Murder, Deceit, and Patriotic Cooperation

Patriotism at its Finest.

As a regular fan of Con El Mazo Dando, I always suspected that the Patriotas Cooperantes, the mysterious network of government informants that infiltrate opposition ranks and compile dirt for Diosdado to use as defamatory fodder, didn’t actually exist. I was more inclined to dismiss them as fictional characters concocted in a VTV basement somewhere, to give the illegal espionage activities carried out by state intelligence agents a more folksy, colorful allure.

Now, thanks to an exposé by Jesús Alberto Yajure on we know that they not only exist, but also that they are (and forgive my generalization to all those Patriotas Cooperantes out there that are just doing their honest day’s work) sick, degenerate criminal psychopaths.

What’s more, they are now being used by the chavista propaganda machine to orchestrate a media-fueled political scandal that could implicate opposition leaders in a gruesome murder investigation, just in time for parliamentary elections.

José Rafael Pérez Venta and Carlos Trejo, two Patriotas Cooperantes, were arrested last week after confessing to the grisly murder of Liana Aixa Hergueta, a 52-year-old woman found hacked to pieces in her car. According to police reports, Trejo hired Pérez Venta to kill Hergueta because she “defamed him on social media,” after tweeting that he’d ripped her off during a routine forex transaction. Pérez Venta lured Hergueta into an apartment in western Caracas, tied her to a chair, and suffocated her with duct-tape. He then proceeded to dismember her, place the body parts in plastic bags, and stuff them into her car, which he ditched in another location.

Perez Venta and Trejo’s lurid work as government informants is amply documented in the piece. It’s a thorough, if convoluted, report and definitely worth a read. It describes how the two went to great lengths to pose as student leaders and opposition party activists during the 2014 protest movement in order to ID demonstrators and turn them over to the State Intelligence Agency, SEBIN. Pérez Venta was even arrested (and subsequently released) during one of the brutal police raids on student camps that resulted in human rights violations, mass detentions of activists and the spreading of fear that eventually quashed the protest movement altogether.

One of the most heartbreaking victims of Venta and Trejo’s snitching enterprise is Araminta González, a 33-year old opposition activist who took them into her apartment in Guarenas during the student protests because they claimed they were being politically persecuted. Gonzalez was arrested on July 24, 2014 on charges of terrorism, conspiracy and manufacturing of explosives. She was allegedly tortured during questioning, and sits in prison awaiting trial to this day.

Three days before Gonzalez was taken into custody, Venta and Trejo, who had been her houseguests for close to two weeks, locked her out of her apartment, stole her laptop, cell phone and some jewelry, and took off. Records of González’s arrest mention that the police were tipped off by a call from…a Patriota Cooperante.

During their runs as first-class rats, Trejo and Perez Venta took great pains to associate themselves with the opposition. Pérez Venta boasts an impressive collection of photo-ops with pretty much every high-profile leader in the MUD, and has actively identified with at least two opposition parties, Leopoldo López’s Voluntad Popular and Antonio Ledezma’s Alianza Bravo Pueblo at one point or another. Trejo, on the other hand, preferred to frequent Primero Justicia events and rallies.

Which is clearly enough of a reason for Interior and Justice Minister Gustavo González López to publicly conclude that Henrique Capriles, Antonio Ledezma and María Corina Machado are obviously linked to the murder of Liana Aixa Hergueta, and for Mayor of Caracas Jorge Rodriguez to categorically implicate Voluntad Popular, Primero Justicia and paramilitary operatives, in this crime, on State TV. 


And while we’re on the topic of State TV, let’s not forget that Chavismo gladly used its unilateral and unrestricted access to All State-Run Print And Broadcast Media to disavow any connection with Pérez Venta or Trejo (who were even kicked out of the Association of Patriotas Cooperantes in primetime)while the opposition took to…Twitter to defend itself from slanderous accusations. 

