario anticipar.


    • Good points. If 500,000 went out to vote a couple weeks ago on the laughable Mudcrap pre-elections, risking some sort of retaliation by the regime, I think many more will go out next week.

      After the “elections” are stolen again, and people see having a couple more “seats” in the “parliament” means absolutely nothing, we’ll see.. I don’t know if they’ll be submissive enough to wait for another stolen Presidential election.

      Saturday is very important, even if the net results aren’t much more than what you suggest.


  17. It doesn’t matter where one blogger lives. Like most of you, I left Vzla. But unlike many of you, I would certainly be Organizing the protests already, and among the first on the streets. As 3 friends of mine are already doing in CCS.

    Childish crap aside, the impact of next Saturday will depend to a large extend on Mudcrap, and especially Caprilito. If Capriles had the mental clarity to call his people to join MCM, Ledezma, LL and Ceballos, the crowds would be Nationwide, and huge.

    Unfortunately, the dummie still believes in Maria Lionza, Jesusito and the “Parlamentarias”..


    • “I would certainly be Organizing the protests already, and among the first on the streets. ”

      Walk the walk, man. You are more than welcome to go back and fight.


  18. Boy, our readers sure are negative these days. With everything that is going on in Venezuela, with the opposition’s main leader in jail and on hunger strike, why *wouldn’t* people march?

    Violence? Really? I’m gonna post about this.


    • You mean El Cafetal’s main leader. And that would be arguable.

      I have found feelings about his hunger strike because of his physical wellfare, but mostly I’m truly shocked he dicided to put his life in risk for so the goverment would make the annoucement of the elections and I’m happy he brought the issue of impartial observers to the table.

      This for me is quite an advancement in his political (if not populist) skills.

      He just threw a go-make-some-guarimba steak to his reactive and shortsighted base at the end.

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    • That’s because protests have been satanized into “violent outbursts”, though they’re more like “bailoterapias”, part of the nazi-esque propaganda of hegemoncorp.


    • Juan,

      As I said, it is not about going or not to protest. It is about: given what has happened time after time before and the fact Venezuelans can only think of doing things “a la caimanera” but Chavistas do excel in very lethal sabotage of events – their experience is that of countless other extreme groups since the end of the XIX century-

      Do we have a plan about how to organise things once infiltrated thugs start shooting at outsiders and killing them in our name?
      Do we have a plan for anything else? Who is going to take the lead?
      And have you talked about this with people who live in poor areas of Venezuela now? I have. Sorry, I only have what Quico calls “anecdotal evidence”, no special field studies carried out by some organisation located in Chacao or New York. I just call my relatives. No plan, no proposal about how this won’t evolve into another “sin-dollar-boys barricading themselves in Northern Valencia/Chacao”, no one from the rest of the country will support this.


      • “infiltrated thugs start shooting at outsiders and killing them in our name?”

        Everybody knows that the regime infiltrates protests, but said infiltrators destroy property (cantv, corpoelec and public ministery building burnings for example), they don’t kill other people “in our name”, that’s hyperbolicly stupid, drawing a gun in the middle of an angry mob has the very high risk of getting beaten to a dead bloody pulp in seconds, the gunners are always at a safe distance from the protesters, chaburros are stupid, but they are not retards that can’t wipe their own asses (at least the ones driving the bus, the base has reached north korea levels of dissociation)


    • Si hombre, que negativa esta gente, cuando es tan positivo mandar a morir a los demás desde el extranjero.

      Por otro lado, eso de que LL es el líder principal de la oposición es cuestionable.


  19. About the dreaded “violence” some of the wimps on this blog are so afraid of..

    – With the “80%” opposition we all hear about, how ‘violent” can it get?

    – With the entire World super-pendiente now, more than ever, every country, every newspaper about Vzla’s human rights,, millions of smart cell phones ready to take videos.. how much can the Dicatorship get away with?

    – If you have a crowd of Thousands, all against the Regime, are they going to shoot? of course not.

