Kick Copei out of the MUD

It's not me, it's you.

It’s not me, it’s you.

The recent decision by Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal, ordering Copei to put in place a board consisting of people they selected, presents a difficult conundrum for the opposition coalition, the MUD.

The key thing here is that the Supreme Tribunal has ordered the Elections Council to only accept the roster of candidates the new Copei board proposes. Indirectly, the Supreme Tribunal is selecting who the opposition candidates for Congress will be! (At least some of them)

Picture the scenario: the TSJ-appointed copeyanos (including completely unknown figures Pedro Urrieta, Ibis Alemán, Alexis Gutiérrez, Wilgen Fernández, Silvia Melina Vásquez, Orlando Medina and Miguel Salazar) decide who their candidates for the Legislature are going to be. We end up with Ricardo Sánchez Clones #1, 2, 3, and 4. Guess what happens if we end up winning by a margin of, say, three legislators? It doesn’t take a genius to see what they have up their sleeve.

This is a trap – a clear, transparent ploy to intervene in the opposition’s internal politics. It doesn’t take a genius to divine who this Pedro Urrieta character is, for example – because … since when has the opposition ever won something in the chavista Supreme Tribunal? There is no doubt in my mind that Urrieta and his buddies are chavista hacks. The proof is in the fact that they actually got the TSJ to rule in their favor. I rest my case, your honor.

The TSJ-appointed Copei is a cancer inside the opposition, and sadly, the way to treat a cancer is to extirpate it. The only way forward is for the MUD to expel the TSJ-PSUV-Copei Frankenstein from its ranks and from the opposition coalition. Anyone who has ever seen a zombie or vampire movie will understand what I’m getting at.

These are crucial times, and we can’t be playing around. We can’t risk the December election by allowing Trojan horses or Manchurian candidates. If that’s the way the TSJ is going to play, then we have no choice but to cut them loose. It needs to be done in a delicate manner, preserving the elements within Copei who can actually play in the team, but it needs to be done. Soon.

Copei is more of a danger inside the MUD than outside of it.

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  1. This is just an internal maneuver to get Antonio Ecarri the congress nomination (if I am not mistaken Enriquez applied the same strategy a few years ago). No need to panic.


  2. Copei ha estado muy débil durante los últimos años.
    Tengo entendido que existe una relación de intereses Copei-Cabello para tener un LIFE LINE.
    Cabello de Troya es una excelente definición.
    La MUD debe jugar hardball si quiere figurar.
    It’s a must!!!


  3. Exhibit 999 of why the upcoming elections are incredibly irrelevant. The opposition could win 100% of the chairs and the next day the Supreme Court would simply wipe its ass with the Asamblea.


  4. “We can’t risk the December election by allowing Trojan horses or Manchurian candidates”.

    How naive.. The laughable “election” is already decided: a 55% Mud “victory”.


  5. These ridiculous elections are not meaningless or useless, though. Far from it. There will obviously be a Gigantic Fraud, guaranteed, there already IS massive Fraud in place, for over a year now, in about 10 single ways we already know about. (The Million, educated Professionals who left, you the readers, know, the pueblo is still mostly clueless)

    I expect that whatever the heavily unjust and manipulated result is, 55% for the MUD, or 65% or 45%, same difference, anyway, these elections will be the final social detonator.

    The only reason the shit has not completely hit the fan yet, and el Pueblo hasn’t hit the streets en-masse, and the reason the opposition (mainly Capriles) is calling for restraint, peace, patience, even giving “emergency economic advice, until December) is because they are dumb enough to think that these stupid elections will change anything at all in practice.

    The time-bomb is on hold because of the elections, or the country would have exploded long ago.

    Next year, regardless of the result, when even the incredibly ignorant 60% Chavistas left in Vzla realize that it’s all a fraud, a joke, a lie, and they see things getting even worse, and worse, (yes, they can get even worse, look at Haiti..), Venezuela will finally explode. Next year.

    I don’t think people will wait until the Presidential elections in 2019. The colas and escasez have taken their toll. Too much. La olla va a reventar. But AFTER the stupid elections, when it becomes obvious to everyone that it was just another slap across the face, the final humiliation. BOOM!!


  6. “Trojan horses or Manchurian candidates”, lest we mention any spies! Politics as a “Blood sport” takes on a new dimension.


  7. There will be Ricardo Sánchez Clones ad infinitum as we don’t ask enough from our politicians and it seems like we never will. Mediocre politicians = mediocre results.


  8. To clarify, the past stolen elections were not enough to convince millions of people, or even opposition leaders, the extent of the Criminality, Corruption, Numerous Election Fraud Capabilities of the Dictatorship, or their stubborn determination to stay in power by ANY means.

    The country was even more divided than it is now, and even Masburrismo had more supporters. The 2% Fraud against Capriles, and others, were somewhat believable, nationally and internationally.

    That has changed. The country is in much worse shape, people are much more pissed off, few Government supporters are left. (Plenty of Chavistas, though, the “95% alphabetized” variety)

    Therefore, even after they try to mask the Gigantic Fraud that will be required to control the “parliament” with, say, a 55% Mud “victory”, this time, it will be too obvious. This time very few people will buy it.

    This time they will even have to use their biggest Fraud weapon, the vicious Smartmatic machines, to even stay close, with such overwhelming levels of disapproval. They will have to use every trick in the book, as they already have started, break every constitutional law, use all their bribes, repressive force and intimidation tools, just to pretend they “lost”, “democratically”, but not by the real, crushing 80%…

    Most people will finally understand that this dictatorship will not give up, and cannot be beaten through “democratic” elections. International Supervision or no supervision. They have too many tools to cheat, too much money, corruption and power to repress.

    More importantly, people and the opposition will finally know, for sure, that they will cheat again in the 2019 Presidential elections, for Sure, so why wait? Who can stand another 2 years of utter misery, and getting even worse, when you know the next Fraud is inevitable?

    That’s why an social explosion, a coup of some sort, will be necessary and should happen next year, backed up by some of the military somehow. These stupid “parliamentary” elections, regardless of the fraudulent result, 40, or 60% for either side, will finally prove to the vast majority, even the incredibly ignorant, bribed, enchufado Chavistas, that the only way out is by force, not through “elections”.


    • This time when they cheat , people will know for certain and there will be consequences …… way can they disguise the cheating so that it becomes even faintly believable , people dont like getting cheated and they will wait for the right moment to make their anger felt .


  9. I agree it´s a necessity. Cut them off, but at the last possible minute to prevent them from doing the same thing with another party of the coalition.


    • I agree with Juan. Excise the cancer immediately. The Chavista appointed ringers cannot be allowed to run under the MUD banner. Enter the previously selected candidates under another party. If they do the same with all of the other political parties, so be it. The response should be the same. Do NOT let the public believe that the MUD can be subverted by the regime. If that happens, people will not come out to vote.


  10. I agree. Let copei rest in peace for the benefit of humanity. While they’re at it please extirpate proyecto venezuela as well, no one have done more damage to the carabobo mud in the last 6 years than those guys


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