Meanwhile, Trejo and Pérez Venta, who are currently being held in Tocuyito Prision in the state of Carabobo, have petitioned a court for a transfer to SEBIN headquarters in Caracas, expressing their wish to “cooperate” in the ongoing murder investigation. If there’s one thing these two are good at…

87 thoughts on “Murder, Deceit, and Patriotic Cooperation

  1. The capacity of an ideology to produce sociopathic mitarbeiters is endless. What humans turn each other into,in the name of *the people*, is beyond comprehension. Why is it that we as humans never learn and keep spawning these toxic, shitty little dictatorships, after a century of monumental examples of this thing? A guy like Jorge Rodriguez, he’s read some books, presumably. Why does he think he’s different?


  2. I am familiar with the following Modus operandi, which is much more likely, I think, than the “social media” cover story: breaking in and duct-taping the victim to a chair is commonly associated with demanding and obtaining credit cards and PINs. One of the perpetrators then goes and cleans out the bank accounts. The murder is an afterthought. Sometimes the taping
    produces asphyxia–then you have to hide the corpse.


  3. They probably thought (correctly) That the “law” would consider previous and ongoing services to the revolution when committing any crime. Mark my words that these dudes will be set free in a few months when the regimen decides that they’ve milked the opposition links with this crime enough.

    Btw, it surprises me that you actually thought the patriotas cooperantes weren’t a real thing. I can’t fathom why people would keep underestimating the level of evil that chavismo is. This is a full fledged communist regime.


  4. How long is it going to take for Venezuelan society to recover from this disaster, this unleashing of hatreds?


    • Couple of years, maybe.
      Those roachs tend to crawl back to their gutters by themselves, so they get caugh again when they try to screw society.
      They are just criminals, thieves, rapists and murderers, that’s precisely what will destroy chaburrismo, because it was a movement composed of the worst of the worst, with the sole objective of seizing power to continue stealing.


  5. Ok, so the idea behind these Machiavellian infiltration concoctions is to discredit the opposition. Fine.

    To convince a clueless, naive, gullible populace that the MUD are the bad guys, while the good guys, the Rebolusion Bolibanana and Maduro and Chavismo and Castrismo are great, honorable, and truthful.

    That here’s further proof that guys like Leopoldo and Capriles are perverse criminals, while little angels like Cabello, the Guardia, the Sebin and the Chavista government are adorable saints..

    Cabello then proceeds on national TV and accuses these opposition leaders of plotting, murdering and dismembering some dear old lady. Just like that. The Ultra-derecha are not only responsible for the infamous Imperialistic Economic Wars against el pobre pueblo., the colas, the escasez and all. But they are also evil murderers and bloody butchers of old ladies.

    Anyone would think that, after almost 17 years of constant obvious, blatant, Gigantic Lies, no one in their right minds would begin to believe any of this, right?

    But no, apparently Millions still do believe it. One Quarter of the entire population still approves of Maduro. And the majority of it, over 60%, still Adores Chavez and Chavismo “ideals”. So they can obviously believe.. anything.

    And perhaps close to Half of the 30 million will believe these accusations are true, or will at least seriously consider their veracity… Amazing, huh? These Surreal, incredible accusations will work in getting votes against the MUD “assassins”, in keeping Leopoldo and other political prisoners silenced or in jail, it will even work as justification for further repressions and incarcerations: the announced “radicalization” of the revolution, of course.

    But Why?? To me that’s the big question.

    How on Earth can even a dozen of brain-dead morons begin to believe such obvious lies and continuous fabrications from this horrific, failing regime? Let alone of Millions of Chavista pueblo-people who still eat these gigantic turds for breakfast every day, and don’t even notice them?

