Paranoid much?

Oh no! Not the “T-word” Please don’t say the “T-word”!!

Want to make Rafael Ramirez really uncomfortable? Start talking about the need for a Transitional Government, no matter what the context.

The United Nations Security Council expressed support for Syria mediation efforts on Monday, but in a rare move Venezuela dissociated itself from references in the statement to any mentions of political transition and or transitional governing body.

The 15-member council only adopts statements by consensus. The text was drafted by the five permanent members, the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France, following a briefing by U.N. mediator Staffan de Mistura nearly three weeks ago.

The U.N. statement supports de Mistura’s plan to work towards “political negotiations and a political transition” based on the Geneva Communiqué, a roadmap adopted by world powers in June 2012 calling for political transition while leaving the role of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad unresolved.

It demands all parties work towards implementing the Geneva Communiqué, which includes “the establishment of an inclusive transitional governing body with full executive powers.”

Venezuela’s U.N. Ambassador Rafael Ramirez said his country disagreed with these references but reaffirmed its support for de Mistura’s efforts.

Relax, Rafael. Sometimes a U.N. Statement is only a U.N. Statement.

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  1. “The Security Council is the United Nations’ most powerful body, with “primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.” Five powerful countries sit as “permanent members” along with ten elected members with two-year terms. Since 1990, the Council has dramatically increased its activity and it now meets in nearly continuous session. It dispatches military operations, imposes sanctions, mandates arms inspections, deploys election monitors and more.”

    “It has 15 Members, and each Member has one vote. Under the Charter, all Member States are obligated to comply with Council decisions.

    The Security Council takes the lead in determining the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression. It calls upon the parties to a dispute to settle it by peaceful means and recommends methods of adjustment or terms of settlement. In some cases, the Security Council can resort to imposing sanctions or even authorize the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security.

    The Security Council also recommends to the General Assembly the appointment of the Secretary-General and the admission of new Members to the United Nations. And, together with the General Assembly, it elects the judges of the International Court of Justice.”

    “María Gabriela Chávez is Venezuela’s deputy ambassador at the UN mission. The country garnered 181 votes from member states to secure one of five rotating seats at the security council. Angola, Malaysia and New Zealand were also successful, and Turkey and Spain will face a new round of balloting to decide who takes the last available seat.

    Special attention has been on Turkey as it is under growing pressure to do more about the war across its border in Syria”

    Venezuela’s socialist government was unopposed for the single seat allocated to Latin America and the Caribbean. Venezuela’s foreign minister, Rafael Ramirez, dedicated “this huge triumph” to Chávez and said it came despite a “malign campaign against our country”.

    The United States, which torpedoed Venezuela’s last attempt to join the council in 2006, would not discuss how it voted in the secret ballot. Ten countries abstained.”

    How $u$pect and Fi$hy i$ that?!

    “Despite the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s close ties with Syria’s Bashar Assad and Iran and his support for Russia over the Ukraine crisis, the US chose not to publicly oppose Venezuela’s candidacy this year.

    Rights observers expressed concern over some of the newly elected council members. Philippe Bolopion, the UN director of Human Rights Watch, said: “The security council’s new membership could prove more problematic on human rights issues, with several generally rights-friendly countries leaving and others coming on board with poor voting records.

    “This is particularly true of Venezuela, which has consistently challenged protection efforts at the [UN] Human Rights Council, but also of Angola and Malaysia, which need to demonstrate a more human rights-oriented approach in New York than they did in Geneva.”

    The Freaking UN… have they no shame?!

    What a Freaking Joke… or what a Corrupt deadly Disaster., indeed.

    Unless they elected Murderzuela, the 2nd deadliest country on the Planet, including all active War Zones, just to keep a closer eye and accusing finger on the Venezuelan time-bomb) .. while collecting some dubious Vzlan money for their UN inflated salaries plus obscure “job related” expenses..

    The five will replace Argentina, Australia, Luxembourg, South Korea and Rwanda.

    Angola, Malaysia and New Zealand also successful, and Turkey and Spain face new round of voting for last available seat.”

    (Spain has no money and is too civilized, so why elect them?)

    Who can say with a straight face that we don’t still live in Prehistoric, Barbaric times.

    No wonder all of the probable advanced “Aliens” out there don’t want to have anything to do with little planet Earth, except perhaps watch us a wicked pets, 7 billion clueless, angry ants, from a long distance, as a primitive experiment for alien family fun, inter-galactic entertainment.

    How cute.,none other than Mega-Billionaire International Thief… Maria Gabriela Chavez in the UN !!

