Join the Caracas Chronicles Team

All this and more...

All this and more…

Caracas Chronicles is getting closer to our Epic Relaunch. It’s going to be pretty great. And you – yes you – can be a part of it.

We’re looking for great new writers, and for an outstanding podcast producer.

The ideal candidate lives in Venezuela, isn’t scared to do some reporting on the street, can read and maybe even write English. (Pero en español también se vale.)

And if he is a she, even better.

Stop and think about this a second: who do you know who fits this profile?

If it’s you, click here to apply to join our team. Don’t be shy. We’ll coach you through every step of the process. And we’re going to push you to write (and produce) better than you ever thought you could.

If it’s someone else,  them a message with this link. We’d really appreciate it.

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  1. Greetings

    As a very long time and avid fan of CC and now a monthly PayPal contributor, I’m a little frustrated that I can’t view CC on my laptop either in IE11 or Chrome. I visit many sites throughout the week, perhaps 40 or 50 and do not have this problem. I’ve attached a screen shot of what I see. Am I the only person having this problem or can you recommend a solution please? Reading you on my Iphone is wearing on my old eyes. Thanks in advance for your help.




  2. Hi, I would like to subscribe to Caracas Chronicles but I don’t like recurring subscriptions. How can I make an equivalent of one years subscription as a one off payment? Regards, Kit


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