    When the country was fully divided 50/50, without ant international support, when people weren’t nearly as upset as they are now, there weren’t that many violent exchanges nationwide.

    There’s always a risk of some isolated cases of violence ina Nationwide, peaceful protest. But right now, given the conditions in Vzla, the timing could not be any better or any safer than this.

    Unless you want to wait in line for another One Hundred Thousand Dead by 2019, when Masburro is re-elected by Chavez’s Smartmatic.


    • Aquí somos unos cagaos todos. Los valientes estån en Miami, desde donde tumban a Chávez cualquier día de estos.


      • Quedate en tu casa entonces viendo una Cadena de Maduro, o la novela. Y despues, si te da el cupo, sal a buscar tu pollo, y aceite si consigues, y regresa temprano en la tardecita para que no te arriesgues mucho.


        • A ver, yo no vivo en Venezuela. Yo vivo en el norte de Europa: como quien dice, bien lejos de esa impulsividad tropical que te cuesta tanto dejar atrás.

          El rancho se lleva en la cabeza. Si ya no estás en Venezuela, al menos intenta adquirir cierta calma para que aproveches esa distancia que permite ver mejor. Yo entiendo que te cueste pensar cuando te falta costumbre, pero ahora mismo lo que el gobierno desea es una pelea en la calle. Eso es lo que quiere para distraer a la gente de la debacle y reencuadernar una historieta a la que se le ven las costuras.

          Y allí va Leopoldo, a complacerlos.


          • El régimen no necesita que ocurra algo de verdad para distraer, con inventárselo ya tienen para mantener a su base tranquilita ya que para eso les han lavado bien el cerebro hasta llevarlos al nivel de estupidez de norcorea, y ejemplos sobran, decir que cualquier bailoterapia es golpe de estado, que cualquier cosa que dice alguien afuera es invasión, que una página de internet tiene jodida la economía del país y toda su estupidez para someter a la gente es guerra económica y todas esas babiecadas ridículas que sólo se las cree el que quiera creérselas para satisfacerse la bilis.

            Sentarse a “esperar que esto se caiga” no va a servir, porque eso es precisamente lo que el régimen quiere, que la gente se calle y deje de protestar para que ellos sigan robando y forrándose de dólares hasta que se cansen.

            Al régimen no le importa un pito que la gente se esté muriendo de mengua en las calles (porque ellos planearon matar de hambre a la gente para someterla), no les importa que los malandros masacren 50.000 personas al año (Porque ellos llenaron el país de drogas y los malandros mantienen a la gente acosada para que no haga nada), y no les importa que la gente esté arrecha (Porque con un tiro en la cabeza lo resuelven)

            El régimen va a preocuparse cuando el saldo de una protesta sean 150 muertos, y de esos 50 sean de los colectivos.


            • Bueno, bueno, otro valiente espontáneo salta al ruedo ¿estará dispuesto a contarse entre esos 100 muertos? ¿o también está en Dade?


              • A diferencia de tí, yo sí estoy en Venezuela, y arriesgué mi trasero el 11 de abril de 2002, del cual no habría salido para contarlo de no ser por Simonovis y los PMs que defendieron a la gente que marchaba.

                Por otro lado, parece que estás especialmente picado hoy, buscando simplemente llevarle la contraria a todo el que piense en protestar porque según tú no es protesta si no lo matan a uno, no, viejo, a diferencia de una cantidad considerable de gente que protesta, yo sé cual es el riesgo de hacer algo así en Venezuela, que va desde una golpiza hasta un tiro en la cabeza.

                Yo ya he escuchado esa pendejada de “sal a protestar tú sólo y que te maten a tí para que yo pueda seguir viviendo mi rutina esperando a que una teja rodada cambie todo”, en un momento fue un comentario que sacaba la piedra, hoy simplemente no le paro bolas porque sé que no están apoyando activamente al régimen.


              • Por cierto, señor sabelotodo, los 150 muertos en una protesta pueden darse ya sea en una protesta que empezó como una bailoterapia, tanto como en una tranca en cualquier pueblito del interior porque la gente esté ostinada de no tener luz más de 6-7 horas durante una puta semana completa, la cual aunque te sorprenda, no habría sido convocada por LL ó MCM.

