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MARIO SILVA: On [April] 12th [Nicolas Maduro] tells me: Call me when you can, without saying it live on air.

I call him. You know what he tells me?

Hold on, this is what he told me, and he sends me a photo. That his face just appeared in the Comandante’s [Chavez] portrait in the Cuartel de la Montaña, and that there’s even a video of that…

His face had appeared in the hands of the Comandante, and they have it on video and everything. There you got it, the picture.


SILVA:  There it is. I’m sending it. (shows the picture)

I never saw the video. There it is. His face was in the Comandante’s hands, and they say they have it on video and everything.

Now, as the good atheist that I am, I can tell you, that perhaps is only a theme that they want it to put at the last minute, that the Comandante appereared to him.

But I leave the nonsense, I called Jorge Rodríguez and I told him: Jorge, this is happening at the Cuartel de la Montaña, and Jorge tells me: Be careful of what you say Mario, because this would be (he makes a sound with his hands) the campaign would collapse in two days completely by saying that Nicolás is crazy.

I understand that pretty quickly and I tell him: Look Nicolás, Jorge called me to give me some indications regarding Capriles’s lie, and I mentioned the video. And he told me that I should be very careful with the interpretation that the media can spin to this. However, even if I share Jorge’s concern for the evil purpose those media outlets always have, I was impressed by such event.

I’m not gonna tell him I don’t believe in that crap. Right? But if he tells me that happened in front of Casa Militar [Presidential Guard], in front of [Aragua Governor] Tarek El Aissami. I don’t know…

However, I think, here in my pretty evil and Machiavellian head, I think Diosdado Cabello is promoting this thing, knowing that if that comes to light…

PALACIOS: It would be a boom.

SILVA:  It was a boom. It would be a punch. They would say Nicolás is crazy, like that [Diógenes] Escalante guy, that was here… and Nicolás would lose.

That’s over. Dead. Never spoken again.

PALACIOS: And that photo really…

SILVA:  I don’t know. I never got the video. What I got was that picture from Tarek El Aissami.

PALACIOS: That picture can be…

SILVA:  Yes, it can be downloaded. Yes, I can sent by e-mail, no problem. That was… The only proof I have… because they were supposed to send me the video and they never did. They stop it, whatever, think about that.


PALACIOS: Tarek sent you that photo…

SILVA:  Tarek El Aissami mailed me that photo. “Impressive”, he writes. “Fuck”. “Chávez is watching us”, and stuff like that.

Well fuck…

I just… I, as a good Marxist, I keep it quiet and never said anything.

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    Correction: Silva is the “Agent”. Palacios is an “Intelligence Officer”.


  2. Malario Silva offers the purest, unadulterated rendition of what Marxism is all about. A self-declared Marxist, even tooting his atheist credentials to distance himself from the rest of the PSUV crowd that carry images of Jesus and Che Guevara healing the sick while carrying AK47s, engages in an hour long conversation with the G2 spy master, another pure Marxist. And what is it that they talk about? Not the poor, not the emancipation of the oppressed, not housing or education, or jobs, or food. They talk about the good guys and the bad guys. Who is dangerous, who is corrupt, and who is trustworthy among their rank. And that is pure Marxism. The same kind of conversations happen in North Korea, in Cuba, in China. It cannot be otherwise. For a group that comes to power with the creed that life is dog-eats-dog (they call it class-struggle), will carry that image of bellicosity throughout the most inane things in life.
    Think about the creed according to which life is a struggle between the devil and a jealous god. Well, those guys will create things like the Inquisition and will burn you at the stake in the name of a benevolent god.
    I find it irritating when I hear people say that chavismo was an aberration and that they are not true Marxists. They seemed trapped in the ornamental facade of Marxism: righting the wrongs of society. Some of them have even abandoned their families and pretend that I will believe they are willing to sacrifice for foul smelly people they don’t know. Once you remove the bullshit of rhetoric and see what they do, you will see that Malario’s one hour long conversation is Marxism in its purest form.


    • Correct. The paternalistic leadership style of Marxists was illustrated by Orwell in Animal Farm with Moses. It’s not about the people, it’s about the leaders. He does make mention of the 8 killed in the scuffling (two of which I know for a fact were everyday street crime and two others I know for a fact were opposition members). But only insomuch as it is useful propaganda.


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