    Some say that it’s the Media control:

    “And while we’re on the topic of State TV, let’s not forget that Chavismo gladly used its unilateral and unrestricted access to All State-Run Print And Broadcast Media to disavow any connection with Pérez Venta or Trejo (who were even kicked out of the Association of Patriotas Cooperantes in primetime), while the opposition took to…Twitter to defend itself from slanderous accusations. ”

    I don’t buy it anymore, Can people really be THAT STUPID??! Forget naive, of misinformed by the somewhat dominated media, TV, especially, but also most papers.. Can people be that retarded, that brain-washed, are they nothing but lobotomized zombies by now, believing anything a sick program like “el mazo dando” says, then waiting in line for half-a-chicken,?? “Con el Mazo dando, y a Chavez rogando” que siga lavando cerebros..

    Well, I don’t believe any primate with full human DNA is much more STUPID than the next. We all came from Ethiopia and are born, more or less, comparatively dumb. Clearly, one entire Populace from one country certainly cannot be dismissed as simply more STUPID than another country’s. So the answer to the crucial question must be something else than generalized brain damage, or even the pervasive pueblo-people leeching, stealing and overall Corruption (enchufados), or media domination.

    It’s massive Lack of Real Education, of course. The root of all evil, for the religious types..The deadly, ever-present common denominator in under-developed countries like Murderzuela.

    And I don’t mean of course just the basic read&write Chavista Alpha-brutization. That kind of sub-standard “education” has been quite effective, it seems, in brain-washing millions of people and turning them into gullible leeching zombies. I don’t even mean a good quality, College education, that would be asking for too much right now. Just some solid highschool-level decent education would suffice, a bit higher than Masburro dropouts and bus drivers, clueless barrio dwellers or campesinos, the minimum to enable the average Juan Bimba to start thinking critically about the world for himself. You know, simple pieces of basic knowledge like Cuba is no paradise on earth, or that the Uribe Empire is about to invade Bolivar’s blessed land, maybe a bit about republican separation of powers, simple stuff.

    If people were not so freaking IGNORANT, no way in Hell Chavismo would still be in power. No way over 50% of the population could even begin to believe such enormous, obvious lies every day, for decades, going against all the evidence available in papers like el Nacional or el Tiempo, etc, or what people can talk about in endless colas, or next door in Colombia and Brazil, plus the wide available global Internet..

    Galactic Under-education, Massive Ignorance, that’s why Vzla is where it is.

    And we have ourselves to blame: the past 100 years, notably the 40 years of our ad/copey oil bonanza: we did nothing to educate these people, we alienated them, so they believed in the obvious, stupid, retarded Chavismo crap. It’s so easy to deceive the ignorant zombies “con el mazo dando”, it’s like a true horror movie by now.

    Hopefully the next Chavista-Light “MUDcrap” governments will learn something about the importance of Real Education, sometime during the next infernal 50 years, for the sake of those with no other choice than to survive in our clueless Kleptozuela.


    • Without adequate education, people really are THAT STUPID. As for media, the D-E classes at best read no-adverse news State propaganda rag “Ultimas Noticias”, at best, and don’t even watch the slanderous VTV Mario Silva/DC programs, but do get a daily dose of lengthy Govt. TV cadenas propaganda.


    • ojo… not defending “the turd eating morons” but yesterday afternoon, a upper high middle class venezuelan living in boca raton, dressed in impecable white polo shirt, standing on key biscayne pristine sandy beach, asked me ~ with a straight face ~ if I didn’t think that in order to fix things in venezuela “someone had to bring a military guy, like in chile, with a boot to get things staightened up”!!! i just barely managed to answer… — “helloooo? we’ve had a military guy(s) for the last 16 years messing things up and poisoning our society” my mandible is still resting in key biscayne’s white pristine sand. so it takes two to tango. we should write it up to darwin’s law: survival of the fittest, the stupid one’s die either being fed government drivel courtesy of hegemon inc or while standing in an impecable white polo shirt, in the beach in key biscayne.
      ps: no discrimination intended


  6. “Patriotas Cooperantes” are also the sapos used by police/military to inform them prior to the OLP raids on Gran Mision Vivienda buildings, etc.; these “PC” usually get theirs’ , when the real criminals objectives of the raids, tipped off beforehand and fled, return to the bulidings and punish the “PC’s” por sapear. Good post, Emiliana, but Hergueta was killed not in her apt., but in one in Santa Rosalia, where she was lured into a phony forex transaction, which she knew smelled bad, and therefore had called her sister just before entering the apt., and given that info is why the bad guys were caught later.