                El régimen va a ir escalando la respuesta violenta para intentar suprimir las protestas porque es lo que les ha servido durante más de 10 años (Mataron a 25 personas el 11 de abril y la gente no marchó más nunca en Caracas), y porque es lo que sus coaccionadores saben hacer, dispararle a todo lo que se mueva


              • Al menos tu sí que sales a caerte a coñazos, mi admiración por delante. Y sin cinismo.

                Si es verdad lo que dices, te felicito por tu valor.

                Lamentablemente, no basta con ser valiente. Darse de frente contra un muro no lo tumba.

                Por primera vez la oposición está en condiciones de ganarle al régimen por paliza. Por primera vez el electorado chavista odia a su líder… Coño, tampoco hay que ser Einstein, no salgas a darles excusas a un ahogado.


  20. Hoy se cumplen 134 años de nuestro Himno Nacional de Venezuela. ¿Donde habrá quedado el “Gloria al Bravo Pueblo” y ese “Abajo Cadenas” hoy??


      • No, it’s not that. It’s just that people have other problems closer to their chests than relating to political prisoners. It’s very difficult to get people mobilize for such a cause. Specially, when society is plagued by problems such as scarcity, hyperinflation, insecurity or simple a lack of opportunities.

        People are better relating to “real”, tangible, affecting their wallets-problems, than something as ethereal as political prisoners.

        I for once think that LL had a terrible timing here.


  21. Being abroad, i do not claim to have a sense of the street-readiness of the oppo after so many years of failed strategies. I could not agree more with the views of Kepler and others, A plan and a strategy is needed to neutralize infiltrados. Period, Learned helplessness hits hard in YV these days, LL is both a desconectado and a visionary leader. The regime needs a show of violence to use as an excuse to further control…. All said and true.

    Now, the crux of the matter IMO is a personal choice fro every one, to live in cubazuela, or to die fighting!

    The opposition does not ouch the word resistance even at arms length. there is a totem about democratic and pacific means, etc. This thugs will not be relieved from power peacefully, period.


    • LL a desconectado, and Ceballos too? And their respectives wives? They have hit the streets for years, much more than most “conectados” ever have.And they have hundreds of eyes and ears out there every day. What a bunch of scared, obedient sheep some of us have become: pathetic.


      • Nothing personal, I agree with you that there will be no peaceful solution.

        Those here who still dream about “fair elections”, the “parliament” and that Chavismo will concede power “democratically” are living in some other Galaxy.

        Actually, the more Vzla waits, until Masburro is magically “re-elected” in 2019, the more difficult it will be to get rid of the Dictatorship, and the more violence it would entail. And some still think Vzla will be like Chile, instead of like Cuba, for the next 30 years. Y las vacas vuelan..


        • Pinochet had 8 straight years of guarimbas locking every street of Chile until he finally got fed up and convoked the famous referendum.

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          • oyoyoy… que poco conocemos Chile. Mejor callar y salir por la izquierda Ralph, que no tienes ni puta idea.


            • Ajá, sigue creyendo que la gente se caló al tipo sin decir pío “esperando a que se cayera sólo” o que en el referendo se fueron a “mojar el chiquito y luego a escuchar salsa en sus casas”


              • Sí, Pinochet convocó un referéndum por miedo a los estudiantes, no porque estaba seguro de ganarlo.

                Agudo análisis.


              • Encerrarse en el estereotipo de que “guarimba = estudiantes sifrinitos clase media alta” no es muy agudo que se diga.


  22. For those out there proposing an Arab spring salida for Venezuela, think of the horrible situation people in those countries are living through. Is this what we really want for our future?

    We all want there to be a change in government but it is really important that the change moves us to a better future. How we get there is really important.


    • A wave of terrorism by the narcosoles is the next step in Venezuela, the criminals will do everything they can to recover the power, it’s a logical fact.


