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ventevenezuelaCC commenter Syd asked this question in the previous post: “Does Maria Corina Machado lead a political party?”

The answer is both yes and no. Confused? Then, allow me to explain. It does exist, but isn’t allowed yet to participate in any election (at least on its own). Why? Well… it’s a long story.

Two months ago, I wrote a post about how our beloved electoral branch rejected the request of dissident Chavista movement Marea Socialista (Socialist Tide) to use that name on a temporary basis, while it fully registers as a political party. In the same ruling, the CNE also rejected similar requests from eight other groups, including one from movement Vente Venezuela, which is lead by National Assembly Deputy Maria Corina Machado.

Right after the 2012 Presidental Primary, Machado (who ran as an independent) formed Vente Venezuela, which defines itself as “a political movement of free citizens that share principles and values…”.

In order to be formally recognized as a political party, Vente went to the CNE on July 25th, 2012 to ask for the “temporary denomination”, which would allow them to organize and start its activities while the full administrative process goes through.

The Law on Political Parties, Public Meetings and Demonstrations (passed in 1964) establishes in its Article 8 that:

The groups of citizens that wish to constitute a political party must communicate to the civil authority of the district or department with the indication of the local offices that they will establish, putting a sign or indicative board with its provisional name with they will act, in its front side and fully visible to the public…”

Well, that request was not answered by the electoral authority for more than eighteen months. The excuse was that they were busy with three back-to-back elections: October’12 Presidential, December ’12 Regional, and the special April’13 Presidential. So, Vente decided to end that request in September of 2014 and start all over again.

Earlier this year, Vente Venezuela went to the CNE and introduced for a second time the request to have a “temporary denomination”. This time though, the CNE answered Vente’s petition in the Electoral Gazette 748 of May 13th, 2015:

Resolución N° 150226-071, mediante la cual se resuelve, NEGAR EL USO DE LA DENOMINACIÓN PROVISIONAL correspondiente a la organización con fines políticos VENTE VENEZUELA (VENTE) y sus alternativas, a nivel nacional.”

The response was NO. Their excuse? The online version of the Electoral Gazette doesn’t say anything.

To have a possible clue behind the CNE’s denial, we have to go back to Marea Socialista’s case. In an interview with NoticieroDigital’s Enrique Melendez, political analyst and MS’s co-leader Nicmer Evans speaks on the issue and indicated the reason behind the rejection of Marea Socialista was based on its name sounding more as a slogan:

The resolution published by the CNE in May of this year as a result of the decision taken by its board in February 2015 which responds our request, introduced in November 2014, was to deny the name of “Marea Socialista”, based on the Article 7 of the Political Parties Law.

That article says, more or less, that the political organizations can have a denomination always that it doesn’t disobey any religious precept, any precept that goes against any of the international relations with other countries and other cultures. Their allegation in the resolution is that (Marea Socialista) is a slogan and not a denomination.”

So, was Vente Venezuela’s rejection based on such grounds as well?

Maybe. Maybe not. But knowing how el Poder Electoral likes to handle decisions, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Voluntad Popular had to wait more than a year (including a first rejection) before getting the CNE’s OK. But some political parties are more equal than others: Alianza por el Cambio, the party of MCM’s back-up and talanquera-jumper Ricardo Sanchez only had to wait a single day.

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  1. Thank you, GEHA, for your comparative detail. Very helpful. My personal opinion is that the name “Vente Venezuela” is creative, but does not lead to clear identification as a political party. VV is a dubious handle for a political party, at least, dubious in the traditional sense. In the English version of Wiki, VV was earlier poorly translated as “Come in Venezuela”. Draw your own conclusions

    I must say that the Movimiento Civico Nacional, of which Gloria Alvarez forms a part, has a much more detailed (and well thought-out) list of core values, etc. than those of VV. In sum, the latter appears cobbled together quickly. You’d think that MCM would have vetted the contents.


    • “You’d think that MCM would have vetted the contents.”

      It’s more about retaining flexibility by being vague, like currently prominent opposition parties, than whether the party leader forgot to spellcheck their party’s name or not.


  2. What’s surprise me the most is the silence across the board about this issue. Regime and oposition alike.


  3. I just looked at both the ‘Vente Venezuela’ and ‘Movimiento Civico Nacional’ sites.

    I don’t know where you see a “much more detailed list of core values” in MCN, Syd.


    Actually, VV seems more clear in their “Principles” “Values” “Objectives” “Mision” “Quienes Somos” “En que creemeos”.. etc. Both sites could be improved, (Maria Corina,si lees esto,, la palabra “Propiedad” en todas partes, hasta en los logos, etc.. sera buena idea en la Vzla de hoy?? Cuando los votos que necesitas son los del pueblo comun, sin muchas propiedas, ex-chavistas, con el cerebro medio lavado..)

    VV is actually quite well-conceived, nice design. What else can you specify about a movement for Freedom that welcomes various views and opinions, that seeks to Unite, as long as the basic Values and Principles coincide? Those are clearly stated, if you ask me. Capitalismo del bueno, chamo.

    You can see exactly what MCM is leading at, and it actually seems to coincide and almost mirror what Gloria’s MCM is about, from what I know watching her videos:

    They both believe in a the Republic model, and are fiercely opposed to Populisms and/or Authoritarianisms, focusing on individual freedoms, individual rights, justice, property, representative democracy.

