Love Labour’s Loss


I’d heard that Britain’s Labour Party, in full-on PTSD mode after its unexpected electoral shillacking at the hand of Cameron’s conservatives, was flirting with electing an out-and-out leftie nutter as leader.

But did you know that Jeremy Corbyn is also a fully paid up member of the Bolivarian Solidarity movement? I’m serious as a heart attack!

Check it out:

His Spanish turns out not to be so bad, huh?

Y no se pierdan esta pochochura…

Understandably, non-crazy British center-lefties are in full on panic mode over the prospect of this guy actually becoming labour leader.

And yet, with the party deep in self-harm mode, it looks like it’s going to happen. 

David Cameron cannot believe his luck.

Could Jeremy Corbyn, who likes to talk about his “friends” in Hamas and Hezbollah, possibly end up with a Downing Street address? Listen, it’s the longest of long shots, considerably less likely than Bernie Sanders ending up in the White House. But can it be entirely ruled out?

I dunno. Crazy things happen in politics.

Maybe a week before the 2020 elections Cameron will be photographed smoking crack with an underage prostitute. And then we’re going to end up with an out-and-out Chavista running a country with a permanent seat at the UN Security council and a friggin’ nuclear arsenal.

¡Que Papá Dios nos agarre confesados!

36 thoughts on “Love Labour’s Loss

  1. Jaja, this is the best thing that could have happened to British Conservatives in years. Let’s all cheer in our best Oxford British, fist against palm, knees on the ground:

    “This is! This is! This is the way we govern!”

    “They shall not return! They shall not return!”


    • HAHAHAHAHAHA as I read this here in London, and now that I am entitled to vote in British elections, I find it hilarious to read the “asi es que se gobierna” and “no volveran” chants (and I can’t help but read them in my mind with a posh cum academic received pronunciation accent.


    • Love your “shall”, Juan. And consider: “They shan’t return!” They shan’t return!” all said, as Armando suggests, in a posh Oxford English accent. jajaja


  2. If the “non-crazy British center-lefties” were a majority inside Labour, this guy wouldn’t even exist as a real prospect to lead the party. In other words, “non crazy center-lefties” are getting scarce and losing influence in Britain, and Corbyn’s ascension, just like as Podemos in Spain, or Syriza in Greece, are signs of the spirit of the time.


      • No one in NDP leadership circles is sympathetic to Maduro. The Sermon-on-the-Mount narrative has been defeated by PSUV’s momental incompetence; there never was any other reason for outsiders to sympathize.


    • Tom Mulcair is, if such a thing is possible, a sensible moderate socialist.

      However, when Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was asked what other country he most admired, he said, “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”

      So there you have it: an admiration for dictatorship, a fetish for progressive buzzwords like “green” and “solar”, and the ability to immediately project one’s lust for power onto your political enemies. He’d make a perfect Bolivarian!


  3. One of the extremely rare good things to come out of Cubazuela’s Chavista Tragedy, is that is has shown many countries what NOT to do, the perils of leftist populist crap.

    Notably in certain countries :

    Spain: “Podemos” was clearly hurt by their ties with Chavismo.

    Brazil: DilmaBitch going down the toilet now, also clearly hurt by Chavismo ties next door.

    Heck, even in “socialistic” Hell-Holes like Ecuador or Guatemala, you see massive public protests with signs “Ecuador no quiere ser otra Venezuela”

    The Britts are way too educated, and way too smart to fall for such a bullshit leftist trap now.

    They can also thank us in Kleptozuela for the unknowing, terrible example. A real International eye opener.

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    • The best way to harm the left in general nowadays is to associate it with Venezuela. To say that “They are just like theChavistas,and want to transform the country into a new Venezuela.” Hell, even if it’s a lie, it will still harm them. So, why not?

      And when they give real evidence of this association, just like Podemos, Syriza, Dilma, and now Labour have done, then it’s even easier to ruin them. These extremists will rise and vanish just like a shooting star. Nevertheless, will create havoc in the meantime. Leftists being leftists.