    • No, no no no, as Professor Girafales would say. Common sense and humanity are not popular with this crowd Jotae, better to promise fire and vengeance.


      • It’s really naive to believe that chavistas will accept any “peaceful change” in Venezuela which doesn’t include leaving all their criminals free to do as they please.

        Besides, “fire, blood and revenge” are the only stuff that chavismo hold today, and will have tomorrow for Venezuela.


  23. The most important part of Leopoldo Lopez’s speech is to call for a mobilization this Saturday to demand to the Electoral Ministry (aka CNE) the exact date of the elections to be held this year. If you think that marching this Saturday would be an excuse for the Government to cancel or postpone the elections then you’re either an accomplice of the regime or a mere brainwashed pawn of the Government’s propaganda


    • Are you the son of Carlos Rangel? if yes, then your father reasoned in a subtler way than you do.

      There is nothing the government wants more than to take it to the streets.


      • First of all Im not related to Carlos Rangel. Second he might have reasoned far better than I do, but that has nothing to do with what the opposition should do. So now we just care about participating in elections and thats it? No protesting for the rampant crimewave, corruption scandals, dreadful economic environment or even the slightest of things such as the date for the parliamentary elections?


        • Oh, sorry for the confusion.

          Yes, we should just care about defeating the government in the territory we do have a chance.

          There is nothing right now the government wants more than distracting everyone from the collapse of the economy.

          And thank you, for saying I am brilliant.


          • Ok, so in case there’s some tampering of the results, annulment or postponement of the elections or if they rig the elections them I guess according to your savvy plan we should just do…nothing right? Genius


            • I am blushing… so much flattery.

              Listen, fraud has happened before in our country (in 1957) and it ended in the defeat of the regime.

              Postponement happened too, in 1945, and it also ended in the government being ousted.

              Your proposal, a frontal fight in the streets against a government of kingpins, is hardly the smartest strategy. Even if you say I am a genius, I can’t sincerely return the compliment.


              • You’re misguided, my proposal is to demand to the authorities to clarify the date for the elections, not to torch the streets or a guerrilla war. But it seems like naive brilliants like you confuse public pressure with “giving the government the right to cancel elections”. And by your genius reasoning then THAT should be the strategy, given the insightful analogies that you make with our history.


              • but can you rouse that pressure… A few thousands marching in Altamira are not enough to turn on the pressure.

                Even a million, coming out of Petare, wouldn’t do it, because they would be too far from Miraflores

                You know what would? A hundred thousand women out of Catia claiming against rationing, crime and poverty.

                Do you see that happening? Can you bring that to happen? those are real questions.

                You are just blowing warm air from a safe distance.


  24. You know, Luis Vicente León is an insufferable arse, but sometimes he has a point:

    “El gobierno tiene plata, instituciones, medios, armas y respaldo militar para enfrentar y aplastar a unos adversarios que no tienen ninguna de las anteriores, ni una oferta concreta y alternativa que emocione a las masas a nivel de luchar por ella. ”



      • Claro que voy a votar, faltaría más.

        Cola no hago porque aquí donde vivo yo la harina se consigue en las tiendas, no está racionada.

        Novela no veo y Mad Men se acabó la semana pasada.


  25. One month ago some teenagers here in Brazil decided to go from their state (Sao Paulo) to the capital of the country (Brasilia) to protest against the government. They called it ‘marcha da liberdade’ (freedom march). They decided to go by foot, it’s a great distance, though. One of their demands is to ask the Brazilian government to give political asylum to LL. They have received all sorts of threats from the left. That didn’t make them stop. Yesterday, they were hit by a car, two of them had to be rescued by ambulance. One of the injured is already back at the march today, the other (a girl) is still at the hospital.

