The Taking of Cota Nine-Zero-Five

CJzRvBLWwAA2GE9.jpg largeThe Cota 905 area in western Caracas is a “peace zone” no more.

Authorities launched a large-scale operation earlier today, including lots of National Police agents, National Guard soldiers and armored vehicles and SWAT teams from both the Criminal Investigations Police (CICPC) and the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN). The raid is part of the larger “People’s Liberation and Protection Operation”. Catchy…

During the raid, 14 alleged members of several criminal gangs were killed and 20 stolen vehicles were recovered. According to Interior and Justice Minister Gustavo González López, 134 people have been detained and that at least 32 of them “…are foreigners with links to paramilitary groups”. #AhOk

The situation inside the Cota 905 has been tense for some time. Last week, three criminals were killed there by CICPC agents. But with killings still on the rise, police casualties reaching 11 per month in the capital and even the Interior Vice-Minister’s motorcade recently attacked, the government had little choice but to make a huge show of force.

Is this the admission of defeat for the “peace zone” plan? Both the expert Father Alejandro Moreno and Criminologist Fermín Mármol García think so. But Chavismo doesn’t share that view, saying instead: “Blame it on the paras!“.

15 thoughts on “The Taking of Cota Nine-Zero-Five

  1. “During the raid, 14 alleged members of several criminal gangs were killed”

    “Last week, three criminals were killed there by CICPC agents.”

    Whoa!!! Not bad!!!

    Finally all that teenage revolutionary angst is being directed toward something productive. So nice to see these infamous white vehicles that attacked so many students last year being employed against real criminals. Refreshing, really…

    That something the Cubans got right that Chavismo should embrace too, the mantra: “We are the only criminals allowed in the country!”

    It doesn’t solve 100% of the problem, obviously, but 50%. It’s already a start… Cuba is a safe country if you ignore governmental oppression.


    • All the malandros and criminals in the country ARE chavistas, don’t get confused, they just thought that they had another place than the one given to cuba’s criminals: Armed enforcers to control and supress the unarmed civilians.

      cuba is “safe” because criminals are controlled by the castros, who use them to attack dissenters.


    • Of course, the regime can cover up improper killings by claiming the deceased are “criminals”. Then no one asks any questions. But in a civilized country, a police operation in which FOURTEEN civilians were killed, would be a national disgrace.


      • Well, this is a dictatorship, a brutal regime. And that’s basically what this kind of government does: it kills people. I’m just glad that, from what Acevedo said, apparently, they targeted their own this time (criminals), but you are right, who knows…


      • Well, there’s the example of the so-called “caracazo”, where a couple of malandros were killed, and a bunch of people love to inflate and exaggerate the issue claiming that CAP ordered the genocide of almost a million poor single mothers with their unborn children.


  2. Fight between gangs.

    Those malanturds are just paying the fact thet dared to mess with a vice minister, or that they stole some enchufado’s card.

    It would be hilarious if the guards came knocking doors down and beating people, just like they did on the 4th.

    Anyway, can’t care less about this, because chaburrismo thinks that this will save their asses for the incoming mega fraud in the elections by closing the difference between their candidates and MUD ones, and because chaburrismo won’t perform an actual cleansing of criminals in the whole country, which could result in an improvement of the people’s life quality.


    • “Those malanturds are just paying the fact thet dared to mess with a vice minister…….

      That’s all you can say on this matter.


      • “That’s all you can say on this matter.”

        Dunno what you meant with that, but it’s clear that this was just a retaliation for some big mistake the malandros did, the enchufados sent a message here: “UBÍCATE”

        Were “innocent people” the ones that got the worst part here? Very likely, because if malandros excel at anything, is in hiding behind someone else’s arse.

        And yes, malanTURD, as “malan-mierda”, because someone who comes and fires five bullets on somebody’s face without any trace of remorse just to steal some pocket change couldn’t be considered a human being anymore, and only deserves to be executed in the spot (Though because there’s no death penalty in Venezuela, they should get then 30 straight years in a prison, as there’s simply no way an individual like that’s going to become a productive member of society)


    • The same way they “betrayed” the colectivos when they killed josé odremán past year along 10 more of his goons and no one said a peep.

      malandros know they are just tiny turds that have some relevance only because chavismo uses them as tools to control the people, incidents like this are just the master reminding the mangy dog who’s in charge.


  3. The attack on the vice minister’s convoy was the last straw, as they say.

    All the dead cops and citizens? They don’t matter to the enchufados at all.


  4. In today’s Murderzuela, you cannot be an honest Cop. You are at least enchufado, making all kinds of juicy “deals”, if not a full-blow Criminal yourself, complicit. Or you would get kicked out in a hurry.

    Therefore, it’s nice to hear that they are shooting at each other. Most of the dead are crooks and gangsters anyway. Thugs who accept orders from the Dictatorship, repress or even kill Students, incarcerate political prisoners. Too bad it’s not the Generals, Capitanes, Coronoles or Sargentos that get killed, but just regular corrupt cops.

    Out of the 25000 voilent deaths in Crimenzuela per year, most are drug addicts with debts, drug dealers, crooks that owe money, gang members with power aspirations, or corrupt, bad cops. Sadly, there a lot of innocent people caught up in the anarchy, like a war zone., forgotten as collateral damage, dead statistics they won’t even recognize. Let’em blast each other to the moon!!


  5. Can’t wait to see how the MUD attempts to stop crime and these gangs all over Vzla, after they somehow regain power, after a few more stolen elections.

    Will the military and Guardia Nazional Bolibanana back them up? With what Justice system or police, they all deeply corrupt, too. Will the 3 Million Chavista corrupt employees be happy when they lose their jobs?

    And meanwhile, they’ll have to implement extremely tough IMF-type of austerity measures, gas prices up, no currency exchange controls, no “precio justo” for diapers or harina pan.. While being soft, just, and “democratic”

    Ayyy Papa!!

    You can count on the people of Singapore, except for cash loans, of course. Best of luck.


  6. Aunque el tema ya está un poco pasadito de tiempo para el ritmo en que se mueve este sitio, por acá dejo un artículo que apareció recientemente que está relacionado con el caso, resulta que una cantidad de personas quieren meter una demanda por los “procedimientos inadecuados” por decirlo de una forma que utilizaron los efectivos en el operativo:

    Al leer con un poco de atención, se nota que los cuerpos de seguridad actuaron como en los peores días de la fulana cuarta, es más, actuaron justamente como tanto dicen que lo hicieron durante el fulano cacarazo ese donde dicen que mataron a un coñazo de bebés y huevonadas.

    Por cierto, los comentarios de los chavistas en el tema, son la mejor propaganda antichavista posible, es que provoca imprimirlos y repartirlos entre la gente que vive ahí para que sepan como es que sus “hermanos de ideología” los ven.


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