Maria Corina Machado barred by the Comptroller-General’s office

G0ePGPjJhgf0gtxTo829Np9BbDhLPSNXkX83KnpDCEFTmcJCqvVWeF1ltKKKZrkRUk-3fjFocqD2PlMUndlpYjxJHWrb=s0-d-e1-ftMaria Corina Machado received today this paper from the Comptroller-General’s office, informing her that she’s declared ineligible to hold any public post for the next twelve months, therefore barring her of running in the December 6th legislative election.

The picture of the document’s first page doesn’t say the specific reasons of why she has been disqualified but Comptroller-General Manuel Galindo said in late April that Machado, along with Henrique Capriles and Julio Borges had several “inconsistencies” in their sworn statements of assets.

Last week, it was the turn of former San Cristobal mayor Daniel Ceballos. Expect this for other opposition candidates (and maybe some dissident Chavista) in the next few weeks.

25 thoughts on “Maria Corina Machado barred by the Comptroller-General’s office

  1. Well, that druggie gey Essequibo-For-Guyanans Capriles surely must be on the list…,as well as Gurimbero LL, who so many Oppo said would be released after the Shannon meeting.


    • Yep. But no worries, the UN and a few ex-presidents will make sure the elections will be fair, supervised and transparent. Porque las vacas vuelan.


  2. What utter crap. If they can just bar any candidate they don’t like, it’s going to be a pretty grim election.


  3. Aha, I see she can apply for reconsideration of the decision. I am sure no reasons for the decision are necessary to do that….


  4. That is just the first page of the resolution. I understand that the reason they used -this time- was an inconsistency in the sworn declaration of patrimony she had to file when illegally removed from office.

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  5. “Fuerza de Ley contra la Corrupcion”. Amazing. And our “bravo pueblo” will understand nothing, much less say anything.

    And lots of people still believe in Noah’s Arc, the Tooth Fairy and fair elections soon.


  6. I read some months ago that she’s also forbidden of leaving the country… Matter of time before they arrest her. Meanwhile, the silence of the leftist feminists around the world on all these absurds against a woman who is just trying to take part in an electoral process is deafening.


  7. What did you expect Crooks steal and these guys are crooks. It’s not the first election they steal


  8. honestly, I am dumfounded and stunned.. every day the national anthem is played on all radio and tv channels, three times a day at AM, 12 PM and 12 AM, even State Hegemony.. And and El Pueblito who cannot read apparently cannot hear.. deaf, dumb and blinded by all the sit happening around them..

    Gloria al bravo pueblo
    que el yugo lanzó,
    la Ley respetando
    la virtud y honor.

    ¡Abajo cadenas! (emphasis!)
    Gritaba el señor;
    y el pobre en su choza
    libertad pidió.
    A este santo nombre
    tembló de pavor
    el vil egoísmo
    que otra vez triunfó.

    Gritemos con brío
    ¡Muera la opresión!
    Compatriotas fieles,
    la fuerza es la unión;
    y desde el empíreo,
    el Supremo Autor
    un sublime aliento
    al pueblo infundió.

    Unida con lazos
    que el cielo formó,
    la América toda
    existe en nación;
    y si el despotismo
    levanta la voz
    seguid el ejemplo
    que Caracas dió.

    As Daniel wrote earlier today Fuck Venezuela!


    • But take a closer look at what it says, it touches on topics that are truly Latin American, what the reality is and what will always only ever be hoped for. What first world nation has anything about a poor peasant in their hut? “la Ley respetando la virtud y honor”, ¡Muera la opresión!, dream on. Unless el pueblo finds the current situation that is Latin America unacceptable it will never change. A hallmark of the third world is the citizenry being policed by the military on a permanent basis which is a situation ripe for abuse because there are not the controls and checks and balances to prevent abuse with impunity. No first world country does that except in times of national emergency for short periods of time. The “unión civico/militar” is a recipe for disaster.


  9. “Sworn inconsistencies in asset”??? Does this mean that all high level Chavistas are also ineligible? What about the $4 billion stole by Chavas?


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