    You can read the above and burst laughing, saying that they are the most stupid people ever, or you can say that they are brave people. In my opinion, we should always support the people fighting for us, no matter what! Never undermine them! This kind of people, just like LL, are actually the ones that write history. We can’t always understand their plans, we may be too scared to do what they do; but if there are still people with the will to fight in Venezuela in 2015, support these rare people!!! But to ruin everything like that by saying that these peaceful protests will bring apocalipse, and that Venezuela will ‘become’ a violent country after them, is not only a lie, but cruel too, because you shatter people’s dreams and hopes of a better future! What you are telling them is: “just accept your miserable fate, they are too strong to be won.” And if that’s really the case (no one knows), then why even care about this blog? Just close Caracas Chronicles already, it’s pointless.


    • “This kind of people, just like LL, are actually the ones that write history.”

      Ehmm, what history are you reading?

      Bravery is a great thing. LL is a brave man, braver than anyone in the government. But bravery, unfortunately, is not enough to bring down this government.

      Grand gestures are also pointless, sorry.

      What about a little intelligence? Why not start by actually figuring out what to offer, a narrative? and then, if polls favour you and that is unlikely to change, why not wait patiently until the government trips down and makes a mistake? Why not let the economic hardship campaign for you?

      Frontal confrontation is just stupid, sorry.


      • Alejandro, I have an honest question on this point “why not let the economic hardship campaign for you.” What can the opposition honestly promise people on the issue of economic hardship, that would be popular? It seems to me, a great many people will understand that these lineups, bad as they are, are to avoid having to pay the price of goods offered on the street, where these goods are not as scarce, but are completely unaffordable. I think that may be why people will continue to stand in line for hours for their chicken, instead of marching: the price of chicken on the street. I hope I am wrong.


        • Obviously, to solve the crisis.

          That’s the promise.

          To be honest, this is the most artificial crisis ever created. So promise the obvious: to solve it.


          • Yes, promise to solve the crisis, of course, that is the route to electoral victory. But what would that promise of a solution be, exactly? And how will the solution go over, on day 2 after it is implemented? I’m not being critical of your position. These are honest questions.


            • I know…. what about telling the truth? we will solve this, but the situation is so dismal we will take some time, but we are the only solution.


              • I think telling the truth is telling people: the price of your chicken will go up, quite a lot and for quite a while, and you will not have the ability to pay for it, but when things turn around, your kids will be better off, even though your life will be desperate….that is the future I offer you, so you should vote for me.

                I hope I am wrong.


              • I do think you are wrong: Cardoso controlled hyperinflation and was reelected.

                Telling the truth is salutary and in the present circumstances, a winner.

                Build a narrative and promise a solution. I mean, its not like they are opposing FDR, are they?


              • Add to the mix “The probability of getting stabbed or shot to death will decrease by half.”
                That’s got to draw some people…


    • Exactly Marc, you in this world you have submissive Sheep, like Alejandro there, all they to is Bitch and Beg. Then you have the real people with cojones, and their leaders, like LL, doing all the fighting for the freedoms people took for granted.


  26. IMO the Venezuelan regime locked up Lopez, waited to see what happened, and– when nothing serious happened– simply intensified its crackdown on the opposition.

    If that wasn’t the spark to unite the opposition and make it fight back, what will it be?

    What, exactly, is the opposition waiting for?


    • The starting points and hours for the peaceful protests are already being set Nationwide today. Dozens of starting points everywhere this Saturday, including of course 10am Plaza Vzla.


  27. Scabies epidemic now. Wonderful!

    “En conversación entre colegas dermatólogos, coincidieron en una situación nunca antes vista en Venezuela: “una epidemia de sarna (enfermedad ectoparasitaria contagiosa causada por ácaros)”.

    Asegura que lo más dramático de todo es que cuando prescriben la ivermectina (para uso humano), no se consigue por ningún lado, lo que ha llevado a optar por aquella utilizada con fines veterinarios, la cual ya tampoco está en el mercado. ”

    Los borregos en su cola esperando por el pollo, pero se les acabo hasta la medicina para la Sarna de perro! Que maravilla!

    Bueno, dicen que sarna con gusto no pica, para que protestar?


  28. Einstein said the definition of madness is to try the same approach hoping for different results.

    The opposition has tried frontal confrontation many times, the regime is still in power.

