Correo del Caroni pushes back against Newsprint-geddon – and fails

CK5rGPnWgAAsyXG.jpg largeToday’s edition of Ciudad Guayana daily Correo del Caroni had terrible news for its readers: its daily edition will cease this Friday, July 31st and the following Friday the paper will become a weekly paper.

One of the few independent media outlets in the entire Guayana region, Correo del Caroni has struggled since last year thanks to the reduction of available newsprint. Last September, the paper stopped printing on Saturdays and Sundays, and months before it was forced to cut from three sections to just one.

But Newsprint-geddon has been unmerciful: early this year, Correo del Caroni’s night editor Leonardo Suárez Montoya told journalist John Otis from the NGO Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) about the ordeal they’re facing: “It’s a huge challenge. How do you say what you have to say with less space?”

The paper decided to not negotiate with the State’s newsprint-provider CEAM to protect its editorial line, and instead is working to improve its online presence through the web site Correo del Caroni wants to stay as “the house of ideas” (as it calls itself), instead of being a propaganda-filled “thought artillery”.

Our readers are not alone and won’t be alone. The political, social and economic crisis force us to be more creative, to multiply our faith and to intensify our efforts, translating them in better information.

Our circulation, now digital, is a moral obligation. There’s no time for discouragement.”

The hegemony is disciplined to shut down dissident voices. But when it comes to messaging? Not so much.

5 thoughts on “Correo del Caroni pushes back against Newsprint-geddon – and fails

  1. i hope and i wish …full retalliation againts at this lame chiness dark army hacking in foreing policy.


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    • El mundo se ha quedado tranquilo tras saber que, prudentemente, Javier se ha ido a dormir para así poder tener un número razonable de horas de sueño. La ONU sigue estudiando todavía su robo de wifi pero intuyo que su resolución le será favorable. A raíz de su comentario, la OMS acaba de publicar una nota en la que recomienda no desayunar en macdonalds porque no es una práctica saludable. Finalmente, el New York Times ha confirmado que Obama, Putin y Xi Jinping están ahora en sus despachos esperando el siguiente comentario de Javier


  3. Meanwhile, the free newspaper Ciudad CCS gets all the paper it needs and is printed in full color, only to be the blessing for dog owners, house painters, plumbers, auto mechanics, and all others that need newspapers on a daily basis. My pooch always manages to place his largest turd on the smiling front-page face of Maduro.


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