  7. Good post Emiliana. But, I don’t understand your surprise. These techniques were originally developed by the Communists in Russia a hundred years ago. They were then copied by and refined by the Nazis, and Stalin adopted their refinements. These techniques of subversion were then exported all over the world during the Cold War, including Cuba. And finally, the Cuban “consultants and advisers” in Venezuela taught the Chavistas.

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    • I’m very well aware of the government’s unscrupulous surveillance and espionage tactics. I still don’t think that PT’s, at least the ones Diosdado cites in his weekly program, are all actual, live human beings, mostly because the info they report is usually pretty inaccurate. They get the general idea right, but then fill in the details that could only be supplied by a first-person account with fabricated nonsense. A frivolous example: Diosdado will read a Patriota Cooperante’s report on a politician’s birthday party: he’ll get the location and guest-list right (easily obtained through SEBIN tails and effective phone-tapping), but then get the specifics about the canapé menu wrong, and use the setting to manufacture a damning conversation between the politician and his staff that never actually happened. People present at the party will know this is all made-up information, but most other viewers will take it as fact. I think the spooky concept of the omnipresent, omniscient Patriota Cooperante is sometimes exaggerated precisely because it sows internal mistrust and suspicion within opposition circles. It’s all pretty devious and malevolent stuff.


      • And yet, Emiliana, only one piece needs to be true, particularly if everybody they are targeting think the restis true too.
        It is good to read about how the commies were acting even before Nicolas II came to the throne.
        What does it matter if the canapé is wrong?


        • I was referring more to the mechanics of the regime´s data collection machine, known to some as “Intelligencia Bruta,” which oscillates between shoddy hack-job cut-and-paste gossip, and deeply disturbing, targeted ambushes. But yes, you are right, ultimately, the means matter very little.


  8. Caracas Chronicals is up to its old games again, using old-fashioned Nixonian pretzel-logic to blame this horrendous crime on the Maduro government. Who do you think you’re deceiving? Even opposition politicians and media (except for CC) are now falling silent after initially blaming this crime on the government. All the evidence is clear that hapless Liana and her killers were deeply embedded in MUD and Primero Justicias and your manipulation of that evidence cannot not change Rafael Pérez Venta & Carlos Trejo’s involvement with Lopez, Ledezma, Machado and now, Caracas Chronicles. Venta & Trejo are your people and their brutal murder speaks volumes about the kind of people who occupy the top layers of the opposition. Your absurd attempt to use poor Liana’s horror for another absurd political attack on the government also tells all we need to know about Caracas Chronicles. Shame on you. You have permission to publish my comment only if you do without modification.


  9. Yes Emiliana – the 2002 coup was an autogolpe; Chavez organized the paro petrolero and pigs can fly. You will look so stupid when more evidence emerges from the investigation. How desperate can you people be.

    I hope you enjoyed the latest vote intention poll from Hinterpaces as well……………


    • You will look so stupid when more evidence emerges from the investigation.

      How many chavistas does it take to prove events …. 15+ years after the fact?


      • Heheheh.

        The chaburro’s biggest problem is that they have to live and keep their bullshit castle so desperately because one of those lies that fails means accepting that the putrid mortadela was a demented butcher that ordered the slaughter of the people in a pacific protest, thus rendering chaburrismo as just another bloody dictatorship and destroying it forever as a political movement.


      • So, Ralph, we are to believe that these Perez Venta and Trejo were really militants of the PSUV. We are also expected to beleive that they infiltrated the security cordons of PJ, VP etc and their names were in the list of PSUV militants and they were accepted by the opposition for such a delicate task with ni checks as they were registered as PSUV militants.

