10 thoughts on “MUD’s Parting Gift to Juan: Bye-Bye COPEI

    • They will probably emit a ruling that says that the unified logo (tarjeta unica) is not valid because the MUD is not a party, and that each party must run on its own.

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  1. That’s interesting. Toro is now perfuming the Fray. Meaning, he’s excising comments that he doesn’t care for. Several comments made in Toro’s previous post are no longer there. And my comment regarding the above 2-sentence post, one link being to Maduradas (really?), has also been excised. This is the new direction of CC?

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  2. This is huge. If the Dictatorship continues to dismantle the MUD, slowly but surely, in various ways, y “aqui no ha pasado nada”, people will hardly even notice. Much less do anything about it. What stops them from doing it over and over again, with other MUD parties? Almagro or Unasur, or John Kerry? sure..

    In any half-educated country people would be out in the streets protesting, after such a flagrant , barbaric Constitutional violation that flies right in the face of the Separation of the 3 powers. Pero in our beloved Guisozuela…. “que eh jeso??”

    This blow to Copei was probably a blessing in disguise, though. That putrid party is nothing but a bad memory for Millions and Millions of Chavistas that do remember being completely alienated for 4 decades, during the Ad/Copei corrupt and incompetent mandates. Their profound resentment is still latent and quite palpable to this day. It was the reason Chavez won their hearts in the first place.

    The MUD would do well in disassociating itself as much as possible from those 4 decades, and from Ad/Copei, They should insist repeatedly that that era is gone.

    Because, believe or not, over 60% of Vzla’s incredibly Ignorant populace still Loves Chavez. Even according to the latest polls, while the country is destroyed. They remember the first decade of this century, when everyone talked about the poor pueblo, for a change, and they were showered by free gifts, bogus jobs, pensions, even “viviendas”, freebies, food, goodies and cash left and right. They Loved that. Now that the oil ran out, Chavez gone and viewed as hero and a martyr, they blame it all on Maduro or la ultra-derecha, of course, but Chavismo itseft is still great. Chupate esa mandarina.

    The MUD should break lose from that past, best they can, and also insist that Madurismo is the same as Chavismo, that the problem is the fake model. And the should engage in a massive campaign to Equate Chavez with Maduro. That is Extremely important now because of this:


    So screw Copei, and maybe later, Screw AD too.

    And Maduro = Chavismo.. if only the MUD or someone could explain THAT to the Vast Chavista pueblo..

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  3. Second the idea that the oppo should distance themselves from the past in so far as the vices of the old traditional parties are concerned . Good old 4th Republic respect for democratic liberties and rights should in contrast be remembered and celebrated.

    Among the many Chavistas who should celebrate the doing in of old Copei is the father of the dear defunct leader who was for years a card carrying Copeyano and the head of Barinas State Education Department during the last Copey administration ,!!

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  4. I am not sure about this. Yes, there are political subtleties that I cannot totally grasp regarding the TSJ decision, but it looks to me that the coalition is having fissures. I particularly dislike the MCM against MUD situation in Miranda.

    Winning the National Assembly is an uphill battle full of treacherous government roadblocks. It is a riding by riding battle. We cannot afford a split opposition vote in any riding.

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