As one UN test ends, another one begins

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Leading the Venezuelan State’s delegation in Geneva is Prosecutor General Luisa Ortega Diaz (Photo by ccorreab)

The Venezuelan State is once again under review this week as the United Nations’ Human Rights Committee will monitor the country’s performance on civil and political rights, based on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The B.R. of V.’s delegation is lead by Prosecutor General Luisa Ortega Diaz, who will be joined by the pro-government NGO Guarimba Victims’ Committee (whose spokesperson happens to be an official at the Housing Ministry).

Independent human rights groups will counterargument the State’s position, including Carlos Correa of Espacio Publico and Ligia Bolivar, who’s the coordinator of the Life Forum platform of NGOs and Director of the Human Rights Center of the Andres Bello Catholic University (CDH-UCAB).

You can follow all the details of the sessions (today and tomorrow) at the Examen ONU Venezuela’s twitter account.

But wait a sec… Didn’t the Venezuelan State already had this test recently? That’s kinda correct. But that was a very different test. Earlier this month, the Human Rights Council reviewed Venezuela’s performance in economic, social and cultural rights. If you wanna know how it went, you’re lucky as the conclusions and recommendations came out last week.

Along the thirty recommendations made by the UN-HRC, they urged the Bolivarian Republic to cooperate with human rights NGOs, open up access to public information, guarantee an independent judiciary, improve the evaluation of the social programs known as misiones and reconsider their decision of withdrawing from the American Convention on Human Rights and the Inter-American Human Rights System.

You can see all the findings for yourself by reading the full review here and download it here (but only in Spanish). Also worth reading are the personal observations from the VP of the UN-HRC’s committee in charge of the review, Mikel Mancisidor from Spain (which are also only available in Spanish).

25 thoughts on “As one UN test ends, another one begins

  1. As we all know, the UN is an extremely effective, Great, great organization, working tirelessly for all.

    Led by countless, extraordinary women, they are on top of every social, political, even economic issue on the planet:

    “The head of the United Nations entity mandated to promote gender equality today highlighted the role of quotas to accelerate women’s political participation, adding that more hands-on measures are needed to achieve significant progress on this issue.

    “Today I call for stronger commitment by leaders to increase women’s participation in politics,” said Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), during a press conference in New York.”

    Luckily for Venezuela, we are being represented by the brightest, most experienced and highly qualified Mujeres Camaradas del Chavismo:

    Luisa Elena Ortega
    Desiree Sevelina Cabrera Rodríguez, : Comité de Víctimas de las Guarimbas.

    Also, Guarimbeando for our proud nation, Delcy y Sandrita!

    “El Estado venezolano deberá presentar mañana un informe ante el Comité Derechos Humanos Civiles y Políticos de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU), que lo interpelará en la ciudad de Ginebra, Suiza. Delcy Rodríguez, canciller de la República, se reunió con Luisa Ortega, fiscal general de la República, y Sandra Oblitas, rectora principal del Consejo Nacional Electoral, para evaluar el texto que será presentado”

    Adelante compañeras, echen su cuento por la Patria!


  2. Thanks for covering the PSUV internal elections. Omitting them is tantamount to censorship. The results and the level of participation does not suit CC’s politics.

    Thnaks for reporting on the latest Hinterlaces survey showing that 62% of Venezuelans want a socialist government. Omission is tantamount to censorship.

    And yes – the women representing Venezuela at the UN are the best and brightest. I guess you would send Lilian Tintori and Mitzy Capriles to do a better job or even Maria Machado.

    Forget deviating attention away from what happened yestrday. Taking the piss out of Venezuela’s representatives at the UN will not win you any votes……………hehehehehehe……


  3. Ayyy,,, como hase una para aplical a este prestijioso Comite de Victimas de la Guarimba?

    Dan alguna preferensia a las mujeres pobres incritas en el PSUV como y mi helmana Yiselita?

    Tambien queremo ir pa Suisa!!


    • Solo tené que decí que toitica tu familia te la queblalon unoj siflinitos peluconej con unaj biejaj lonchosaj ejcuálidaj, y que tu familia ela toitica de loj colectivoj y gualdianasi.


  4. Viewed from afar, it is pretty striking that Ortega presents, in evidence, a document purportedly signed by Justice Afiuni, attesting to her good treatment while in jail, and Afiuni immediately and under oath, calls it a forgery. It is actually an international criminal offence to present forged evidence as valid, unless you have inquired into its validity before presentation….


  5. Please listen Afiuni accusing Luisa Ortega to show a false document in the ONU…it is a long video but I am glad I listened it.

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