        Another point – to access PSUV militant records you need the cell phone number and a security code. I do not see a cell phone number of a security code.

        As far as the tweets to Cabello go back to 2010 – they prove nothing except that Perez Venta needed help.

        Even if it could be proven beyind a reasonable doubt that these people are chavistas they still have to go to jail for 30 years for this abominable murder which you are trying to justify.


        • “…which you are trying to JUSTIFY.”

          Sure, dude, keep going, you’re only digging yourself deeper.

          Lots of blahblahblah and jibber jabber, you said absolutely nothing.


  10. Just a minor correption, I think Hergueta was killed in the apartment of one of the murderers, not in her apartment.


  11. Why would supposedly hugely wealthy oligarcas with vast amounts of CIA funds at their diposal be interested in sklming a pathetic ordinary woman from her paltry bs savings and then go to the trouble of killing her in the most cruel and gruesome manner. Doesnt make any sense !! Its like accusing Bill Gates of holding up a convenience store and then killing the owner for 20 bucks . !!

    If the perpetrators of this crime are self confessed patriotas cooperantes ( see the text of the Twiter exchanges where one of them talks of going to the SEBIM to have them take care of the obnoxious woman ) who managed to get photographed with some Oppo leaders (who probably have thousand upon thousand of fans and followers (they dont know)wanting a picture with them ) why should their testimony be considered specially credible after committing such heinous crime . Moreover after having a record of commitiitn other similar crimes

    A patriota coomperante is by definition someone that for money or political conviction want to help the govt discredit the opposition , that in my books would make any testimony on their part automatically suspect !!.


    • Your comment places you among those people who will always believe what they want to believe, based upon their own presuppositions, regardless of the evidence and the obvious. Others try to look at available facts and interpret hard evidence, honestly, in the context of relevant history and the social-political milieu. You’re an example of the old adage, Some people sincerely want to know the truth of a matter. Others grasp at anything that will reinforce their prejudice. The human mind is capable of rationalizing anything.


      • How clever of you to divine my evil intent of believing what I want to believe instead of the honest to god truth as borne out by incontrovertible evidence .

        I take it your view of truth is that the opposition leaders are so desperate for money ( being so poor) that they would instruct some of their most trusted followers ( as proven by having a photo op with them) to skilm some measly bs from an old lady and later to have her killed and quartered to scape the detection of their crime.

        Of course if these oppo leaders are so rich as per the regimes account , and so richly funded by the agents of imperialism such course of action would make little sense …..but of course its perfectly reasonable to you .

        Your notion fo the truth in this case is very revealing of your mental state. or of your bad faith in writing the above BS. I wager the later .


        • I guess there’s a simpler explanation:

          He’s getting paid, a lot.

          That’s where the dollars for medicines and food are going to.


  12. This is one of your best pieces emi! really scary… the thought of moral decay the regime has provoked financed and instilled in the population. My big question is who do you trust? and how even if the MUD gets to power do you revert this seed that has been planted for 15 years?


    • It’s the logical conclusion of how chaburrismo used the criminals as political tools to control the people:

      1) Buy the criminals’ loyalty by giving them full impunity.
      2) Secure the criminals loyalty and power as enforcers by arming them.
      3) When the murders start happening and blood hits the fan, blame everything on the scapegoats.


  13. Hah, tarek musculoca has spoken!

    Opposition people MUST make a “mea culpa” for murdering the unfortunate lady.

    The new method of handling every murder as politically as possible is stomach-turning, chaburrismo is making big advances on the bobolution lately, the bullshit machine hegemoncorp is running at full steam.


    • You seem to forget that the opposition you support murdered 11 chavistas on April 13 / April 14 2013 and then caused the deaths of 43 others during the guarimbas. Liana Huergueta is another victim of your parapolitica.