      • You see, if you look really, really hard, there’s always a Positive. Even for Chavismo.

        Another positive, inside Cubazuela, is that people are learning something too, the hard way. At least 50% of them. The other half is so freaking Ignorant, they still believe in Cuba, the Evil Gringo Empire and still like Chavismo, according to the polls, but hey, it’s a start..


        • I’m loving it, man… It couldn’t be much easier than that: “Hey you voted for party X, ok! So now the country is becoming just like Venezuela, probably there won’t be much food available soon. Inflation in three digits is a possibility too. But mass unemployment doesn’t worry you either, I guess… Alright. Hopefully you can flee the country with your children when the situation deteriorates even further. See ya.”

          A universal speech against the left is the only real accomplishment that Chavismo has brought us. It will work in any country.

          UK’s Conservative Party can already start running ads on TV using Labour’s Corbyn’s voice praising Maduro at the same time that Venezuela’s supermarkets’ shelves are shown.


    • You’d think the world would have taken the hint with East Germany, the USSR, the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Cuba, but…no.


  4. He needs to live in Venezuela if he thinks the extreme left crap is so good and take the traitor Galloway with him.


  5. I am struck by the parallels in today’s two postings. One is about irresponsibility allowing a Malaria epidemic to occur in a country in which the disease was previously eradicated. The other is about an epidemic of populist leftist radicalism infecting the countries of the modern world. Both “diseases” seem to spread by the same rules of epidemiology, and they are both dangerous and deadly.

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  6. Oh well. Such lefty insanity is not confined to the east side of the pond. Reminds me of the conversation I had in my college days with a campus SDS honcho. She was telling me that colleges and universities should incorporate mandatory study of LENIN- no mistaking the worshipful tone in her voice- into their curriculum. This was was not a case of “know thy enemy,” or “study him because he has had a profound influence on 20th century history.” This was a full-blown case of “this is a man like Dante, Plato, Montaigne, or Confucius whose works represent the best that world civilization has to offer.” As my rural hometown had too many Iron Curtain refugees for me to agree with that SDS honcho, I stepped away from SDS.

    Fortunately, this particular SDS honcho did not subsequently swallow the Weatherman Kool-Aid. She was a Lenin worshiper of sorts, but drew the line at throwing bombs. She went on to work at a humbling, challenging job in her profession, and later got a doctorate. She has spent the last two decades as an elected official at the state or local level as a traditional tax-and-spend Democrat with a strong case of “look at all the important people in photographs with me.”

    There was the Democrat Congressman from NYC who praised Chavez:

    Hugo Chavez was a leader that understood the needs of the poor. He was committed to empowering the powerless. R.I.P. Mr. President.

    Former Congressman Joe Kennedy, he of the Kennedy “dynasty,” also had good words for Chavez both before and after his death. After all, cheap oil from Venezuela funded the $400k /year job for Citizen Joe, a.k.a. the Rich Kennedy Who Cares About the Poor.


    • Had his wife on the payroll also, to the tune of another $350k/year. Her corporate title was, “Director of Marketing.” True gringo chavistas!


    • Excellent. Here are some examples

      Where’s your wife going on holiday?
      I’ll ask her.
      Dear me. I would never set foot in a state so thoughtless that it elected Sarah Palin.

      Knock knock Who’s there?
      Boo who?
      If you would just let me finish. Boosting production with state intervention is economically essential.

      Why did the cow cross the road?
      Because property speculators have exploited planning loopholes to build highways over open fields.

      My car broke down and I went to a mechanic to ask for a quote.
      He said “the meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.”

      Why does Karl Marx hate Earl Grey?
      Because the hereditary elite is anathema to a fair society.

      That final joke is my cup of tea.


  7. If the UK Labour Party is so crazy that they want to name a PSF as their leader, no wonder the British Public keeps voting for Cameron.