    They both propose a new vision, not necessarily from “right-wing” or “left-wing”, but Republican, with separation of powers, a system of checks&balances, Justice for all, protecting personal freedoms.

    What’s wrong with “vente venezuela”, what about “accion democratica” and all the approved party names? La misma vaina, TibiBitch..

    The Corrupt CNE does not approve Vente Venezuela for obvious reasons: Cabello doesn’t like it. They clearly state that their main goal is to restore Freedom and Knock out Chavismo, that’s why.

    They don’t put MCM in jail (only thing they have not done to her) only because el Pueblo and Int’l opinion would really be pissed.

    One big difference between MCN and VV is that in Guatemala they still have some democracy left, and they actually even “Monitor” their Government, and criticize it when they want. It would be great for that country if Gloria could become President one day. In that country a strong “democratic” Republic still has a chance to work. For Vzla, it’s too late. Only some form of Authoritarian Republican Regime could fix that profound, enormous disaster.


    • Thank you TTKY. When I compared the core values of each organization, I should have done an apples-to-apples comparison. Instead, I was impressed by the video exposition of these values by Gloria Alvarez, which seemed full, and compared them to what appeared to be a more flimsy presentation of values by VV on its website. That was wrong. Then when checking out the English version of VV on Wiki, I was surprised by the revoltillo and corrected much (but not all) of it. It just seemed to me that Gloria Alvarez had more ‘contundencia’ in the presentation of her organization. And while she is aided by the trappings of democracy in Guatemala, is the absence of same in Venezuela any excuse for not presenting concepts with firm conviction and clarity — on youtube, at least?

      And I am thinking the same as you regarding Gloria’s current stepping stones into Guatemala’s political fray. MCN states it is not a political party. But you can sure smell whiffs of political-party formation. Or so it seems to me. What Gloria has as her principal assets are: a strong educational formation to back up her republican position, long-held convictions (she is no idealist that tumbled while at university onto the red carpet and Kool-Aid offerings by lefties) perhaps transmitted early on in the home; a voice that is strong and unwavering; and a charismatic appearance. Maria Corina Machado, I believe, is a little softer with less charisma which may be a liability in the political fray, but is preferable in a social context. Meaning, Gloria Alvarez spits fire. I don’t know if I would want to share a beer with that.


      • At any rate they both seem to share very similar political views. The anti-populism, anti-dictatorial, anti-Chavismo crap, free-enterprise, personal freedom, USA type of Republican Capitalism. Both women are great for their countries and Latin America. But MCM is doomed with that frail little party in the putrid Kleptozuelan mud, such a profoundly corrupt and utterly cancerous mess, at all levels, all institutions and fabrics of society are devastated.


        • Tony : Im a bit put off by morally yummy political slogans and cliches , by all those appeals to motherhood and apple pie . they usually lack any specific meaning one can sink ones teeth into , ad captandum vulgus was what the romans called these syrupy tags, now we are talking about a Republic Model , what the hell is that ?? can you please do me a favor and translate the term into something one can associate with something concrete. !! Could you please try and be a bit analytic to get at the meaning !! I find what they say appealing but when they start trying to explain their ideas using angelic wings i cant follow !!


      • Hi Syd, wouldn’t “Come-on Venezuela” be the more correct English for VV? Ignoring of course the porno connotations (which is why I’ve added the hyphen).


  4. I love how the same CNE that had no trouble registering the Partido Autentico Nacional PANA and JUAN BIMBA suddenly gets all persnickety about party names…


    • Sure, the explanation is obvious: they are acting illegally because their status as Electoral Commission is a facade. They simply do whatever it takes for their party to stay in power.


      • Indeed.
        No matter what Machado had put forward, these thugs would have found a way.
        I disagree with several of Machado’s positions and we could discuss them and so on and yet those items are beside the point: she is for democracy and against the rule of these thugs and these thugs don’t want to allow her to jeopardize their position. The CNE is now integral part of thuggish Chavismo.


      • I’d have to agree. No matter what name was put forward, as long as MCM was at its head, the party name would be rejected by the CNE and they won’t give a reason for it.


    • Ay pero polque se meten con Juan Bimba!! poco’e sifrinos pelucones imperialijtasde la utra-derecha del eje Miami-Bogota-Madrid !!

      Ujtedes como que no jueron pa la ejcuela, nuejtro gran poeta Andrés Eloy Blanco creo el muñequito, carajo.

      “Juan Bimba
      Llanero venezolano, 100% demócrata, amante de la naturaleza. No quiero ni un solo día mas de dictadura”


      • OMG your posts are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know EXACTLY how el chavista promedio talks.

        Please stop.


    • Heh, the cñe wants to outlaw the MUD card, but they allowed the trap party “unidad democrática” there.


      • It took me quite a while to find out where the “unidad democratica” card was located. They really know how to hide things in plain sight.


        • They put the fake card next to the actual MUD card, and with capriles’s mugshot in the previous election, stealing votes for some tarifada whose name I don’t remember (Not that she matters too much anyway, she was a crawler like fatty wall jumper ricardo sánchez)

          I got an image, the bastard was called “reina sequera”, she got votes that were cast to the one card called “unidad democrática”, just right to the “Ora” one, which also had another chaburro-nazi crackpot too:


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