      By the way Ralph – give us the cell pones of Perez Venta and Trejo and the Access codes they used to the PSUV militants data base so we can check if they really were PSUV members at one time or another. Thanks. I know you will have the honesty to do this.


      • Oh? This was all settled in the courts and verdicts pronounced? No, it was settled off the record in the court of Chavismo.


      • Everybody knows who gunned the protesters in that day, we all know also who sent them (hint, the cuban pseudo-medics offed him) :

        And who went killing left and right during the legitimate protests of 2014:

        Also, why was this traitor sniffing maburro’s gasses in this other pic?

        And why is Odremán, the one accussed by rodríguez torres of being the boss of all Caracas’ murderers, besides them?

        Your support to those criminals is as pathetic as it is the chaburrismo’s strategy of train psychopaths as murderous spies.


          • We are still waiting for the cell phones and codes to check the pSUV data base Ralph. If we cannot Access it and see this “evidence for ourselves then everyone knows you are lying and manipulating..

            I suppose your next pliy will be to blame this on JVR as you tried to do in the case of Danilo Anderson?


            • Hehehe, it’s so quaint that you still insist on some “security code” rubbish that doesn’t exist to deny the truth in those screenshots that show irrefutabily that those two turds are chaburros rojos rojísimos, if you insist that the program is so different, then do the logical thing and YOU SHOW A VIDEO proving that I am wrong.

              I brought proof, your silly keyboard mashing won’t do anything, except digging a bigger hole and ridicule yourself even more.

              And as for the oldest martian ever, well, let’s say that I personally know the STAR WITNESS, who allegedly provided the 4 kilos of C4 that blasted Anderson’s car into oblivion, he’s a nice guy, except for the fact that he participated on one of these disgusting paraphets to frame innocent people that chaburrismo uses when they murder.


            • From Les Blough (I see the moderator has changed my name to the name of our website – cute)

              Arturo, it’s obvious that these characters cannot give you the phone numbers and security codes. To do so would expose their fabrications. Reading their repetitious daily hate-fest on CC is like listening to a broken record. Why they get their rocks by feeding on one another’s hatred for the government isn’t all that mysterious: hatred breeds hatred and it’s like acid in the soul. Their incapable of participating in an honest debate. In a formal debate with a referee, one must begin by admitting his presuppositions, e.g. my beginning point is to admit that I’m a socialist, through and through. What I say or write in a debate can be measured against that assumption for internal consistency. They on the other hand, never admit their set of assumptions so their circular arguments amount to dogs chasing their tails and sniffing one another’s butts. It’s a circle-jerk without any critical thinking or progressive ideas. I haven’t visited CC for years and only happened to run across this blog when researching the murder for facts. I entered the discussion Responding to their absurdities only gives them another launching pad – not worth our time. What’s pathetic about this forum is that honest rank-and-file opposition members whom I know have nothing to do with them just as they have nothing to do with self-appointed leaders of MUD. I had a fruitful discussion just last night with two such members of the opposition. We exchanged ideas, made concessions and learned from one another. Such honest discussion is impossible with these folks. No further comment. – Les Blough


              • Les Blough dixit: “Reading their repetitious daily hate-fest on CC is like listening to a broken record….
                I haven’t visited CC for years and only happened to run across this blog when researching the murder for facts.”

                Delusions suit you, LB, as the classic profile of a leech.


              • It seems that he’s one of those boliturds that go to live in the mean, evil empire, while spewing hatred and bullshit about the country where they live, AND the country where they came from.

                We’re still waiting for the proof to counter the evidence I presented about those two sapos being chaburros all the way to their rotten cores.


              • You’ve misnomered your monicker–should be “More Blough” (“Blow”, as in soplar, or B.S., or maybe too much coke–the dry powdered version.


      • How much does the Chavista criminal regime pay you for this, and other crap you probably in your twisted, filthy, miserable existence, Arturito?