  8. Many traditional labour followers are hurting from their poor showing at the last election and migh think that they have to assumme a more radical activist image to recover their lost following . If being moderate doesnt work then its probably time to become more colourful and radical in ones display of partisan identity. Very natural response . The fellow is an emblematic leftie , piously wearing all the tags and showing all the peculiar ticks of a radical progressive , that includes an ornamental solidarity with leftist causes from far away lands one knows next to nothing about like Venezuela . Chavez is good superheroes comic book material for people who have little direct acquiantance with what he specifically and concretely did or didnt do in that far away exotic land with the funny name . Dont think his solidarity means that much actually. its the embarrasing sort of thing that happens to people who are absolutely ignorant of what is the reality in remote places totally different from what is familiar in their inmmediate cultural environment .


    • Dont think his solidarity means that much actually. its the embarrasing sort of thing that happens to people who are absolutely ignorant of what is the reality in remote places totally different from what is familiar in their inmmediate cultural environment .

      I am reminded of the Sandalistas, the presumably well-intentioned gringo supporters of Nicaragua’s Sandinista regime in the 1980s. Many of the Sandalistas thought that one Solidarity Tour, and of course a very well-guided tour at that, to Nicaragua would make them well-informed on Nicaragua. It didn’t take much reading or listening to discern that for the most part, the only contact with or knowledge of Latin America a Sandalista with a Solidarity Tour under his belt had was that guided Solidarity Tour. Research Latin America in the library? Perish the thought!


  9. Meanwhile, back in the Third World, in oil-rich yet school-poor Kleptozuela, where the Mother of all Disasters continues to unravel, over half of the “alphabrutized” populace still believes in Chavismo, still loves Chavez, and is just a bit pissed-off at his designated disciple, Utility-Dummy Masburro.

    Although almost a Third of said enlightened Pueblo still supports arguably THE worst government on Planet Earth in modern times and Masburro himself.

    60% of the destroyed Cubazuelan nation may not vote for the United Opposition, according to the latest polls.

    As the British would say, “Brilliant” !!


  10. The problem is that Labour has spent years becoming Tories-little, under the influence of walking piece of shit Blair and friends. More or less the same as in all Western democracies, socialdemocrat parties have become a joke.

    So you have to choose between Cameron (I cant say in words how much I loathe the twit, his latest display of courting the far right on the issue of inmigrants is disgusting), some idiotic weak Labour clone of Blair that cant get anybody to bother to vote for him (bye Milliband), or the fringe, from UKIP to this guy.

    Gone are the days you could find a decent social democrat option that combined real focus on the welfare of the population with rejecting idiotic experiments in economics and governance.


  11. The conversion of democracy into a blood sport spectacle where people glory in their partisan political identity and exult in their primitive erzatz tribalism makes a shambles of any rational practical discourse about what specificaly has to be done to help people achieve better lives. The theatrically exarcerbated we-them antagonistic mentality robs democratic countries of the chance of achieving a better form of governance . If THEY (the meanies) are for X then evidently WE ( the goody goody’s) have to be for Y and totally against X even if there are merits to many aspects of X.

    The greeks called it the Agonal Spirit , the spirit of faux epic antagonism. but glamorized it rather than recognizing how much damage it could cause the community one lives in .

    The colourful and exciting adversarial character of politics makes people enjoy going for the extremes the better to display to the world how proudly distinct they are , not for nothing John Adams observed that politics was driven by the Passion for Distinction and radicalized partisan politics is one great way of gratifying this ultimately destructive passion .!!,

    Thinking way out of the envelop maybe they should make it a rule in politics that people have to change parties every year so they can get a taste of looking at things with different perspectives while retaining a dose of sympathy for those they professed before, The glorified partisanship element of politics can often do more harm than good .


  12. he’s been helped by labour changing the rules for their leadership elections…even non-party members can pay in and vote…

    …so a lot of conservatives have signed up to vote for him, knowing that the labour party will be completely unelectable at the next election…


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