The Castillian horse

This article by Spain’s El País is a bombshell.

In a secret report, Venezuelan ambassador to Spain Mario Isea talks about the opportunity chavismo has in Podemos, the upstart party that is leading in the polls in Spain.

That Podemos is Spain’s version of chavismo is no news. That the memo, part of a presentation given to Venezuelan government officials, was leaked … is.

What drew my attention was this little extract from the ambassador’s memo:

“If the left wins in Spain, it could help to spread the achievements of the Latin American integration model all over Europe; we may be able to weaken the Pacific Alliance and strengthen ALBA and Mercosur; the warmongering consensus of NATO may be weakened; and Spain will become a strong ally of Venezuela in the European Union.”


We all knew that Podemos was a chavista party, but … weakening NATO? Weakening the Pacific Alliance? To my knowledge, this is the first time these two things are expressed as official policies of the Venezuelan state.

As much as they try to hide it, Podemos is the Spanish arm of international chavismo. Now, there’s even a smoking gun to prove it! Countries that ignore the threat it poses … do so at their own risk,

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  1. Delusional fiction is more like it. I read the El Pais piece when it came out and thought as much then as I do now. It bears noting that in recent polls Podemos now ranks 3rd with the PSOE at the helm.


    • “…food production and education?”
      Because for thugs like “el inspector ardilla” there, those are oligarch, sifrino escuaca capitalist bullshit.


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  2. Just wondering here, what name do you think these “Chavismo” call themselve as a group?. We call them “Chavismo”, and I’m pretty sure it is inside Venezuela, but these international moves are way bigger than what “Chavismo” is, right?

    So, Who are they?, but I’m not into answers like “Cubans, Chinese, russians and/or frenchs … duh”. Those adjectives only tells where they come from, but not what they’re up to or how far are they planning to spread or why.


  3. La agudización de las contradicciones fundamentales en el seno de la sociedad, tres factores han impedido que ocurra un “estallido social”, asuma una posición más combativa, “neutralizar la campaña”, preservar nuestro liderazgo, ejercer presión para lograr.

    The western german trotzkist, leninist, maoist, hodschaist, etc. K-groups of the 70ties and 80ties talked like that.

    On the other hand with Putin going more explicitly anti-EU-establishment some of our more well known figures of the far left like Sahrah (spell.?) Wagenknecht or Albrecht Müller show more willingness to cooperate with people on the right, which makes part of their followers freak out.

    Spain really still is in a deep crisis, but I don’t think that this Iglesias sociologist will ever get into a position of real power. I consider Marine Le Pen, who received a lot of money from Russia, as much more dangerous.


  4. “Podemos is the Spanish arm of international chavismo”

    That’s a keeper! If only that would induce the EU to retaliate.

    But I think this is a bit of an exaggeration. I don’t think for a minute that the leadership in Podemos risks having any formal links to chavismo through a shared platform, not when their opposition is hounding them precisely on this point and spaniards are unlikely to see such a link as favorable.

    See for instance:

    What Isea did was share his Christmas wish list with his psuv buddies, probably blowing his own horn while at it. My guess is he’s justifying his existence.

    Let me put it to you another way, why would Podemos want to form a tight link to chavismo, so they can brainstorm together on how to conquer the world?


    • But then again …

      “Y recordaba que “Pablo Iglesias está asesorado por Juan Carlos Monedero, un intelectual que ha hecho bastante pantalla en el proceso bolivariano“


  5. “We all knew that Podemos was a chavista party, but … weakening NATO? Weakening the Pacific Alliance? To my knowledge, this is the first time these two things are expressed as official policies of the Venezuelan state.”

    They’re official policies of Putin. And… since por la plata baila el mono, Russia’s useful idiots include the left (the PSUV, Podemos) and the right (Salvini, Le Pen).


  6. Look, the ties between Podemos and the chavistas are know, and the similarites are also known, but is a bit too much to get to this.

    That is, whatever delusional ramblings that chavista cretin has have, in all probability, very little to do with what Podemos is actually capable or interested in achieving.

    Right now Podemos is kidna moving fast to the center left (which is easy considering the idiots at the PSOE left the field wide open), although of course I’m not 100% sure they arent just saying what they think will get them power. But it is such a mess of a movement to be difficult to say what is the policy, what is the obsession of one sector of the leadership, or what.

    So far, in the case of a Podemos victory, I think Venezuela will have another nominal ally, similar to Brazil. That is, one that will “support” the “revolution” as far as it is convenient for them and nothing more. They will have their hands very much occupied with the big Spanish issues to become this idiot wet-dream of a puppet regime.

    Mainly as, no matter how bad things are over here, they are very much better than in Venezuela, and apart from ideological sympaties, there is no leverage.

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    • agree. Style of writing is a little baroque, but it’s good and honest of IM to include a passage of his earlier opinion, 15 years ago, now greatly discredited when he innocently thought Chávez the anomaly would pass. The political cartoon by Eulogia Merle is perfect, Pablo Iglesias shown as a cynical young man.


  7. Spaniards suffer the same short sightedness that Venezuelans suffered in the 1990s. Their (new) “European conscious”, just so we don’t call it racisms, makes them think that they are a different breed from the rest of LatAm. I pity the fools.


    • Every country that still considers the far-left or far-right as legitime options should be pitied.

      And Podemos ascension might be pedagogical in that sense, because the Spaniards, who are known for feeling superior to us Sudacas, will have to come off their high-horse when they notice in two or three years from now that even Bolivia will be doing a better job on the macroeconomy than their beloved noble, white, European and ponytailed Podemos high-caste of “political thinkers”.

      But again, the problem is that when that happens they will probably start blaming Germany, the immigrants, gypsyes, Jews, Israel, the US, Obama, the Pope, the Euro, the EU and Merkel for everything that went wrong with Podemos, and elect a far-right nationalist to “save them”, and here we will go again.


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