        Perhaps you’re just a rich thief, another “communist” retarded atheist, otherwise I sure hope that you like it real hot and heavy in HELL. They say rotten slime like you stay for a loooooong time down there..

        At any rate, I sure hope you have someone dear to you who is very sick without medicine, or living in some violent barrio right in the middle your beloved Chavista crime. Enjoy.


        • Heh, though I could like to think he’s going to have a hard time in the firey place, I think it’s even funnier that he’ll just keep chewing on his own tongue for the rest of his life once chaburrismo stops being in power.
          Because sapos like this one will do as the nazis did, the very moment the regime falls, they’ll deny they had something to do with it.


        • “…another “communist” retarded atheist,…”

          I wish you would have left out the “atheist” part. Although atheism was a part of Marx’s Communist Doctine, not all (or even most) atheists are communists. The two “isms” are not related. Someone can be both an atheist and a free-market capitalist. The “godless communists” label is hysterical rhetoric from the McCarthy era in the 1950’s.



    ‘El jefe de campaña del comando Bolívar Chávez, Jorge Rodríguez, realizó una rueda de prensa este lunes donde informó quien es el autor intelectual del asesinato de Liana Hergueta y su vinculación con la “derecha venezolana”.’

    There is just SO MUCH that is wrong with just this opening line… and a few people still ask me why I have lost all hope on Venezuela.


    • Well, Venezuela’s being tyrannized by a dictatorship of druglords, so it’s expected they’re using every bad thing that happens in the country to blame the dissidents.


  15. What I find amazing about the gov’st derrranged account of the crime is that they should believe that it can gain traction or credence in any minimally rational mind . Even the dumbest beast among their followers is bound to be ‘doubful’ of such elaborately concocted narrative . Yes as noted by proffessor Jonathan Haidt from the Univertiy of Virginia , most people will naturally skew their thinking to believe what they want to believe, but here theyve really crossed a line where people have to do frenzied convoluted mental acrobatics to half believe what is being proposed .

    I am reminded of Hitlers belief at the end of the war, when all knew that Nazi Germany defeat was inevitable , that some frightful weapon would be discovered just in time to turn the tide of war in their favour , or on learning of FDR’s death that it would cause the Brits and Americans to start fighting with the Russians . ARE THEY GOING NUTS??


    • Heheheh, soon arturo/beto/frodo/dpusvr/neurasténicodegonorrea will claim that we are all “envious” of the fabulous heroes of the thief-alution.


      • Hah. Is always hilarious to see the “knee on earth” brigade remember that they are scum that decided that the way to get ahead in life was licking the feet of an authoritarian dictatorship. They always shriek against anybody that shows even the slightest of human decency, because it shatters their false bravado and shows them as the weak, rotten cowards that they are.


      • The really sad and despicable part is that Arturo, et al. are not stupid and actually know the truth. But, they think that what they are doing is “for the greater good” and therefore justifiable.


        • They think what they’re doing is “for the greater good” to justify their chicken feed. After all, they never learned a real trade, or sweated it out to gain and keep clients, working honestly to feed their families — if they even have that. I seriously doubt Arturo has that type of responsibility.


  16. Can’t they just be con men? Why insist on trying to point out a political allegiance? I mean it’s clear why the government does it, and they have the media to spin it in any way they want, but why is the oppo playing that game?


      • Politicians have their pictures taken all the time with people they don’t know from Adam. There is a picture of Hugo Chavez shaking Obama’s hand. Does that make Hugo Chavez an “Imperialist Lackey”? All the photos prove is that they were in the room for the photo op, along with hundreds of other people who just showed up for the event.


      • Thet that must be the reason this particular picture infuriates chaburros so much:

        Don’t you guys know who this one is? Well, let me refresh your memory, this thug is nicknamed “adolfito”, ands the little jewel who put more than a dozen bullets on Mónica Spear and her husband Henry Berry, and also tried to kill their little daughter too.

        Where he is now? He’s still at large, obviously.


