De la pluma de Ernesto Villegas: Abril, The Movie

La Villa del Cine is working on a movie about Hugo Chavéz’s brief deposing during April (11th, 12th, and 13th) 2002. This is a core moment in Chavista mythology, it revamped Hugo Chávez’s weakened popularity and defined a new pace for Venezuelan politics for the years to come.

Telling the story of April 11th is easy from the chavista perspective. For them, it is a well rounded tale of conspiracy and treason. It has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. A structured story that ends with the rebirth of a hero. Plus, all the bad guys are identified and dealt with.

For the opposition the story is different. April 11th is an open ended story. Even when the April 2002 events left several civilians dead, a solid investigation on the murders was never conducted, and the few trials that took place seemed more like a reckoning for the chavista masses than a true search for justice.

The film will be based on “Abril, Golpe Adentro,” a book by Ernesto Villegas. Villegas was the Minister of Information during Chávez’s illness, and currently just separated from a boloney public post to run for the National Assembly. Lately he’s been boasting about handing away TVs on behalf of the government to the people of the district that will vote for him (Villegas) in the upcoming elections, in direct violation of electoral and anticorruption Laws, but won’t be touched by the Comptroller General because dammit this should be a post in its own. Anyway, given the source material, there is little doubt on which point of view will the film depict. Although one of the script writers insists that the movie will not take a subjective angle:

we avoided turning Chávez into a hero, regardless of our own criteria in that respect, we wanted to act like investigators, we tried to have the facts speak for themselves.


Yep, they’ll be objective. No one cares who’s paying the tab.

The movie is a production of Villa del Cine, Divarte Cine, AlterMedia, and the Special Plans and Projects Office of the Presidency of the Republic (OPPPE). And guess who’s featured all over the OPPPE’s webpage, Mr. Ex-Minister of boloney himself. So maybe we’re not only giving away TV sets to get him elected, we’re also making a movie.

Villegas better win.

As we wait for the movie to hit theaters, I can’t help but wonder who will play the role of Leamsy Salazar, the Bolivarian Hero turned DEA informant.


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  1. I couldn’t read that sentence about this film not being subjective or more Chavez worship with a straight face.
    Chavez might as well have his own rule 34 fan-fiction by now.


    • Only the stupid pride of marginales could wrap their heads on the ridiculous excuse that the people murdered basically went and shot their own heads off just to make the regime look bad.


      • It’s 2015 and sectors of the opposition still use words like “marginales”. So many people in the opposition haven’t learned a single thing these past 16 years.

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        • It’s 2015 and chavismo still uses “pelucón”, “mariconsón”, “sifrinito” and “escuálido”, which all mean “pest that doesn’t deserve to live because it’s not human”

          “marginal” means “person who loves to rub their criminal acomplishments in the face of others thinking they are better than the others”, so, some imbecile who gets a quick cash for a guiso and rubs it in the faces of everybody else is a marginal, because marginales are defined by their superiority complex (which includes the dehumanizing speech).

          Or like they could say in good old spanish “se las tira que sabe tanto, que en verdad sólo sabe a mierda”, that’s a marginal.

          Poor chavistas, they haven’t learned zilch in 16 years, they stil believe themselves superior to others.


  2. “Although one of the script writers insists that the movie will not take a subjective angle:
    we avoided turning Chávez into a hero, regardless of our own criteria in that respect, we wanted to act like investigators, we tried to have the facts speak for themselves.”

    Then they flushed the toilet calling it “golpe”

    A hate speech propaganda piece, the best way to spend tax money and oil dollars.


  3. It will be a propaganda piece and it will be released just prior to the parliamentary elections for maximum effect , it will be full of lies and propaganda , everything they do now is directed towards the goal of garnishing enough popularity to be able to manufacture a good showing for the regime candidates come polling time . Every thing else is secondary !! Chavez is their last card, the sentimental attachment fo the man is the only think keeping the tie between the mass of the dissenchanted and angry chavistas and the current govt. they will exploit the Chavez connection to the fullest. !! Whats more to say about this ??


    • the only way they will be able to cash in on the Chávez sentiment among those of the ‘cerro’ is to allow free showings of the movie. Perhaps like the free showing of ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” in the downtown student market of Toronto (followed by a pep talk by a consular member) the government will also set up a popcorn machine to give away free bags of popcorn.


  4. Love the “we wanted to act like investigators,” the first four words saying it all — an across-the-board sentiment for (lefty) delusionals, ill-prepared but full of dreams, bolstered by a political affiliation that tells them there’s nothing they can’t do, qualifications and track records be damned.


  5. “The true scale of the mythology that sustains this regime is pathetic”.

    Who’s to blame for the Massive Ignorance and Galactic Under-education of all the pueblo that still believes any of this crap?

    Once upon a time, a bunch of peaceful Indians discovered oil. They became very greedy, and the new Caciques from 2 main Tribes, Adecos and Copeyanos, started stealing all they could, instead of educating the rest of the population. Today, what’s left of that Ignorant, uneducated gullible tribe is called Cubazuela. They love free TV’s and arepa con mortadela.

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  6. Chavez pasara a la historia, junto a mi y Fidel. Y sus pueblos ignorantes, colosalmente embrutecidos, se lo seguiran creyendo todo.


  7. Ay pero que farta de conosimiento tienen ejtos sifrinitos pelucones boliburgueses de la ultra-derecha radical imperialista!!

    Ejta gran produxion sinematographica bolibariana ej para el dijfrute de nuejtro pueblo. La vamo a pasa gratis pol cable CANTV de Chavez, ‘pa lavale bien lo que le quede de serevro a la gente. Y ensima le regalamo los televisore pa que no se pieldan toitica nuejtra programasion de mieldita bien prefrabricada. Pan y Sirco, piazo de pendejos, Pan y Sirco. Vamos a regalar bajtante perro caliente y pesicola tambien. Ujtedes como que no ejtudiaron un coño en la ejcuela, historia der Imperio Romano? Pan y Sirco Guyanes.


    • “What do they teach the schoolchildren about April 11-14?”

      I bet they teach that the “viejas locas encopetadas mariconsonas del cafetal” went to blow their own brains and were “saved” by being shot by richard peñalver and his goons.


  8. I suppose the Puente Llaguno shooters will be portrayed as innocent passers-by being shot at by violent protesters, and the ricocheting bullets miraculously bouncing back to kill the agressors. Divine intervention by Chavez the demi god.

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  9. What gets me of the untimely death of Chavez is:

    a)-He could not enjoy the economic shit storm he sowed.

    b)-Maybe he would have taken SOME of the painful measures to stanch the bleeding economy. You know gasoline subsidies, exchange rates….

    c)-At some point in the future there will attempt to rename all sort of things Chavez, in the same way as we have a state, currency, squares, etc. Chavismo kitsch has no limit to their ambition. People get tattoos with this signature!!!


    • The corpse’s death was actually really timely, for castro, because he went as a glorious martyr, impossible to relate in any way to the economic disaster nowadays.


  10. Acoording to Giordanis revelations , the govt took in commitments and loans it could not pay to defray the costs of bolstering Chavez popularity in his last election , in other words Chavez did his own creation in in order to maintain his own myth of the invincible popular redeemer .


  11. Obscene amounts of petrodollars handed out by the Government on behalf of Villegas is no guarantee that he will win an election lol


  12. I guess this movie will be The Revolution will not be Televised part II, but without being a documentary.


  13. I wonder how they will handle Raul Baduel’s important part in those events, seeing as how he is currently rotting in jail.


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