    I do not, however, think the proponents of street protests are mad. I think they are unimaginative incompetents.

    Along the years the opposition has been unable to create a story, a narrative of their own.

    It has been unable to sell their values and hopes to the masses.

    Still some expect the masses to come down and fight an armed government for nothing.

    Isn’t that stupid?

    Some of us think the problem is to build a big majority. That is of course more difficult that throwing rocks at soldiers. It implies fashioning an idea that can be sold in a single sentence, a single word, even: Obama’s “yes, we can”, Chavez’ “Constituyente”, Lusinchi’s “Sí”.

    It looks easy to do, but it is actually very difficult. You have to find a resonance with the unspoken expectations of a majority.

    However, if you succeed, it is extremely difficult to do away with an idea whose time has come.

    Guarimba is a brave thing, but lazy and intellectually bankrupt.

    Never believe in the easy solution.


    • Dude, it’s a Marcha de prostesta pacifica. That’s all. Happens all the time in the World. Thousands and Thousands will go out.

      If you prefer, get in line, get your diapers, and hurry home to watch a cadena.


      • I quickly noticed you had trouble writing, only now I realise you have trouble reading as well.

        I told you repeatedly: I don’t live in Venezuela. I don’t queue or receive subsidies or vote for the government.

        As for the manifestation, millions could go out, they can’t change anything.

        Anyway, as I said, unimaginative incompetents.


    • Whats moving people is not love of the oppo message but hate of the consequences to them of Chavista corruption and mismanagement . At least that what polls show. Under current conditions you cant defeat Chavismo at one go , through one giant protest , that grand epic dream is not very realistic . It might happen later but in combination with other factors . In any event its undeniable that oppo numbers have grown and chavista numbers have dwindled , more the latter than the former . Absentiism is just as big an enemy to Chavismo as oppo votes , and absentiism is greater where youre unhappy with the way the govt (you formerly supported ) lets you down , causes your life to grow worse day by day . The economic war argument is dead and gone , only few very rabid Chavistas find it credible . We know this.

      Chavismo is not a movement of concepts and ideas but of rethorically packaged passions , of slogans acting as proxies for ideas which cannot be articulated for lack of conceptual substance but which can be referred to to articfially justify certain obscenely primitive passions and resentments. Dont understand what you mean by the phrase that refers to an idea whose time has come .

      I dont think the fight will be won one single way but using many different tactics all of which progressively erode and degrade the regime by revealing its hoaxes and weaknesses. Protests might be useful even if they dont draw the great angry masses we have been taught accompany all historical revolutions . Regime changes can ocurr many different ways , the thing is to keep at it and to inflict every damage you can to the regimes credibility and image both inside and outside the country. The parliamentary elections themselves ( even if fraught with fraud) are an important step in weakening and defeating the regime , whatever fanfare itt uses to justify its acts of repressive coercion.


  29. Poor timing, IMO. If there is a call for mass demonstrations, it should be on issues like shortages, corruptions, etc. Maybe also on the election, or calling for an impartial overseer (which the regime would never allow, for obvious reasons, but it would be another PR blackeye for Maduro)

    The plight of political prisoners and a call for “an end to repression” are not going to get many more people than came out last year. The regime still has the colectivos, the military, the GNB, effective control of the media, and until one of those changes than this will not lead to much other than a useful distraction from the regime’s hopeless incompetence and corruption in managing the economy. . I hope I am wrong.


    • and Yes, I know the election issue was mentioned as one of the demands. Grouping it in with the others, and having LL on hunger strike, diverts attention from that issue however.

      I hope LL, undeniably brave as he is, knows what he’s doing.


  30. A dejar la habladera de PAJA: A salir a la calle a protestar! La situación continúa empeorando casi que día a día y algunos “intelectuales” siguen pensando en estrategia y teoría de juegos… Es ahora o nunca! Si no quieres tomar la calle, entonces comprate tu franelita roja o apúrate a salir antes que cierren las fronteras!


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