  17. Sadly this is just another believe-what-you-wish situation. You cant have enough confidence on private voices because they are not an official source, and you cant believe the official version because they have zero credibility.
    Obviously you can’t frame capriles etc for an out of context picture. But the reds will believe anything they desperately wish to hear to justify their beliefs, and they will accuse us of the same.


    • Sadly (for chaburros), they can’t claim we are “believing what we want”, there’s a picture that whows those two pieces of shit are chaburros working for that putrid sapo swarm, and how they clearly fucked for good an innocent woman’s life just for one pathetic paycheck.

      The most stomach-turning phrase one of those sapos uttered was “La voy a pajear durísimo” (“I’m gonna snitch her so hard”)

      Those two aberrations are the most complete personifications of what chaburrismo is, the most worthless detritus this country has ever produced.


      • We can sleep eay Ralph as we are not apologists for murderers as you have shown yourself to be in this thread.

        Interestingly in last nights video Perez Venta never mentioned being a member of the PSUV. I am still waiting for the cell pone numbners to check out your now obvious lies and manipulations.

        More arrests are coming. Hold you breath and on’t choke on your own guilt-induced vomit.


        • You don’t show proof of any number thingie you claim.

          You quote the sore loser perdedor pelele as a “reliable source”.

          So, my point stands, and your lie is shattered again.

          So interesting that those two are loyal sapos that now are discarded like used napkins, just because they couldn’t control their murderous urges.

          Careful, tiny speck, because you could be next ;)


          • Agree. The individual doesn’t matter, and must sacrifice himself for the revolution. So, what will you do when you become a liability that exceeds your usefulness? Think about it, and then try to sleep well. Ta ta…


  18. Its very telling of the regimes desperate situation that to deviate public attention away from the many problems and hardships which are now hittinghard at their already much eroded popularity they have to resort to such convoluted fantastical conconctions as the one that the oppo leadership was involved in the heinous criminal activities of the regimes own infiltrated sapos , when the oppo leadrship had nothing to gain by them.

    Then the pupulating troll appearance in this blog exposes the importance they attach to sell and defend this crazy crass effort at misinformation .


    • It could be even worse.

      They could actively ordering the sapos to kill people to create the scandals to divert attention.

      After all, this regime has been slaughtering people for political reasons since the butchering ordered in april of 2002 with the death circles raining gunfire on unarmed protesters.


  19. “Milité en el partido Primero Justicia a partir del año 2012 cuando fueron las primarias donde Henrique Capriles Radonski participó de cara a unas elecciones presidenciales contra el presidente Hugo Chávez. A partir de ahí formé parte de un movimiento llamado Jóvenes Trabajando Aquí (JOTA). En cuanto a que Henrique Capriles no me reconoce como militante de PJ tengo unas fotos con él al igual que con Tomás Guanipa, somos muy buenos amigos, de hecho uno de los hermanos de Guanipa estudió con mi hermano en la universidad del Zulia”, fueron las palabras de Carlos Trejo.

    ¿Toma tu tomate, Ralphy!!!!!!!


    • Todavía esperamos que pongas las pruebas que dices del fulano disque código de no sé que huevonada y un número ahí que andas balbuceando, y nada.

      Todavía esperamos que expliques que el sapo descuartizador lleve camisetas Columbia de 100 $ cuando se sabe que VP no usa esa marca de franelas para sus activistas.

      Y nada que has hecho para desmontar la evidencia de que el estafador psicópata es un chaburro furibundo desde 2010 como lo demuestran sus tweets capturados en esos tiempos.

      Respira hondo, nene, y mosca con equivocarte mucho, mira que puede haber un sapo cerca tuyo y no lo sabes ;)

      Y por cierto, puedes empezar a recoger tus dientes de nuevo, que los volviste a regar al estrellarte de nuevo con la realidad, que de tanto balbucear cosas sin sentido, vamos a comenzar a creer que eres o perico silva o perdedor pelele.


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