    After 250,000 (One Quarter Million) DEAD PEOPLE, so far in Murderzuela, during her father’s Regime.


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    • About $181 Million does the trick.
      Pocket change for Maria Gabrielita.

      “María Gabriela Chávez is Venezuela’s deputy ambassador at the UN mission. The country garnered 181 votes from member states to secure one of five rotating seats at the security council.”


    • Simple. China, Russia, and several other bad actors in the world wanted Venezuela on the Security Council, knowing that they could be counted on to thwart the U.S. at every turn. Between their clients and Venezuela’s own PetroCaribe clients, they had the votes to make it happen.


  2. The UN is a joke.

    The General Assembly held a moment of silence after Kim Jong-il’s death in 2011.

    Gadhafi’s Libya was elected as head of the human rights panel in 2003.

    Venezuela got its seat in the security council with 181 votes.

    Ramírez shouldn’t be worried. Pigs will fly when th UN does something meaningful against Venezuela’s government.

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    • The UN is an infuriatingly frustrating institution but real foreign policy doesn’t get done without it. A necessary evil, a work in progress.

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      • thank you pedro for the realism , its so morally delighful to snobishly display our outrage at the inevitable imperfection of all human endevours that its refreshing to hear someone break the rule and simply state the raw truth. !!

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  3. The U.N. has some limited uses, but it is largely a non-functional debating society. The idea that Tavalu with a population of 11,000 has the same vote in the General Assembly as the U.S. is absurd. It should, at least, be proportional to population, though as far as I am concerned, I think the vote should be proportional to GNP. Of course, the real power is in the Security Council, but that structure was born out of the power structure in the Post WWII world. It does not reflect the balance of power in the world as it exists today.

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  4. It is fascinating how the regime acts with the appearance of that word. Let’s remind foreign readers the regime basically sent Ledezma to prison for signing a letter of commitmment to a new government of transition. If I were an oppo leader now I would keep talking about gobierno de turno, which would considered puntofijismo in Venezuela and would make Tibisay announce I would become unable to run for office. We should make Venezuelans used to the feeling this is government that won’t last. That is what the regime fears. Unfortunatelly, our opposition leaders do not know how to use words.

    The concept of shadow ministers would make chavista judges become active. They do not even realise the irony when they claim Venezuela is more democratic than ever.

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  5. “The UN is a joke.”

    Yes, but a deadly joke.

    Many countries and their responsible “officials” literally get away with Murder and even Genocides.

    What they say and don’t do, plus what they do and don’t say costs millions of human lives.

    That’s how corrupt and prehistorical our Neanderthal societies still are. Immoral and unethical, for starters.

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  6. One last thought on the pathetic, obviously corrupt, and deadly UNPC “United Nations Political Crooks”:

    The fact that 181 countries’ representatives voted for the second deadliest country on Earth, one of the worst in terms of Human Right violations, among the worst Dictatorships and “Socialistic” plagues our planet has ever seen can only be interpreted in few ways:

    1/ That many of those 181 were probably Bribed by Guisozuela, notably the PetroCaribe leeches, of course.

    2/ That China and Russia, big regular members of this UNPL “Insecurity Council”, probably wanted Venezuela in there, to further their filthy political and economic agendas.

    But the fact that the USA, the UK and France, the ‘good guys’, said nothing about it could be interpreted as twisted international “politics” as usual, but how about this idea:


    You’d be surprised how much of it the USA, Russia and China still engage in it, since way before the first WWar, and especially noways, 2016, with the Internet Wars and even Satelite wars.. just watch a few “60 minutes” reports as of late.

    James Bond 007 on steroids, thousands of High Level Double-Agent Spies all over the world.

    Having a time-bomb like Venezuela participating to these bullshit UN meetings could serve some tactical purpose.. With Gabrielita Chavez and that Ramirez clown having cocktails with other people (or spies..) there, Delcy, Rodriguez, CapoCabello and Military are always near by..

    I would not be surprised at all that with this Cuban rapprochement, for instance, one of the things the USA wants out of the Castros is some info about Venezuela, a key nation for Latin American geo-political and economic stability on the entire continent.

    Having better relations with Cuba could help spill some beans about Vzla’s time-bomb crucial situation. Same goes for the UN “security council”, I bet there’s a lot of spying going on in there, from everyone, and I bet the USA has its undercover agents talking to Gabrielita or Ramirez after hours. It’s like inviting the enemy, or the troubled neighbors to your parties, just to see how they are behaving.


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