The tyranny of the deadline

Dang it, I’m on deadline today so I really don’t have the time to give full flight to the furious, disgusted, downright marialejandralopezesque rant I have brewing inside of me over the simply incredible, puked-half-in-my-mouth-when-I-heard-it case of María Corina Machado’s 23 de Enero campaign stop. Turns out Machado first got shot at while trying to throw…

Enter the lady

Congresswoman María Corina Machado has apparently entered the opposition’s primary fight. Her campaign slogan? ¡Viene María! I’m in no position to judge whether or not that slogan is going to work. It’s either brilliant or disastrous. Either way, it’s catchy, and it gets people talking. Machado has a few things going for her, namely: