MUD, the Sausage Fest

Sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage,  delicate flower

Sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, sausage, delicate flower.

Yesterday, when Tibi announced that they were going for “full on gender equality” in the candidate lists…

I cackled.

You know why? Because we’ve known this was coming since March. Bocaranda and Diosdi both warned us. And the MUD decided to look the other way. I mean, every election the CNE has been tugging our ears over our female participation.

If you didn’t think Chavismo was going to “attack” and make arbitrary hoops for the oppo to jump before the election,  you were deluding yourself. But for me, that’s not the issue here, the issue is  that female representation is our weakest point. It’s shameful.

Following Tibi’s demand, MUD answered something along the lines of “this is unconstitutional: you can’t change the rules after the game has started.” Which, as far as it goes, is true enough.

That message got muddled, though, when MUD Secretary General Chuo Torrealba started ranting about “The Venezuelan Woman”.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The long-suffering housewife who’s only concern in the world is that she can’t find the basic goods in the supermarket, milk for the babies and medicine in the pharmacy.

Fercryingoutloud, Chuo, it’s 2015!

Yes Chuo, women are conflicted with the price of groceries, the scarcity and the unrelenting queues, but so are men. Men also share the burden of the milk, of the diapers, of the medicine. Men are also taking care of their home.

But you know what, there are also professional women in Venezuela who are conflicted when we cant buy their cars, when they  can’t afford their own housing, when they can’t find funding for their research, when they don’t see a way to further their careers, when their PhD salary is not enough for them to live independently, women who can’t change their assigned gender, women who can’t have access to abortions for pregnancies resulting from rape, women who can’t marry the one they love.

You’d think they don’t exist.

It’s time to face it guys: the MUD has a sexism problem. It’s a sausage fest.

Look at the photos! If Delsa Solórzano didn’t exist, they’d have to invent her.

In Mexico, 37% of members of congress are women. In Argentina it’s 36%. In Costa Rica 33%. Even in Colombia, which lags badly for the region, it’s 20%. And in Venezuela – no thanks, shamefully, to MUD – it’s 17%.

And in MUD’s candidate list? 11%!

I mean, Tibi could have called for 30%, you don’t have it, 20%?, you don’t have it, 15% you don’t have it.

I know, I know, the timing is designed with pure politics in mind. “Now is not the right time to talk about this.” Right?. Shh Shh, let us do this first, then we can get to you.

It’s never the right time to have a debate you’re desperate to avoid.

Well, you know what, beggars can’t be choosers. Tibi forced this debate: let’s have it!

I want the MUD to address this, now, today. I want it to take a long hard look at itself and make the changes.

I for one, agree with quotas, I believe they are a mechanism that understands that women’s roles in politics are not limited purely their “choice to participate”, which is something I read a lot yesterday on twitter; That women just don’t choose to be in politics, that women are not interested in politics, that women decide to “lean out” of politics. When the truth is much more complicated than that. It is institutionalized sexism, it is politic, economic, social, cultural and religious constraints that limits women’s participation in the political sphere.  I also think that using quotas is a way of saying, “Hey, I know this game is rigged, I know you are playing with the odds against you, I recognize that society is like this, and I am working to make this better”.

And I’m not the only one who thinks this way, almost half of the countries of the world use some type of quota system for their parliament.

The quota project is a global database of quotas for women. It is a joint project by  IDEA , Stockholm University and the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Where they collect data from countries using quotas and evaluate their effectiveness. The basis being that:

Given the slow speed by which the number of women in politics is growing, there are increased calls for more efficient methods reach a gender balance in political institutions. Quotas present one such mechanism. The introduction of quota systems for women represents a qualitative jump into a policy of exact goals and means. Because of its relative efficiency, the hope for a dramatic increase in women’s representation by using this system is strong

Yes, relative efficiency, it’s not a magical cure, it’s not going to bring about gender equality with the swipe of the wand. But it’s a tool within  toolkit to start making serious progress in that area.

Yes it is out of time, yes, the government is using this to hinder the elections, but look at the bigger picture, you should  recognize that you have dropped the ball in gender issues, at the very least, you owe us that.

Because you know what Chuo, the MUD has hard time recognizing female leadership. Because it seems to me, that the only role for woman in the MUD is as wives, who will be there to help their husbands career along when the government lands them in jail or exiles them.

So  pick up the ball. I’m sure the “Frente Femenino de las Mujeres de la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática”, can help find the right candidates for the job.

For my part, I hope to see Tamara Adrian, Adriana D’Elia, Liliana Hernández, Maria Corina Machado, Linda Loaiza López, Delsa Solórzano on the ballot.

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  1. Sadly, probably Tamara would not be considered a woman. Maybe, that’s an additional reason to try, as it would show how progressive they are…

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  2. First, CNE is doing what it wants, Tibi said the other day that ” CNE did not operate under pressure”. Parlatno elections are mandatory to the CNE according to the Ley de Procesos Electorales, pass. Rules can not be changed 6 months prior to elections, pass.

    Regarding women representatives, I think they have to earn it, probably its harder for them but it has to be earned. Funny thing is that Psuv had said that 50% of deputies had to be women, now its 40%, who knows what happened.

    Government is working to complicate things for the MuD. They waited until Mud publicly came out with candidates and now they have to go back to the discussion tables giving the Psuv members to be chosen this Sunday a headstart.




    This chavista issue of gender equality. It’s downright offensive to our intelligence. It expects us to say “Well, you’re right on this one”, as if we’re imbeciles enough to not understand that the real reason lies in sabotage.
    It’s a garbage measure taken by the worst sort of human beign, because it shields its purpose with the social conquests of women. If you denounce these dudes with “You don’t give a shit about women’s rights AND your measure is out of the Constitution”, they can call you mysoginist. They can defend themselves by saying “This is a political measure? NOOOO, you just hate women”.

    THAT is an amazing reason to go protest right outside the CNE’s gates. Because it doesn’t matter at heart if MUD has women or not (if there were enough women, they would have to be under 35; if they were under 35, they would have to be mestizos, and on, and on).

    We have to draw a line in the sand. Some people are stupid enough to go along with the game, but I hope that most of us can use our brains. If you wanted to find a reason to send me back to the streets in protest, right outside the CNE or the Supreme Court, for me, this is the one. We’re not idiots and I refuse to be treated as one.


    • Show us the link to the place where you argued forcefully for MUD to face up to it’s Gender problem before they were under extreme pressure to do so and you’ll have a shred of credibility.

      As it stands, this is just another it’s-never-the-right-time-to-talk-about-this rant…

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      • “As it stands, this is just another it’s-never-the-right-time-to-talk-about-this rant…”

        You give him too much credit. It’s the usual “Yay, another excuse not to get off my ass and vote while feeling self-righteous about it!”

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      • This is my opinion -keep that in mind, Francisco, when you come questioning “my credibility”. When you give your opinion, be prepared to respect those of others.

        And Raton, I AM voting. As I always have. I don’t know from where you conclude that I am agaisnt voting.

        My point is that I disagree with validating the arguments of chavismo because they’re based on political hooliganism. If there were enough women, the attack would be for something else.


  4. Chile and Uruguay are also at 16%, Brazil at 10%. The average is close to what Vzla has.

    Hopefully it will improve, as gap genders have equalized in most countries for most professions.

    What “democratic” country has ever dictated at the last minute a 50/50% gender rule for internal elections? Zimbabwe, maybe?

    But what the CNE has done is nothing short of unconstitutional, Draconian, barbaric, let alone unprecedented and illegal at this stage of the political game, anywhere in the world.

    And at this crucial stage in Vzla, it continues to open the Pandora box for anything the Dictatorship wants to happen, Gerrymandering, of course! Cuadernos de votacion? fuera, maquinas envenenadas de chavez? sure!, diputados despedidos sin razon, sure!, 50/50% rule claro..

    what’s next? Dilma for Cubazuela’s presidency?


      • Classic weaseling comment..

        Pretending that this sudden “rule” by the Certifiably Corrupt, Chavista CNE is because of “sexism” is beyong Pathetic.

        As Vic and others have pointed out it’s OBVIOUS that “sexism” or “equality” are the issue here for the Dictatorship to come up with their latest trick.

        Gender gaps in Politics and all professions continue to diminish of course, even in Moslem countries.. but it’s supposed to be due to the natural aspirations and merits of each person, regardless of gender, religion, race or affiliations.

        Let’s all applaud Tiby, now, reina de la democracia, inocencia e igualdad para las mujeres del mundo!!


        • “Pretending that this sudden “rule” by the Certifiably Corrupt, Chavista CNE is because of “sexism” is beyong Pathetic.”

          Did you even *read* Audrey’s post?

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        • Yes, correct.

          It’s absurd that we look at Lucena now and say “Hey, you know? She’s right. She’s fighting for women all over the world” when the real reason she’s doing this is to attack and sabotage the MUD. “Equality” is an excuse.
          By looking at the MUD and saying “Well, you should have seen this coming” you are dancing to Tibisay’s tune. We shouldn’t. We musn’t.

          The moment there are enough women, Lucena will say “Oh, they must be also black, by the way”. It’s sabotage, you guys.


      • “Its Sexism”

        What’s wrong with being sexy?

        “You know, if we were serious and we said, ‘Yes, she should be forced to smell the glove,’ then you’d have a point, but it’s all a joke.”

        “It is and it isn’t. She should be made to smell it, but…” “But not, you know, over and over.”

        “You should have seen the cover they wanted to do. It wasn’t a glove, believe me!”

        “It’s like, ‘how much more black could this be?’ and the answer is ‘None. None more black.’


        • “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

          Being considered “sexy” often goes along with the assumption of being considered “less intelligent”, and there are plenty of examples of it.


          • Beign blessed with beauty can have the same effect as having large natural resources , it makes cultivating ones intelligence superflous and thus something to be neglected. !!


  5. Acknowledging the sausage fest and agreeing that it is a problem, the diagnosis seems a little too triumphalist and wed to fashionable (and winning! -gay marriage is a now a constitutional right in the US-) progressive causes.

    Just as a token of disagreement I would refer you to this feminist editorial from the NY Times.

    And before you flame me, please read this before:


      • Ratonfilo,

        It is an unsustainable fad to deny objective realites. Accepting that someone can choose their gender is one such fasion. The article I quote comes deep from the feminist camp and illustrates the point.

        The second point is the intolerant position of the tolerant crowd. I expect to be flamed for contravening the dogma even if there are worthy arguments I can make for my conservative position. In fact, today’s Supreme Court opposing opinions cannot be dismissed as bigotted, they are in fact well argued, albeit an unfashionable position.


        • “someone can choose their gender”

          We can only hope that Argument From Ignorance becomes very unfashionable indeed.


          • Of course Ratonfilo, you are very fashionable but may I remind you:

            -Galileo was unfashionable in his time.
            -Lynch mobs are composed by fashionable folks.

            You would profit to read the editorial from Brooks that I quote. A money quote just for you:

            …the desire to confront not hide from what you fear, but to engage the complexity of the world, and to know that sometimes the way to wisdom involves hurt feelings, tolerating difference and facing hard truths.


  6. Remember when mass media censorship was legalized in the grounds of “protecting the children”?


    Ok, this proves the theory that venezuelan people has a shorter memory span than a defective RAM memory stick…


    • EXACTLY.

      It’s a nice excuse to hide the real reason behind the attack. What I find despicable is that they use the conquests of women, their conquests of civil rights, to shield their lowlife tactics, because if you call them on their bullshit, then it’s you who’s not up for women rights.


  7. Now that Freedom and Equality for women are progressing so much in Cubazuela..

    .. and with Gay equality rights advancing so fast in the USA and Europe..

    Equality Champion for Feminine rights, TibiBitch, looks like she could be know, the short hair cut, assertive body gestures.. .. too bad her direct bosses Cabello and Masburro are in truth typical, full-blown machista homophobics. I bet she would love a 25% gays, minimum mandatory requirement in the “Parliament”, you know, to accommodate upcoming Chavistas of questionable gender like Roque Valero and all. Igualdad, Libertad, y Oportunidad para todos!

    Oh, since we are so just and democratic and progressive all of a sudden, did we forget Black people, another alienated minority? or that’s not really an issue in mestizo Vzla, is it, or is the MUD racista too, besides heavily machista? (forget MCM, one of the Top MUD Female Leaders, Lilian, Patricia and all the women doing the heavy lifting)..

    I dream of Vzla with 50/50% men/women mandatory, including a minimum of 25% gays on each-side, 2% Transsexuals, minimum, and 30% blacks or color-chocolate, zebras like Obama. The indigenous Indian population also needs to be represented, 5% in Congress. Mandatory. Look at Bolivia, they are doing Great!


  8. When Peter the Great decided to westernize russia he went after the Boyars , a traditional class of russian land owners who styled long beards and long capes and to do that set up at the gates of Moscow a group of soldiers with sissors whose job was to cut short the beards and capes of any Boyars entering the city .

    Of course he was a tyrant endowed with absolute power and he thought that if he changed the Boyars outward appearance (thus humiliating them) he would be westernizing their minds . Of course he was doing nothing of the kind .!! you dont legislate peoples character or habits by forcing them to change their appearance .

    People who involve themselves in politics are from different backgrounds , they dont tidily organize themselves by race or gender or occupation or origin in exact propportion to their statistical numbers in the general population , Right now for example there more women physicians than male physicians being graduated in many universities , if you had the fanatics way the women physicians would have to renounce their degrees to make way for a bigger percentage of male physicians , which is of course absurd and totally artificial .

    Legislating social quotas by force is the most intrusive form of tyranical coercion there can be . The politically correct progressives are just another type of puritans or social calvinist wanting to change the world to suit their conceits and prejudices. They are inclined to morally glamorize themselves by claiming the halo of victimhood to impose their prejudices on other people !! ´


    • Ditto Net’s appreciation. What’s more, appointed tokens fool nobody. In the end, the skewed gender imbalance boils down to this paraphrase of a comedienne’s (*) view:

      “Men control the coroto, men are in power and men want to keep men in power.”

      (*) As Sandra Bernhard explained to Judd Apatow in 1983. Nothing much has changed. And while I know little about the inner workings of Hollywood, the observation certainly applies to the corporate world in English-speaking nations, and most definitely to the political fabric in Vzla.


    • “Legislating social quotas by force is the most intrusive form of tyranical coercion there can be”.

      Exactly. Like we say in Venezuela, I take my hat off for you, sir.


  9. Two predictions:

    1)Independant activists ARE NOT going to get on the ballot.
    2)Either Ramos Allup or his wife are going to be on the new MUD ballot.

    So there’s that. Given the “esto es lo que hay” attitude when it came to the oppo primaries, this was predictable.


  10. A few weeks ago they were going about explaining why they hadn’t supported LL’s call for protest rallies.
    Now they must explain why they are discriminating against women. Blind-sided twice!

    Do they expect this election to be a cake walk? They better get out in front of this election and in a hurry, or God help Venezuela.


  11. My main issue with this is the timing, because it couldn’t be worse. You have an already almost-completely announced line up of candidates, and now you have to change a bunch of them. Yes, equal gender representation is good, but not when you don’t have the right people to be candidates, and especially not when you have to do it in such a cumbersome way.

    My other issue is that the blame is mostly being placed on the MUD’s shoulders. Does the MUD have a gender problem? Yes it does. The problem is that it’s a dirty trick used by chavistas, and most people are shrugging their shoulders and saying things like “Well yeah, chavismo usually does this kind of stuff” or “We had it coming”, then proceed to attack the MUD. Priorities need to be set.

    Anyways, we’ll have to see how this one turns out. I’m against forcing this “equal representation” thing. But well, maybe the MUD can play their cards right, and hopefully arise stronger than before.


  12. Interesting how many women are on here disagreeing with these arguments.

    I thought the same thing last time I was in Venezuela, for the last election. I went to a big MUD rally at Plaza Venezuela where every speaker was male. There were women on stage but not a single one spoke. This despite well known principle that election voters are usually majority female.


    • As a little side note, I have to add this: the ratio of women seems to be higher in more urban, less poor municipios of Venezuela.


  13. These elections are a joke and will be rigged anyway, regardless of gender. There’s no real parliament or separation of powers in Dictatorships like Cubazuela anyway.

    The only good news, of real relevance this week were Leopoldo is eating, 2 prisoners are free, and General Herbet Garcia Plaza is singing in Panama for the DEA !!


  14. What if there are simply not enough woman qualified to fill the positions. The 50/50 measure is discriminatory and undemocratic. You might be leaving better qualified people out of the an because they dont have vaginas.
    Woman should earn their seat like everyone else. It’s not like they are going to have sex in the AN, it isnt necessary to have the 50/50 rule for an effective representation.


    • “What if there are simply not enough woman qualified to fill the positions.”

      Why yes, God forbid we disrupt the historically strict meritocracy of the Venezuelan Congress.

      If the retrograde commenters that have predictably swarmed onto this post are in any way representative of the venezuelan populace, then decades of chavismo, cabellismo, etc are well deserved.


      • Chavismo is the art of enforcing “equality” on the grounds of DRAGGING EVERYONE DOWN.

        Just what you do.


      • So am I chavista for wanting mps that are qualified for the job? I’m not asking for phds on the AN. But at least they should have a local recognizable trajectory to be there. The case might present that you have to leave a good candidate out to put an unknown woman.


        • There’s a leadership problem. Ramos Allup (& wife!!) , Barboza, Ismail García & the other dinosaurs don’t want to leave their spaces to anyone, regardless we’re talking about men or women. This is not a surprise. New leadership haven’t been fostered deliberately. So this CNE move is not completely wrong or bad BUT could divert the attention from the very original & real problem we have as opposition.


          • Therefore, we will immediately implement another quota: 50% of the candidates must also be new, young candidates, under 30 y/o.

            We are also working on new Gay/Lesbian/Blacks/Indians mandatory, immediate quotas, if Mr, Diosdado Cabello approves them too.


          • “…this CNE move is not completely wrong or bad…”

            As anything that comes (and came) from chaburrismo, this cheat is wrong and mad.


      • I suggest you to read Bill Bass’ commentary.
        The heart of your argument is right, Raton, but Tibisay is using it with less than ideal purposes.


    • “What if there are simply not enough woman qualified to fill the positions.”

      C’mon, it’s just a job and with no heavy lifting. It’s not rocket surgery….er, whatever.


      • the anyone-can-do-it mentality is what makes the state run companies so disfunctional, and what makes the parliament so useless in this country.


    • That would be very nice and dandy if everyone else ¨earned¨ their seat. I know -not know of- three very smart and hard working women who tried to get in the ballot in the last election, but were not given the chance. Those spaces had been ¨earned¨ by way of friendship, or just tradition, by men who are there warming up their seats.


      • I’m sure you’re right, and those woman should take full advantage of this opportunity, but can you name 80 cases? are they distributed across all circuits? there are also men in that position. Sure there needs to be a better candidate selection within the opposition, but I disagree with the idea that half of them have to be woman by force.


  15. Do you agree with quotas? Cool.
    By the way, you forgot to includle Maria Bolivar. Ella puede echarle una ayudaita a la cuota.


    • In her defense, she owns a bakery, so, she at least is capable to drive a honest business and live from it.

      Which is like 10000000% better than anyone from chaburrismo and a lot from the muda.

      Besides, dude, NO ONE could answer in 5 minutes how to finish the hyperinflation rampage that took hold in Venezuela.


    • … and she was honest, she knew what her limitations were, was not afraid to admit them and seek for more qualified help. She would make an excellent stateswoman.


  16. One thing it should be discussed before agreeing with quotas in politics is that many, many venezuelan women are as machistas as the men. They work full time and at the end of the day they rush home to cook for their family, to look after the house, to iron their husbands’ shirts!!! They live trapped between the 1950’s housevives and the professionals that they want to be, and don’t know how to let go or to share the house work.

    Here is a challenge girls: go home, crack a beer or pour a glass of wine, and tell your husbands today that you won’t cook today because you don’t feel like cooking…


      • Kep, here are a couple of examples:
        When a couple have a child, is there a discussion about who will become a stay-at-home parent after the legal leave is over? I think everybody takes for granted that it’s the mom’s duty. It’s so that still, from the legal point of view it’s called maternity leave, only granted to moms. Here, the figure changed to parental leave, and it’s up to the couple to decide. Is there anybody in Venezuela questioning this? I don’t know but I doubt it.
        Some years ago a venezuelan friend was going through a divorce and we were talking about custody. She said “the kids belong to the mother…”. I kind of stop listening. From the legal point of view, how many kinds of custody are there? Here are three: sole, shared and joint. In one of them, the child spends 50% of the time with each parent. I have never heard of anybody in Venezuela taking on a 50/50 (one week with one and the other week with the other).
        I’ve also heard in casual girls conversations how much pride they take on looking after the husbands clothing: from buying it to wash it and iron it, and how the husbands return them if they are not properly ironed. I almo must say that my girlfriends here are all professionals, prepared and women that work full time. It was very surprinsing for me when I learned that they all go the extent of buying their clothes.
        And just like that, there are more examples.
        Anyway, it might be my generation. I really hope that our daughters are not being raised that way…although to be honest, with so much silicone and obsession they put in looking like beauty paegant contestants, I doubt it.


        • What you wrote is interesting but precisely not what I asked for. I asked fpr a formal definition, not a “chair is what Petra has in her living room and that is also a chair but that other object is a table “. You should know.
          I think Venezuela does have a huge problem with machismo but it seems to me that you, for some reasons, have seen more of machista attitude from women in Venezuela than Acosta or I and you apparently have been much luckier in Canada in not finding machismo than other people living in Canada. Not every man there has the attitude your closest ones seem to have.
          Your anecdotal evidence must be put into context with the experiences of the average.
          Many women in Venezuela suffer from machismo but have less options than your amigas.
          That is particularly the case outside the former or current upper middle to middle classes


        • Carolina: “It’s so that still, from the legal point of view it’s called maternity leave, only granted to moms.”

          So if Tibi is pushing the envelope, insofar as the MUD being sexist is concerned, the MUD should respond with its observations of how chavismo treats women in general, specifically in the maternity leave department.

          What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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      • One of the worst examples of machismo in venezuelan society is the idea that a woman can somehow tangle a guy by getting pregnant so he won’t leave her, or how are so much teenagers who constantly get pregnant without having anything to fall dead on? Have you asked yourself why teen pregnancies spread like some unholy mix of wildfire with spam email? While men consider a “win” to bang a woman, women consider “an honor” to get banged by some asshole.


    • *sigh*

      I would die a happy man were my wife to rush home and cook me dinner. Or, given the general quality of her cooking, I would simply die.

      Usually, when I am home, I get a call asking what’s for dinner.

      Out of curiosity, do most Venezuelan women cook dinner and do the laundry and work? Do I have a defective Venezolana? Is there a return policy?


      • Exactly, today women seem to use both ends of the sword: they are poor victims of Machismo, discriminated, left at home with the kids in the kitchen to change diapers and cook dinners. Then again, they have the same opportunities as men, go to as men Colleges as we do, and have become professionals in everything as good or better than anyone. Heck in my close family, 3 generations, women have always been prominent, sometimes and called the shots, “worn the pants”, or at least contributed equally on everything, including higher paying jobs. Heck, most men have been forced to learn a lot about cooking and changing diapers, and runs in the park with strollers.Next thing you know, women will be perceived as discriminated against at home?

        Poor Maria Corina Machado, Lilian and Patricia and other ladies, leaders of the MUD. They can’t say a word in public for Venezuela these days!


  17. Well have you ever thought about the possibility that women on the opposition’s side just don’t want to be politically exposed? What if it’s a job they’d rather not have? And it’s not like there are no women at all. Politics is a vocation dude.


      • Hmm, I don’t see anywhere that she’s blaming the issue on women’s possible lack of interest to becoming political figures. She doesn’t even address this possibility. She blames MUD…..


        • From: “The Norwegian Experience of Gender Quotas”
          ” In most political systems the move from eligibles to aspirants results in more men than women
          making the jump to aspiring for office. This move is affected by an individual’s political
          ambition, the political resources that he/she can muster, and the political opportunity
          structure that defines the chances to run for office. Even in Scandinavia, it is clear that
          men are in possession of more political resources than women. In addition, men have
          substantially greater interest in, and knowledge of, politics. This results in an aspirant
          pool that is skewed towards men.”
          The second step in the process involves party gatekeepers (such as the election
          committee of a party or the party leadership) selecting which of the individuals in the
          aspirant pool the party is going to nominate as its candidates for office. For reasons
          expanded on below, this is the crucial phase”

          The skewness is there, what I am arguing is that the problem in the MUD is that they are not pushing toward gender balance.


          • However desirable the presence of many women leaders appearing on the MUD ballot they have a difficult enough task as it is , they are an alliance of different parties , each with its own established leadership, following , problems and ambitions and they have to come up with an agreement to postulate a single candidate list for the whole country , this under circumstances where they are unscrupuluosly and unlawfuly attacked and sabotaged every inch of the way by a despotic regime . Facing the dfficulties they have to face they are owed a bit of slack , In ordinary circumstances this kind of idea would garnish our simpathy , but now it seems like we are too preciously demanding in holding them up to a standard which is difficult to meet even in ordinary times. !! I hope they are able to meet the challenge to include 33% more women without that costing them too many votes or causing them to lose the pairlamentary election.!!

            We in the oppo must learn that the stakes are too high for each of us to demand that the Mud live up to any pretentious ideal of democratic perfection , Lets get the job done and then start to work on achieving those ideals once the basic chore is done , lets we never get it accomplished !!


          • Like I said to Raton, the heart of your argument is right. That would be swell.

            But “gender balance” is not the real reason they’re doing this. If we play along, the government knows for sure that it can abuse the system and shield itself with the lackings of the opo.


  18. Idiotic article.

    Which ended with “Tamara”, a MAN. As per Venezuelan laws, tamara is still a guy.

    Pero ser progre es de pinga.


  19. “I for one, agree with quotas,”


    Of course you agree with quotas. You behave like the standard venezuelan who wants EVERYTHING handed down in delightfully trimmed quotas:

    Rice quotas.
    Bread quotas
    Dollar quotas
    Electricity quotas
    “Right to live when mugged” quotas.
    Power quotas…

    The very same idiotic argument which HOLDS chavismo in power. No one can EARN stuff, stuff should be assigned dedocraticamente.

    I will translate your reasoning into “Sincerese”

    “I want the very government i am trying to defeat with elections, to impose an undemocratic quota system to satisfy my desire to see my gender *win*. Not that i want my peers to EARN their candidacies , nope. This is the land of the free (goods) and earning stuff fell out of fashion centuries ago.”

    Fixed it for ya.


    • I agree with you. Part two to this article kind of sounds like the typical thing you’d read in a research journal. We’re talking about Venezuela here, a country that is controlled by a bunch of retrogrades. You think they’re really thinking of quotas and gender equality? No! They’re focused on sticking to their posts so they may continue holding rights to fly on fancy government jets.


    • From:

      Quotas: Pros and Cons

      Quotas are a controversial measure. Various arguments have been set forth for and against the introduction of quotas as a means to increase the political presence of women. Some of the pros and cons include:


      Quotas are against the principle of equal opportunity for all, since women are given preference over men.
      Quotas are undemocratic, because voters should be able to decide who is elected.
      Quotas imply that politicians are elected because of their gender, not because of their qualifications and that more qualified candidates are pushed aside.
      Many women do not want to get elected just because they are women.
      Introducing quotas creates significant conflicts within the party organization.
      Quotas violate the principles of liberal democracy.


      Quotas for women do not discriminate, but compensate for actual barriers that prevent women from their fair share of the political seats.
      Quotas imply that there are several women together in a committee or assembly, thus minimizing the stress often experienced by the token women.
      Women have the right as citizens to equal representation.
      Women’s experiences are needed in political life.
      Election is about representation, not educational qualifications.
      Women are just as qualified as men, but women’s qualifications are downgraded and minimized in a male-dominated political system.
      It is in fact the political parties that control the nominations, not primarily the voters who decide who gets elected; therefore quotas are not violations of voters’ rights.
      Introducing quotas may cause conflicts, but may be only temporarily.
      Quotas can contribute to a process of democratisation by making the nomination process more transparent and formalised.


      • For many reasons most countries do not apply such arbitrary quotas, and nowhere near 50%, and never 6 months before Parliamentary elections, after internal elections were already conducted. And never by a corrupt, stand-alone “entity” such as the CNE, without proper multi-partisan Congress approval.

        For many more reasons, “Only 22 per cent of all national parliamentarians were female as of January 2015, a slow increase from 11.3 per cent in 1995 [1] – See more at:


        • “30 per cent is widely considered an important benchmark for women’s representation. As of January 2015, 41 single or lower houses were composed of more than 30 per cent women, including 11 in Africa and 9 in Latin America [8]. Out of the 41 countries, 34 had applied some form of quotas opening space for women’s political participation. Specifically, 17 use legislative candidate quotas; 6 use reserve seats; and in a further 11, parties have adopted voluntary quotas [9]. – See more at:
          Nuevamente, estoy clara que la exigencia de paridad de género por parte del CNE no tiene que ver nada con fomentar la participacion femenina en la MUD y todo que ver con poner las mil trabas. Sin embargo, la MUD ha sido bien mala en cuanto a ingresar a mujeres dentro de sus candidaturas, y lo vemos por ese 10% tan pobre que nos ofrecen.
          Sigo apoyando las cuotas, cuando son hechas de manera planificadas bajo un framework mayor… por si no quedó claro en mi artículo.


          • Pues no quedo nada claro.

            En Todo el Mundo, Inclueyendo los USA, Europe etc, el promedio de mujeres en Parlamentos esta en 22%, muy cerca del 17% de Vzla. Paises relativamente adelantados como Chile, Uruguay y Brasil estan igual o menos todavia. Esto es por muchas razones, inclyendo que tienen Libertad para elegir sus candidatos internamente.

            Parece que sugieres que apruebas la medida Draconiana de un 50% de mujeres. O por lo menos te alegra. Eso en NINGUNA parte del mundo existe. Y mucho menos a ultima hora. Y mucho menos a traves de un organismo completamente corrupto y parcializado como sabemos es la CNE.

            Abogar por mayor de representacion de mujeres esta bien, apuntar hacia un objetivo eventual de un 30%, chevere. Quizas los USA y Europa algun dia sobrepasen eso, Libre y Democraticamente.

            Apoyar la medida barbarica y dictatorial de la MUD vendida a la dictadura Venezolana es un gran error, aparte de que sigue abriendo el enorme Pandora Box de la Dictadura para hacer lo que le da la gana, ilegalmente e inconstitucionalmente.

            Si queremos llegar a ser como Noruega, con tremendo pais, tremenda economia y 40% de mujeres en politica, (Sin cuotas cavernicolas del 50%) empecemos por una democracia solida, educando a la gente y dejando de robar toda vaina, incluyendo elecciones.


            • *medida dictatorial de la CNE vendida..

              “41 single or lower houses were composed of more than 30 per cent women, including 11 in Africa and 9 in Latin America [8]. Out of the 41 countries, 34 had applied some form of quotas opening space for women’s political participation. Specifically, 17 use legislative candidate quotas; 6 use reserve seats; and in a further 11, parties have adopted voluntary quotas [9]. ”

              – 41 Out of how many house in total, 200 or more?

              – and how did they arrive at such moderate 30%? , how did they deliberate, democratically, freely. for how many years? Did they issue sudden decrees through Corrupt CNE gigs?

              – And Exactly how much are the Few, rare quotas you mention, 15%, 20% tops?

              Ahi esta el detalle. You pick & choose your data, cut&paste it, and take the larger context out.

              It’s like the picture with the male ugly “sausages” you posted as men and just one pretty lady:

              Rather subjective huh? Considering you could have picked a picture with MCM, Lilian, Patricia, and other Top Female leaders of the MUD, huh?


              • El artículo dice que 34 de 41 países que lograron un 30% usaron aplicación de cuotas (no estoy diciendo que lo alcanzaron solo con cuotas, sino tmb unidos a otros mecanismos) Los links al proyecto de Cuotas hablan sobre los porcentajes y otros mecanismos y experiencias en Latinoamérica con cuotas.

                El punto es ‘Palante, que la MUD tiene un problema de representación femenina, lo quieras ver o no. Es una debilidad y perpetuamente usan la figura de la esposa abnegada y la ama de casa para referirse a las mujeres. Es sexista y la respuesta de Chuo lo dejó aún más claro.


              • – Solo 41 han logrado ese 30%, de mas de 200 parlamentos mucho mas justos que en Vzla.
                – Ninguno con cuotas del 50 o 40%. Muchos sin cuotas.
                – Ninguno con cuotas draconianas de un dia a otro, a traves de organismos corruptos, despues de lecciones internas.
                – Repito, el promedio MUNDIAL es similar que Vzla, 22% de mujeres, incluyendo a los USA, Europa, etc. Y la gran mayoria sin ninguna cuota arbitraria que se acerque remotamente a esta barbaridad en Vzla. Todos democraticamente, libremente, con tiempo.
                – Si aplaudes otro atropello mas a la constitucion, ilegalmente, acceptaras tambien el Gerrymandering, le expulsion de los cuadernos, y cualquier otra barbaridad sin precedente en el mundo entero.

                – Muchisimos paises en el mundo tienen algun “problema” con la representacion femenina. No solo la MUD, cuya bandera hoy por hoy son Mujeres Lideres, de paso, como MCM, Lilian, Patricia, Lady Ledezma, etc. Diras tambien que el parlamento Americano y los Europeas tienen problemas de representacion femenina?

                Y los gays, transexuales, razas minoritarias, te olvidas de ellos?

                Apoyar esta ley aberrante y sin comparacion en el mundo entero es,,,muestra de que ni la oposicion como tu tiene idea de los que es Libertad, Constitucionalidad y meritocracia.


              • Please tell me where in the post I agree with what the CNE is doing.
                The fact remains that 74 countries in the world use them, and may who are applauded for their gender equality.
                We may disagree with this.
                Pero no mi intención es que la MUD es sexista, por si no te diste cuenta en el 10% de candidatos que nos dieron y en el mensaje de Chuo.


              • Y favor no mal-entiendas. Muchos como yo estariamos a favor de ver mas mujeres en la MUD y en todas partes. Pendejos como Chua obviamente si tienen prejuicios “sexistas” o como quiera llamarse. Pero eso no impide que mujeres con verdaderas aspiraciones politicas como MCM lleguen al tope de cualquier partido. Si por mi fuera, que sea todas mujeres lindas, bellas y preparadas en el gobierno, con gusto me quedo en la casa cuidando a los chamos! Te parece que el LL, Ledezma, o Ceballos o el otro fuerte de la MUD, Caprilito sean especialmente “sexistas” o machistas? No lo creo..

                Estas elecciones de todas formas son una farsa, habra fraude como sea, YA lo hay, claramente, con el juego de las sillas, expulsion de cuadernos, retraso de la fecha y ahora mas trampas para debilitar a la oposicion, que logra no solo descalabrar el poco tiempo que le queda a MCM, Lilian y la MUD para organizar la vaina, sino que tambien logra dividir, efectivamente hasta gente como tu, obviamente educada, con buenas intenciones y de oposicion.

                Objetivos de esta ley draconiana, sin precedentes en el mundo, ni siquiera el pequeno mundo de las cuotas modestas de 20 o 30% democraticas? Gran exito. Manoeuvre brillante.

                1/ Descalabran y debilitan aun mas a la oposicion.
                2/ Retrasan el proceso aun mas
                3/ Debilitan la fuerza de la oposicion, forzando candidatas con menos experiencia y/o popularidad
                4/ Crean aun mas division en la MUD, inclusive entre los que aborrecen a Maduro. Recuerda: son elecciones regionales, y muchos en Vzla, por falta de educacion, no tienen NPI de lo que hace, peude hacer, o deberia hacer un parlamento. Muchos piensan que es solo un diputado/diputada que le va a conseguir mas harina pan que otro.

                Este no es el momento de apoyar ningunas leyes repentinas, dictatoriales, unilaterales,anti-constitucionales ni projectos nuevos que ni siquiera practican la mayoria de los paises avanzados de esta manera brutal, y que tambien gobiernan con 22% de mujeres.

                Te vas a poner justo ahorita a arreglar generaciones de Venezolanos, no solo el MUD, que son ignorantes, pobremente educados, machistas o sexistas, en pleno media de una eleccion fraudulenta?

                Mejor espera a que se terminen de robar las eleccciones, de todas maneras no existe parlamento ni division de poderes. Despues, echale toda la culpa que quieras al machismo de la MUD, y pidele explicaciones a Lilian y a MCM, quienes en parte la encabezan.


              • Coño, se me chispotio,, ahora ya saben que TibiBitch es en realidad ‘Palante, osea que como que es gay o transexual, y se siente mal representada o tiene peos con sus jefes Cabello y Maduro.


              • Ok, entonces según tu, simplemente NO es momento para hablar del tema. Yo no creo eso, a mi me parece una oportunidad para hacerlo. Cite cifras de países que usan cuotas (voluntarias por partidos como noruega que exige 40%), tmb hay países como Francia que usan cuotas obligatorios (no menos de 2% de candidatos entre ambos géneros) y han tenido relativo éxito en ingresas a mujeres en esos puestos (43% y 27% respectivamente).

                Sigues mencionando que la mayoría de los países del mundo no usan cuotas y te he mostrado datos de que casi la mitad del mundo los usa.

                Sigues diciendo que estoy de acuerdo con las cuotas de Tibisay, pero el centro del artículo es que a la oposición le debería dar vergüenza que sea un gobierno de esta calaña quien obligue a la MUD a elegir a más candidatas femeninas, y por qué lo hizo este gobierno, porque es una debilidad de la MUD. DEBILIDAD.

                Hay un sexismo inherente en nuestra sociedad, se evidencia en la MUD.

                Podemos seguir discutiendo todo el día, pero para ti, simplemente no es un tema primordial la representación femenina en la MUD.

                La MUD no hizo su tarea, y ahora tiene que que sentarse a negociar 67 candidatos femeninos. De haber tenido una política de inclusión más igualitaria, no estaríamos en esta situación, o por lo menos no por este tema (porque el gobierno quiza se habría inventado otra cosa). Pero estamos ahorita mismo en este peo por que sólo han traído a la mesa 10% de candidaturas.

                Por cierto, cuando dices que prejuicios sexistas no evitan que mujeres lleguen al tope de partidos evidencias que no entiendes lo que es el sexismo.

                No creo que vayamos a llegar a un consenso sobre este punto. La MUD ya saco su comunicado que va a cambiar sus candidatos, buscando las 67 mujeres que necesita para cumplir con la regla impuesta por el CNE.


  20. The United States Congress agrees with innovative CNE system:

    At least 50% of all Presidential candidates MUST be women from now on. From all parties.
    New Rule might start 6 months before the elections. Poor Hilary is all alone, and we already had a black president. Must go for a woman now.


  21. “It’s not fair so I’m forfeiting the game and the prize?” We tried that one. The mistake was so big this is actually the election where we try to rectify it. And last time, we could still be forgiven for W.E.I.R.D. (look up the post on weird, translating to modern day democratic) innocence. Biblically speaking, David didn’t really get to say “no fair.”
    Ghandi and Malcom X, by the way, came from cultures with centuries of helpless repression from invading cultures. Venezuelans have never been repressed. Not really. This… This is just historical tensions playing out, hardly a reason to shave heads and set ourselves on fire.


  22. Mixed feelings on this one:

    1. It is not in the Constitution, and even if this were something to be legislated, it would not be up to the CNE to do it.

    2. This is obviously a political ploy by the Chavistas, and it is a brilliant move. That alone pisses me off.

    3. I am leery of government’s legislating social issues. Some things need to change gradually and naturally.

    4. I do think that the Oppo parties need to bring more women into the system.

    5. The MUD needs to suck this one up, and get on with it. The debate about sexism in Venzuelan politics detracts from the real issue, which is defeating this dictatorial regime and removing them from power.

    6. I don’t think it really matters who is on the ballot under the MUD banner. Most people will vote for anyone who is not PSUV. The Chigire Bipolar could win under the MUD/Anti-Chavista banner in most districts.

    Oh, one more thing… I know that the term “sausage fest” has entered the English popular lexicon, but I find it too crude for a serious forum. Reading this made me cringe.

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    • “The debate about sexism in Venzuelan politics detracts from the real issue, which is defeating this dictatorial regime and removing them from power.”

      Well, agreed. Yes.

      “I know that the term “sausage fest” has entered the English popular lexicon, but I find it too crude for a serious forum.”

      Agreed too, now that you mention it.


  23. In fact, the opposition represents the legacy of any credible repressors. This is an interesting fact to bear in mind when we or any one we know are the victims of delincuent violence. Putting some women on the ballot just doesn’t seem like a reason to refuse to take part in how these tensions get managed, unless you particularly like the way maduro does it.


  24. Estimada Sra. Ministra para la Mujer y la Igualdad de Género, Sra.Gladys Requena.

    Estimadas Representantes de la Unión Nacional de Mujeres, UNAMUJER :

    Por medio la la presente es mi deber informarles que siguen sin respetar grandes mujeres como Luisa Ortega Diaz, o a la incansable camarada Iris Varela, y ni siquiera a la valiente Ministra Nancy:

    “Ahora sí nos jodimos las mujeres con Nancy Pérez, la ilegítima”

    UNA ANALFABETA POLÍTICA que segura estoy no sabe definir la frase “revolución socialista”

    Ministra para los Pueblos Indígenas, Aloha Núñez.
    Ministra para la Comunicación y la Información, Delcy Rodríguez.
    Ministra para la Defensa, Carmen Meléndez.
    Ministra para el Servicio Penitenciario, Iris Varela.
    Ministerio de Comunicación e Información, Desirée Santos Amaral.

    Primera Dama, Cilia Flores

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  25. Wait, is is the MUD that has a sexism problwm or Venezuela politics? Does the PSUV have a much hogher percentage of women running for office? But never mind that. Cal a spade a spade. This is noithing but political chicanery on the part of the government. Turning this discussion into a sexisms problem for the MUD is a huge distraction.


  26. I rather doubt that most educated middle class people now a days are consciously sexist , I dont see women being discriminated in the professions I have any contact with , in fact you are increasingly seing many professions were women dominate the numbers or figure as the most prominently. Maybe at some subliminal levels there the residue of a kind of covert discrimination, the result of centuries of historical and cultural conditioning because in humans old deeply rooted cultural habits die hard but the tendency is clear for all to see . Sexism is in the process of dissapearing in the modern world. Where I do see sexism most deeply entrenched is in the common machista attitudes of Venezuelan common people specially those lacking in education . That includes both men and women .

    If you look at sexism in Venezuela , the kind which bothers me the most is not the one which might operate in the highly visible and iconic realm of politics , but the one that dominates and opresses the life of countless of humble women who are abandoned with their children by cruel men who scorn them and treat them with arrogant disrespect , Women in politics is what catches our attention but the area of life where sexism really harms the dignity of women is in the area of interpersonal and family relationships .

    I once heard a british lady academician argue strongly in a podcast that there were natural differences proven by evolutionary science that made men and women’s character differ in some key respects and which affected the way each gender were drawn to certain social roles rather than others . She did not sound very opposed to women climbing to high positions in society ( in fact she held a rather high one in the academic world) but more matter of factly .

    I personally favour talented women rising to the highest positions , but would hate to have a mediochre one reach such position simply to feel good about meeting some abstract mathematical quota ,



    • Consider… how would you feel about flying on a plane piloted by a woman who was given the job to meet quotas, instead of earning her position through competition and merit? Me? I want the best available… regardless of gender, skin color, sexual preferences, etc.


      • it is often assumed that using quotas will result in less skilled people in their jobs. It’s assuming that there are just NOT enough educated or highly skilled women for a position. The thing is, quotas are trying to ensure that highly skilled woman who are getting rejected for being woman, who are reaching ceilings in their politcial aspirations have a better chance. In some countries, what parliament quotas are trying to do is balance out the inherent sexism in society. Let me link an article:


        • Sorry. I shouldn’t have even written my comment. I am sure that there are valid arguments both ways and I honestly don’t feel that strongly about it one way or the other. BUT, my initial fears that the this action would create a huge distraction from the immediate goal of removing Chavismo from power are being realized. We need to keep our eyes on the ball.


  27. I see so many commentaries about the MUD is at bad because they don^t have enough woman,,,, The heck o.O? Yes most of the world have been living with a predominance of man, it happened, yes, accept it, but don’t try to go all self righteous about equality.

    Instead of using other approach for raise awareness over gender inequalities (or race inequalities), no, people take as justice making laws that say.; hey is not about people is about man and woman… don’t forget it man AND woman, different entities with different rights, this law says that, man and woman are different, So they need special quotas to separate them

    The national assembly of Venezuela must be conformed by Venezuelans: gender, race, religion it doesn’t matter. If a 100% are women perfect, if it is 100% man perfect. Is about equality of opportunities, not about equality of distribution (hey I just realized that a lot of you are communists, glad to help you in your self\discovery ;D).

    Because you know, why stop at this? let’s make more quotas, for races, for religions (a lot of countries do it, so yes, we can). or maybe for the colour of the eyes or skin (because fu.. Bob Marley. You are awesome if you got that :D).

    And going back to Venezuela… we all know this is just the gov playing dirty,,, (because you know, they didn’t come with this one the last 16 years…or may be Chavez was a sexist pig that didn’t want more woman in the congress) (extreme sarcasm tone).



  28. So happy to see there’s some consensus among the CaracasChronicles Team on this one. Gender issues plague every single structure in our country and the Opposition fully ignores it, most likely because it might be electorally costly…which is a pathetic excuse.


    • The Worldwide Consensus is that Draconian, arbitrary Quotas do not exist and are unnaceptable, unless you’re in a Dictatorship with a corrupt CNE.

      The Worlwide Consensus is that the average of women so far elected in Parliaments is 22%, close to what Kleptozuela already has. That includes the USA, Europe, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, etc, with lower numbers.

      The Worldwide consensus is that there in no country in the entire Planet, not ONE, that has 50/50& quotas, not even close. And much less last minute ones, without proper open, deliberation for years.

      That’s the consensus.


  29. Whatever it is, I am impressed by how clever is the trick to put the MUD in the defensive.
    Was it Tibi, the one with the idea? Or her old boss?


    • I am impressed too, but I am sure that the concept came from somewhere way behind the scenes. I doubt that Tibi ever had an original idea in her life.


      • Chavez discovered a long time ago, through his abominable Cuban mentors, that using women — scratch that!.. favoring women and presenting them as innocent parapetos in power pays off. Wins the women’s vote, and look what a great job poor, innocent looking Tibi girl does for the dictatorship. They’re smarter than we think, I mean Cabello and Rodriguez, wait till you see what they do with Chavez’s Smartmatic next. Esto no es nada.. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


  30. I’ve read all the comments here. Most people missed the point of Chuo’s comments. We can all agree on the arbitrariness of the rule this late in the game. But I would also hope we could all agree with Audrey that the reply of the MUD is outrageous. It dismisses women as victims and not empowered actors of the political system. Period. That’s the issue at hand and Chuo’s statement is just proof. But that does not seem to be remotely the consensus in this forum and that’s just sad.


    • Yes, Chuo is probably a Chauvinistic Pig, certainly no Harvard graduate, and his statement is clearly “sexist”, machista, retrograde, to say the least.

      But no that’s not the entire and more important issue at hand. It’s supporting the dictatorial last minute “rule”, or not, or not, and women’s quotas in Politics worldwide. In that sense, the post is completely misleading, as it clearly supports Tibisay’s corrupt rule, debilitating, unconstitutional, unprecedented in the World, 50% quota. And what a coincidence, only a few women seem to love the draconian, anti-democratic, aberrant new rule.


  31. “Please tell me where in the post I agree with what the CNE is doing”.

    Please re-read your own post. I just did. You certainly seem to agree with “Tibi’s decision” in just about every sentence. Even in the conclusion of the post.

    “The fact remains that 74 countries in the world use them, and may who are applauded for their gender equality.
    We may disagree with this.”

    74 out of 196 countries in the world might have chosen, in time, democratically, to use SOME FORM of quota for women in Parliament, or reserved seats, or just encouragement. Certainly not a Draconian 50% Flash Rule, unilaterally. Not even a 30 or 40% rule. Where? Zimbabwe?

    More women participation in politics certainly could be applauded, when it happens democratically, by Free Will, not but virtually forcing women into political careers. In very rare countries that I admire, like Norway, they have 40% women participation, did a corrupt CNE, or anyone, ever IMPOSE a 40% Law about it? Of course not. And THAT’s the point. In the USA and Europe? No. 22%. The World Average. With few and low, democratically voted quotas, when at all.

    Would the world be better with more women in politics? Not necessarily. USA is doing just fine with 22% and probably Hilary as president soon. As is Europe. Otherwise, look at Argentina or Brasil with women in power.. The ladies I see in congress or with any supposed power in Venezuela today, well, starting with sweet Tibi, or Luisita or Iris Varela.. or the other half dozen ministras, I’ll let you be the judge.

    It’s not a matter of gender. It’s the individual, his/her moral values above all in Kleptozuela, his/her education level, his/her Political Experience: very important too, as you seem to forget.

    “Pero no mi intención es que la MUD es sexista, por si no te diste cuenta en el 10% de candidatos que nos dieron y en el mensaje de Chuo.”

    Si, se que tu intencion es buena, y mostrar que la MUD es “sexista”. Y posiblemente asi es, como Venezuela en general, un pais subdesarrollado y poco eduacado con tradiciones machistas. Pero con todas las mujeres como MCM y Lilian embanderando la MUD, y viendo lo que hay en Chile, Uruguay, me parece que exageras el problema. 11% es bajo como representacion, y si hay “sexismo”, pero mucho tambien es que las mujeres son suficientemente inteligentes como para evitar meterse en politica, cuando pueden. Les vas a quitar esa libertad, y meter a fuerza mujeres con menos deseos y sobretodo menos experiencia politica y visibilidad o reconocimiento en las calles?

    I hope I’ve answered every point precisely.


    • you do know that in Norway the biggest political party, the labor party, has mandatory gender quota of 40% for candidate lists to all elections right? not sure why you are using norway to support your argument that gender quotas dont work….


    • Also that “USA is doing just fine” with 22% women in congress is highly arguable for so many reasons that i wont bother to list them.


      • Nice nitpicking, again, out of context and out of the Global argument.

        Yes, I’d say the vast majority of countries in the World, including the USA, is doing infinitely better than Tibi’s Cubazuela at this point. And they don’t have mandatory Dictatorial quotas. 22%.


  32. Audrey: if you agree with quotas, how is the quota in CC going? Have you told Juan that they need a couple more of female collaborators?


      • And are you there because you’re a good writer & good journalist and you worked your way in, or because you are a woman?


        • The quota system does not mean that any woman regardless of her merits or lack thereof will be chosen to meet the quota. It means acknowledging that often in Western societies the game is rigged in such a way that equally qualified women are bypassed in favour of men, solely because of gender. Hence, quotas to balance out this tendency and achieve a necessary female representation. So no, she wouldn’t have been chosen because of her gender (assuming CC even did quotas), she would have equally been chosen for her ability. Interesting how quota opposers often seem to imply that there could not possibly be enough women (or black people or muslims or whatever) to fill the quota without compromising merits. That is not necessarily the case, and often it plain isn’t.


          • What if the system isnt rigged , what if there are really better qualified people belonging to one gender than in another , are the beter qualified to be excluded to give way to the less qualified simply because of the imposition of a quota. In the case of many profesions were women are gaining ground and becoming more numerous than men , are they also subject to a quota system imposing a quota favouring men so that perfect statistical equilibrion is attained?? What if simply people from one gender naturally or thru cultural factors gravitate towards one ocupation or activity rather than the other ?? There are reasons to consider all quotas as inherently unjust , not just in the area of political representation , for example are university admittance quotas favouring those of humble origin to be imposed because the system is skewed towards the better educated children of the middle class.?? like the regime proposes) Also its not a question of being less or better qualified just in one dimension but in many dimensions which often difficult to judge or subject to criteria which dont have to do with their formal external qualification , for example ability to get on with the people from one specific area of activity . Why worry about the assummed inequities of political representation and not about more substanitive issues affecting ordinary women life ,like the way they are mistreated in their personal relationshipsby the many devotees of machismo in our culture, the way they are abandoned and neglected by their menfolk with whom they pair.?? why the obsession with all that has to do with Power and the neglect of things with have to do with being the beneficiaries of good and fair treatment in some many other areas of life ??


            • I don’t think you can rightfully claim that by demanding access for more women to positions of power it necesarily means feminists are cool with domestic abuse or abandonment. Also hundreds of times has it been proved that the game is indeed rigged. What are some “inherently female” or at least overwhelmingly “female” jobs that men have trouble accessing or where the lack of male representation is due to a glass ceiling?


              • First lets get clear that demanding is one thing while imposing is another , imposing implies coercion , two different things . Rigging might exist in some cases but not in others , but the coercive imposition of quotas applies to all . demonstrations might simply reflect the penchant of the wanna be moral gliteratti to find ways of explaining everything in terms of their own persecution because of the modern cult of victimolatry and the kick it gives their ego to represent themselves melodramatically as victims .!! lots of that going arround.

                There are professions or ocuppations where women are starting to become more numerous than men , not because men are discriminated againt ( why the assumption that its always about discrimination ) but because women might have some natural advantage or incentive that makes them better at it . The number of young women physicians for example are now probably more abundant than male physicians .

                Ultra montane feminism finds the dearth of women public officials as more worthy of notice than the suffering women experience because of malignant cultural mores that make them the victims of abuse in their role as wives and mothers , thats what the ruckus is about , the latter never gets mentioned .

                This is suggestive that certain feminists sometimes are more sensitive to issues of prestige pride and power than to more core and common issues of how women are treated in their daily lives which is far more important and relevant . Why the obssession with discrimination in the highly visible field of politics ?
                Beacause what subconsciously motivates them are emblematic issues which involve their image as proud holders of power and the gloriosu use of coercive mechanism against an assummed enemy .

                Caring about these power issues flatters their moral vanity while the other issues are too humble to deserve any attention .!!


              • Many. I must confess that I’ve always been biased hiring thousands of women, preferably good looking ones. Oh, and would you let an ugly male nurse deal with your nut check-ups? My lady doctors and marjeting managers and secretaries? woww, steaaaaming hot. Best in the business too. But when I ask them to join me in politics, they just smile, saying no thanks, my hair looks awesome and that I’m doing just fine.




              • Not sure, Bill. You keep describing the debate in terms of ‘obsessions’, ‘playing the victim’ (none of which are answers, but simply dismiss the issue as not worthy of a debate) and talking about how women are ‘imposing’ and why that ‘should be’. Why should it be the other way around? Also, you asking ‘why must it always be about discrimination’ does not make it not about discrimination, and just because there are more women doctors it does not mean male doctors are being unfairly kept out of medical positions because women in positions of power discriminate against them, which is what I was asking about. I am not asking for ‘jobs with majority women’, I am asking for ‘jobs that mostly are taken up by women and which are harder for men to access solely because of their gender’ – as it has been historically (and I do mean historically because I know you will jump with some sort of current attempt at redressing a balance here), for example, for women in the military, navy, aviation, and currently in “boy’s clubs” careers, like, for example, the games industry.


  33. This has nothing to do with political correctness, it’s just Cabello and Maduro trying to demobilize and frustrate the opposition even more, and please prepare for new tricks coming out of their hat in the next weeks. Also, let’s spare Tibi for a second, because we all know that this particular female doesn’t have a final say in anything Chavismo does or doesn’t, and in that sense this Chavismo is
    Extremely outdated, because they use women (Tibi, Diaz, Varella etc) as just tools, as yes-man.

    If I were in the MUD, I would find a way to put 60% of my candidates as females, I would accept their game and even complain that Chavismo is doing too few, too late; and that the share of females at the Chavista nomenklatura should be far bigger. Accept their madness, and use it to hit back Cabello and Maduro!

    This coming elections are not about winning, there’s no way to win elections in a dictatorship (I assume most here are aware of that by now), but only to show to the rest of the world how dirty this government is. The frontlines of this war are not in Venezuela anymore.

    Don’t waste time discussing if Venezuela should have more or less female politicians at the AN. Conquer democracy first, details come later.


      • Absolutely.

        Why didn’t she pick a Picture with Maria Corina Machado, Lilian Tintori, Patricia Ceballos, Lady Ledezma, the Leading Ladies that have been the de-facto Leaders of the MUD, the Faces or the Mud, doing all the heavy lifting nationally and internationally?

        Why didn’t she pick the Top MUD leaders, who are not retarded machista sexist chauvinistic pigs, like Chuo may be? She could have easily depicted Capriles, Top Mud Leader, Champion of Women and loved by them everywhere, or Leopoldo, an educated, open minded gentelman, Ledezma, etc.

        How about showing in the picture the Despicable “Ladies” of Chavismo? Like sweet Iris Varela, the corrupt half dozen wicked, incompetent “ministras”, Luisa Diablo Ortega, etc, etc, or freaking Maduro’s horrific wife?

        Everything on this post is biased, blinded by exaggerated Feminism, from the first picture, to the title, to almost every sentence on it. And the statistics for “quotas”, as I have extensively demonstrated, are also oblique, out of context, and grossly misrepresented.

        On top of all that, it creates even more division against the MUD, and among the opposition, which is exactly one of the main Machiavellian purposes of this last minute draconian “demand”.

        Wait till the elections are stolen again, with all the tricks and ruses and dictatorial repression, then start working on Machismo and Sexism in Vzla, which is nothing new.


    • Cuantos golpes bajos mas van a acceptar?

      – Gerrymandering, obvio e impresionante
      – Fuera cuadernos de votacion
      – Fuera diputados de la oposicion cuando les da la gana
      – Retraso de la fecha de elecciones lo mas que pudieron
      – Propaganda injusta con todos los medios y dinero del pais, censura permanente
      – Cambios a ultima hora Draconianos del 40% de mujeres
      – Maquinitas envenenadas de Chavez y el Mago Smartmatic Rodriguez

      Haciendo uso de tu analagia pugilistica, es alreves. Mientras mas golpes bajos le pegan a un boxeador con un arbitro corrupto y vendido (TibiBitch), mas se debilita, se acumulan los golpes bajos.


  34. Quotas, affirmative action, an attempt to fix a wrong with another wrong. Pursuing equality with inequality.

    I do not know how valid it is and how it compares, but somehow to me this is similar to lowering prices by decree. Sounds like a good idea, full of good intentions, yet the results are worst than the original problem.
    Another simile with economics would be Import substitution by issuing protections the balance can be artificially changed for a while, then eventually those protections (quotas) can be eliminated and the real balance will be the result. Sounds good in theory and it may actually work, yet the empirical evidence is against it.


    • Trying to get society to stop taking gender into account by forcing it to take gender into account…


  35. Funny how the author and the few pro-“Tibi’s demands” ladies here suddenly disappeared after a couple rounds of fair debate. Isn’t that what they wanted?


  36. Gotta love Las Armas del Coronel on this one..

    “El basurero moral venezolano

    1. Las decisiones de la jinetera moral del CNE

    La jinetera moral, Tibisay Lucena, acaba de anunciar un reglamento que impone una cuota del 50% de candidaturas femeninas a la Asamblea Nacional. La mujercita esperó que la MUD presentara sus candidatos para lanzar su bombita maloliente. No se trata solamente de la forma sino del fondo del asunto. La forma es abusiva y brutal, eso de anunciar una imposición que cambia las reglas del juego durante una etapa ya avanzada del proceso, sino que el fondo es regresivo y embrutecedor…”


  37. Ok, ok, ok, MUDa doesn’t have enough women as candidates, so they are sexist for that.

    But, no one seems to care that chavismo doesn’t have ANY honest person in any position of power there, so which is chavismo’s “honest person quota”? Zero point one? Zilch? Nil? Nanay?

    Yep, that’s what I thought.


  38. “Ok, entonces según tu, simplemente NO es momento para hablar del tema. Yo no creo eso, a mi me parece una oportunidad para hacerlo. Cite cifras de países que usan cuotas (voluntarias por partidos como noruega que exige 40%), tmb hay países como Francia que usan cuotas obligatorios (no menos de 2% de candidatos entre ambos géneros) y han tenido relativo éxito en ingresas a mujeres en esos puestos (43% y 27% respectivamente).”

    – “Simplemente” claro que no, y de hecho estamos hablando del tema ampliamente. No es el momento de apoyar como haces tu, claramente, que la Dictadura halla elegido este ultimo moemento para darle otro golpe bajo mas a la democracia. Lo que estas haciendo es justamente lo que el Chavismo queria: dividir y debilitar aun mas a la MUD. Yo hubiera preferido que la mujeres y todos hubieramos hablado desde Muucho antes, o despues de que se vuelvan a robar otras elecciones.

    – De hecho si lees bien, fui yo quien cite primeramente el caso extraordinario de Noriega, suponiendo que es evidente que alla y en Europa los pocos que tienen “cuotas” bajas, lo hacen bien, democraticamente. En Noriega es Completamente Distinto! Voluntariamente decidieron algunos partidos, internamente, poner esa cuota. Los Alemanes y mucho otros paises debaten eso fervientemente y no lo copian, ni los USA. paises basados tradicionalmente en una cosita Esencial llamada MERITOCRACIA.
    NADA que ver con la trampa bulgar y dictatorial que apoyas en Vzla.

    “Sigues mencionando que la mayoría de los países del mundo no usan cuotas y te he mostrado datos de que casi la mitad del mundo los usa.”

    No, 74 no es la mitad de 196, primero. Segundo, favor no compares “cuantas o incentivos democraticos, voluntarios, con la barbaridad dictatorial y corrupta del CNE vendido. (read above)

    “Sigues diciendo que estoy de acuerdo con las cuotas de Tibisay, pero el centro del artículo es que a la oposición le debería dar vergüenza que sea un gobierno de esta calaña quien obligue a la MUD a elegir a más candidatas femeninas, y por qué lo hizo este gobierno, porque es una debilidad de la MUD. DEBILIDAD.”

    Cualquiera que lea tu articulo, desde la foto, pasando por el titulo Feminista derogante, sigiendo por cada frase y terminando con su conclusion, puede claramente ver que te alegra la Ley Draconeana, y que la apoyas. Quien sea que lo vea. Para mas detalles esto en especifico, lee lo que opina Marc, nuestro respetado amigo de Brasil, y lo que yo depues sigo diciendo tras su comentario. Leelo.

    Mas las opiniones de la mayoria de los demas comentaristas, btw.

    “Hay un sexismo inherente en nuestra sociedad, se evidencia en la MUD.”

    Y quien dice que no? Como escribi ya de mil maneras, y mucho otros lectores coinciden, eso es algo que hay que tratar de otras maneras, desde hace mucho tiempo, y en todos los planos de la sociedad. No significa que salgamos ahora saltando de alegria despues del decreto aberrante, altamente debatible aun democraticamente en todo el Mundo, y apoyemos lo que tu llamas afectuosamente “Tibi’s Demands”.

    “Podemos seguir discutiendo todo el día, pero para ti, simplemente no es un tema primordial la representación femenina en la MUD.”

    No lo es. Igual que la mayoria opinamos, es una trampa y una distraccion mas que todo, ahora.

    So es un tema importante, no primordial ahorita. El tema primordial, te recuerdo por si lo olvidas, embriagada en tanto Feminismo de ls ’70, es tumbar a la dictadura como sea. Eso es lo primordial..

    “La MUD no hizo su tarea, y ahora tiene que que sentarse a negociar 67 candidatos femeninos. De haber tenido una política de inclusión más igualitaria, no estaríamos en esta situación, o por lo menos no por este tema (porque el gobierno quiza se habría inventado otra cosa). Pero estamos ahorita mismo en este peo por que sólo han traído a la mesa 10% de candidaturas.”

    1/ La MUD Nunca ha hecho su tarea en Vzla, desde la decada de los adecos y copyanos lo que hay es una suerte de Dedocracia chimba en Vzla (como lo explica perfectamente Miguel Octavio en su Blog, devil’s Excrement)

    2/ La CNE podrida ( y probablemente ningun organismo gubernamental) no es quien para establecer nungina cuota de nada. Como venimos repitiendo aqui de mil maneras.. Como puedes acusar ahora a la oposicion, con todas sus debilidades heredadas desde que tenemeos memoria, y culparlos por todo? Cuando somos la oposicion a la dictadura, lo mas parecido a “democracia” que queda..

    3/ Estamos en este peo, como tu dices, porque hay 4 decadas de adecos/democratas haciendo lo mismo mas 16 años de Dictadura con trampa tras trampa. Estamos este peo, porque el Chavismo no quiere soltar el coroto, y retrasa las elecciones, represiona, amenaza, compra y vende gente, hace mas trampa, por eso, no por culpa nada mas de las imprefecciones de siempre de la oposicion. Ese es el peo, mucho mas que mujeres u hombres.. el peo es falta de Moral, Preparacion, y Democracia verdadera, del sexo, ethnicidad, color, religion que sea. Y con cierta imagen cultivada, Experiencia Politica, si vas a cambiar la vaina (internamente, libremenete) 6 meses antes de una eleccion!

    “Por cierto, cuando dices que prejuicios sexistas no evitan que mujeres lleguen al tope de partidos evidencias que no entiendes lo que es el sexismo.”

    Quizas me exprese mal. (no sabes ya que detallito sacar, ah?) Como llego MCM? Como estan Lilian y Patricia encabezando la oposicion? Mujer que quiere llegar lejos en politica puede. Si es probable que le sea mas dificil, claro, pero mira la PSUV, y sus 7 ministras.. no te alegres mucho tampoco.. Cilia no era la Presidenta de la Camara..?Y, Una vez mas, aunque halla ciertos problemas de “sexismo” o como se quiera llamar, eso no implica que debas aguantar y mucho menos apoyar esta Barbaridad Dictatorial ahora, otra mas despues del Gerrymandering, los cuadernos decaratados, despidos, postergaciones, etc.

    “No creo que vayamos a llegar a un consenso sobre este punto. La MUD ya saco su comunicado que va a cambiar sus candidatos, buscando las 67 mujeres que necesita para cumplir con la regla impuesta por el CNE.”

    Might as well… No lo digo, pero que carajo, que aunque sea salga algo bueno de esto, que salgan mas mujeres ojala por la MUD, sangre nueva. Esta elecciones parlamentarias son una farsa de todas formas, no hay separacion de poderes hasta que tumbemos al Chavismo. Algun dia aprenderemos que es lo que se llama democracia y meritocracia.

    “Cumplir con la Regla impuesta por el CNE”.. y lo repites feliz, con la vista clara y la frente en alto?! Amazing..


  39. En la actual coyuntura las preciosistas preocupaciones pro feministas de Audrey me lucen una frivolidad , es como si un convaleciente de cancer se le regane por no ocuparse de su sobrepeso , las cuotas son formas artificiales de imponer a la fuerza una preferencia propia asumiendo que alguien se opone a que naturalmente se establescan . Es una forma de forzar elecciones mediocres que pudieran evitarse a travez de un proceso selectivo con criterios abiertos pero rigurosos.

    En la vieja union sovietica el sistema de produccion era por ambiciosas cuotas obligatorias que llevaban a los factores productivos a absurdas practicas para cumplirlas a la fuerza con consecuencias que danaban el desempeo de la economia . .

    Alguien blande un hacha para cortarnos la cabeza y se nos conmina a preocuparnos de si podemos rompernos una una defendiendonos del hacha.

    Que otros paises hagan estupideces no nos debe incitar a inmitarlos , los escandinavos tienen una vida tan perfecta y aburrida que tienen que ocuparse de fruslerias pantalleras para hacerse los interesantes , aqui en cambio los problemas son de verdad y no tienen que ver con el porcentaje de mujeres en puestos publicos sino con los maltratos que sufren estas de sus parejas y las miserias que el machismo impone a sus vidas. La preocupacion debe estar en estos ultimos topicos y no en los mas pantalleros y ociosos sobre la representacion politica de las mujeres.!!

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  40. Lo que me da risa de los que apoyan este “asspull” de los rojos, son dos cosas; una de ellas es que parece que se sintieran bien con echarle mierda a la MUD, cuando paradójicamente son de los que más defienden la tesis de que hay que calarse al imbécil y todo su mierdero hasta 2019 (Claro si es que llegamos vivos a ese año…); y lo segundo, es que dicen “bueno, es que si no incluyes mujeres eres machista”, chamos, viejos, piensen por unos segundos antes de meter a todo el mundo en el mismo saco, habrán casos donde en un municipio no hay un líder comunitario candidateable para la elección que sea mujer, de la misma forma que puede pasar lo contrario.

    Porque, se supone que primero el que se quiere lanzar debería tener ganas de hacerlo, ¿No? Pongamos el ejemplo de que en un municipio estén cuatro candidateables, dos hombres y dos mujeres, pero resulta que sólo un tipo se quiere lanzar para el cargo (porque por increíble que suene, todavía existe gente que sabe que un cargo tiene una serie de responsabilidades y que no es sólo para ir a meterle palos a una piñata petrolera), ¿Entonces no vas a dejar que el tipo se lance porque no satisface la ridiculez esa del mínimo?

    Señores, si quieren atacar a la MUD, que no los defiendo y lo pueden comprobar en cantidad de comentarios que he colocado anteriormente, pues háganlo por no haber esquivado la trampa y haber acomodado las candidaturas desde que se dió el tubazo, no porque “son unos viejos carcamales machistas”, que a la final esa idea no es más que otra de las ridiculeces del chavismo de tomar con pinzas cualquier defecto que tengamos los venezolanos para usarlo en su propaganda (que de narrativa que ofrezca algo no tiene pero lo que es ná de ná.)


    • Exactamente.

      Yo fui criado por una mujer y creo que las mujeres son tan capaces para lo que sea como el hombre. Pero esto no se trata de eso. Esto no se trata de la capacidad femenina o de las carencias de la MUD. Se trata de que, pana, ¿cómo me exiges eso cuando las reglas dicen que no puedes cambiar los términos seis meses antes de las elecciones?

      Pero nos quejamos de la MUD y no del gobierno manipulando las normas.


  41. What do we do now?
    I am one of those who have been against quotas of any kind but I have been sick and tired of the MUD machismo. I have blogged and twitted to Venezuelan politicians that follow me about how they should let female professionals represent us.
    What do we do now?
    I agree with Syd we should up Tiby’s bet.
    Will we have the courage?


    • One of the reasons the ignoble, treacherous TibiBitch, ordered by Cabello, of course, changed the rules at the last possible minute, it’s because it catches the MUD off-guard and they have to scramble for new viable candidates, to organize new campaigns and all. But even more damaging is the fact that the candidates that had more political Experience, that were preparing already for the race for months if not years, that had Exposure already and were known locally in certain areas, have to be replaced; and forcibly, by women, who are of course more scarce in Politics anywhere.

      This way, they lose all the campaigning and exposure they had before, all that experience, contacto con el pueblo. It was a shrewd, Machiavellian move.

      What the MUD should do is certainly used Lilian Tintori and Patricia Ceballos and Lady Ledezca as much as possible at the top. They have earned a great reputation as female leaders, they have an image. Then go for what the PSUV does all the time: get their wives, close friends involved, when replacing previous candidates, if no other women 1/ want to run or 2/ are qualified enough to run. Then the men can help their wives, relatives or friends in the campaign and on the job.

      That’s when, of course, Masburro’s thugs will cry “son puras enchufadas y familia en la MUD”, escualidas sin experiencia, corruptas”. They’ll denounce Nepotism!! (which is what Chavismo has practiced everywhere for 16 years).

      Use more than 40%? Why not, when possible. (Anyway, if men-women are so equal, why don’t they stick to 50%?) Go figure..

      We’ll see. Whatever they come up with, it’s gonna be a breath of fresh air, and the meaningless results will be tampered with in a laughable “parliament”, anyway. The real deal remains 2019, or a revolt before that.

      Another electoral Fraud, which is definitely in the makings, could be the final detonator.


  42. Some of the Huge, fundamental differences between what a few dumb, bureaucratic countries like France do in Europe,,,, and Cabello/TibiBitch’s sudden, savage, evil maneuver, are:

    1/ Long ago, they put the “gender equality” issue up for public debate. Say,, 200 years ago?

    2/ An open, controversial debate goes on through the years, Le Senat, L’Assemblee Nationale, in freaking France, no less, try turning a TV on over there, and talk politics… you’ll go insane, as they often are.

    3/ Only then, they started issuing Legislative Candidate Law proposals, out for Voting, within these transparent, highly scrutinized, open, free media, democratic institutions.

    4/ Finally, they approved the 2% “compliance” Law, extremely Rare and Highly Controversial in Europe.
    Completely laughed at and rejected by the Founding Fathers of Meritocracy in the USA, from their graves.

    5/ Most importantly, this leads to only 27% women in the Government. Why? Because, unlike TiBitch’s Dictatorial atrocity, it is NOT Mandatory!

    After all the Republican history, open debates, legal procedures, voting, etc, it’s not final. If certain Parties choose not to agree, and not comply, Fine. They get into some wishy-washy non-compliance “sanctions” as you can read in the link, a convoluted % of the Public Funding in the first round of elections, as related to the votes they get. Lobbying and private initiatives do the rest. That’s it. The game goes on. And that’s about the most radical “quotas” rule you’ll find on the Planet.

    Chile? Voluntary Political party “quotas” which do not really exist. 16% women, same as Uruguay, more than Brazil.

    Highly debated “encouragements”,never really enforced, as in most countries, look it up.

    The UK: No freaking real quotas either. 22%.

    Norway? Rare case, highly debated, a stupid 40% rule was publicly debated, then internal and Voluntary.

    HUGE differences, don’t you see?

    There goes your obtuse and absurd theory about “half the countries have “quotas”.. What kind of “quotas”??

    In sum, in the Civilized and even our Paleolithic Thirld World, throughout Europe, in the USA, Canada or Australia, you also have about 22% of women in Parliaments, and the parties are not Forced by dictatorships, much less a corrupt CNE at the last minute, to go meet stupid and 40% or 50% rules.

    Go Maria Corina, Lilian y Patricia!!


  43. Si el regimen considera que lo justo es la paridad de genero en los puestos publicos sin que un genero este mas representado que el otro entonces deberian empezar por cambiar los rectores del CNE donde de los 5 rectores hay cuatro mujeres y un hombre .!! Claro lo que importa a ellos no es la paridad de los generos sino que los rectores se subordinen totalmente los dictados del regimen , Los que tienen que decidir cuan importante es la paridad de generos en los puestos publicos son los electores , que las mujeres voten por las mujeres aunque representen politicas que adversen y los hombres por solidaridad machista voten solo por hombres asi estos sean unos totales ineptos. La humanidad esta llena de bobos, deberian crear una cuota para que los votos de los cuerdos y lucidos valgan por lo menos igual que los votos imbeciles , Claro esa cuota seria anti democratica ……y por tanto repudiable!!


  44. I’m a feminist, married, father, uncle and friend of very smart, able and educated women, but I do not like the idea of quotas, at least if they are not as result of democratic vote or from a democratic legislative branch, not fro this “adefesio” called CNE. Are quotas needed….. as 50% of this blog comments have to be from females or from chavistas? The government has a lot of females secretaries (ministras!), or a the CNE, or as diputadas, but they are just puppets.
    As they say in Venezuela “aunque la mona se vista de seda….” it’s clear what the CNE intentions are.
    In a near future will have to have a more democratic government, and as it happened already in our universities (autonomous) the number of ladies in politics and government post will increase, but because they deserve it by education an preparation and not just by gender!!


  45. Que diran manana estas 3 damitas tan bellas e inocentes de la Rebolusion?

    “El Estado venezolano deberá presentar mañana un informe ante el Comité Derechos Humanos Civiles y Políticos de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU), que lo interpelará en la ciudad de Ginebra, Suiza. Delcy Rodríguez, canciller de la República, se reunió con Luisa Ortega, fiscal general de la República, y Sandra Oblitas, rectora principal del Consejo Nacional Electoral, para evaluar el texto que será presentado, publica La Verdad.”


  46. El chavismo es muy feminista, seguro, tanto, que en 2014, cien de cada mil embarazos eran embarazos precoces, es decir, de niñas menores de edad, que en la grandísima mayoría de los casos, básicamente se jodieron la vida porque no estudiarán para sacarse un oficio y por lo tanto seguirán metidas en pobreza y miseria.

    Pero oigan, tienen razón, la MUD son unos chauvinistas y misóginos recalcitrantes porque no postularon suficientes candidatos mujeres, claro.


  47. In 1956 The US Supreme Court issued a Decision to forcibly integrate the schooling of blacks and whites , in part guided by the desire to make the educational level of both races equal . Hannah Arendt , to every ones surprise (she was one of the most iconic of liberal political philosophers) wrote an Essay entitled Reflexions on Little Rock where she opposed school integration on various grounds which bear examination.

    50 years after the decision was taken an assesment was made of the results of mandated school integration , the general consensus was that it had been a total failure , despite the forced integration the result had not been to improve the general level of the negroes educational levels in any significant way.

    The following is an article written on the subject which goes into the reason why such sort of forced mandates tend to fail ( . I suggest those interested in the subject of the effect of mandatory quotas to read it .There is a limit to what judicial or legilative efforts at social engineering can do !!

    I invite the reading of this article


  48. Remarkably, even when many women (not all) like to talk so much about forced gender “equality”, claiming to be forgotten or discriminated against, not only they don’t fight much for political power at all, they flee… And when they do want power, and get to the top positions, they often fail miserably, as in Brazil or Argentina, not to go too far. Not to mention Vzla, when you look at the dozens of incompetent, inexperienced, bribed women in power. I don’t type the endless list of prominent “Mujeres del Chavismo” here, because I just had lunch.

    Furthermore, when a classic Feminist topic like this one comes up, where they can opine and voice their concerns, what ratio do you see of women commentators here, or any political blog, public media.. 5% of women, 95% men commenting here? Hummm..

    Maybe CCS Chronicles and all political internet Blogs in cyberspace, ruled by Google, should Impose an arbitrary, mandatory ‘Blog Quota’ too, 50/50%, verified through IP addresses and FBI collaborations, so that more ladies would participate, share their vast, untapped political savoir-faire, and have their oppressed voices finally heard out loud, all over the globe?

    Or maybe it could be because Politics simply does not interest many smart, educated women as much as it does appeal to their masculine counterparts, some professions or topics might simply appeal to a gender more than others in different countries, don’t they.. (A Sports Quota should also be in effect, to stop all the machismo and domination of TV remotes, plus the corruption in the FIFA, and finally achieve gender equality is Sports too. For the Olympics, there should be exactly as many men as women (gays too) participating for every country in every sport too. Except radical Qatar Muslims may not like the idea.. )

    You get what you wish for, ladies. I bet many women out there in the MUD are really, really pissed off to be thrown in and forced into politics by their spouses, friends and family. My wife, sister, nieces, and most of the women I know certainly would be really upset.

    I just pray the MUD doesn’t end up with any more Isis Varelas, Delcys, Celia Flores, Tibisays or Luisa Ortegas, or all the other deplorable “ministras” already in place


  49. “Chile? Voluntary Political party “quotas” which do not really exist. 16% women, same as Uruguay, more than Brazil.”

    The Congress in Brazil voted to implement a female quota this month (maybe Chavistas have been inspired by that? Who knows…), but it has been repelled altogether. And it would be a really inoffensive quota, they wanted to reach 10% now and 15% in 12 years. It couldn’t get approved because several congresswoman either voted against it or simply chose to not show up on the day (sorry, Audrey).

    If this silly quota had been approved, although we could argue anything we want it against it, we would not be able to say that it has been approved in an authoritarian/unilateral fashion like what has just happened in Venezuela.

    Finally, I wouldn’t be surprised if after the MUD gets the 40% of female candidates, Chavismo comes up with racial quotas, say, 50% of candidates must be black. And there will be people in the Venezuelan opposition who will say in surreal naivety: “You know what?! It was about time to talk about that!” hahahaha!

    This is not about being ‘fair’, this is about keeping the MUD out of power.


  50. I think acknowledging that female representation in the opposition is very low is an important step. Quotas is not the right solution. That is the equivalent of trying to cure a fever by “fixing” the thermometer. Again, similar to trying to lower the exchange rate by artificially decreeing a lower rate and then ignoring the black market and all the distortions that it brings.

    The solution is not to beg for the gatekeepers to pretty please allow more women into the fray. Same as people who lament because the dinosaurs wont let new leaders rise. Why o why wont they just step down on their own and let someone else fill the void? Surely anyone would be better.

    That is not the solution, the solution is to stimulate more women to get into politics to become activists and fight for their own spaces. Did MCM or Gandhi or Tatcher or Hillary beg their ways to the top?

    The article should not be directed at Chuo or the MUD, no, it should be directed at all women that have some interest in politics. Stand up and let your voices be heard, not just Audrey’s.
    Now I ask you, is that a man’s job?


  51. To her credit, Smartmatic’s TibiBitch stayed up very late last night.

    Making sure PSUV is properly represented, she has implemented a new, revolutionary Quota Bolibanana:

    68% of the Dead Chinese, Cuban and Colombian registered voters with cedulas chimbas must be women.

    It’s going to be a delightful, triumphant election in December!!


  52. Interesting, as one scrolls down the comments, the same few commenters get more and more entrenched in their debate about the absurdity of even discussing gender imbalance. Clearly touched a very raw nerve there, Audrey, well done!


    • That’s why we discussed it thoroughly and utterly debunked it, demonstrating the stupidity of all radical, dictatorial, savage quotas.

      Vast majority of 157 + 73 of TibiBitch related comments on 2 posts, so far. Can you read or count?


    • Two comments Earnest : Your response to my latest is unintelligible and nowhere does it addresss the specific issues I raised , I know that this isnt deliberate , its just that you are overwhelmed by your strong emotions in defense of offended womanhood . I understand !! , I know how noble´ motives ( if having them flatter our self conception) can trump rigurous common sensical reasoning .

      Which takes me to the second comment : One, I am in favour of women being treated as well as men of equal talent or ability but no better , if there is a practice of genre discrimination then I m against it but am wary of using coercive quotas to solve the problem because then ´the cure is worse than the illnes its meant to remedy´. In my time I had to stand behind the proposal to appoint ladies to positions which people above me didnt believe they could handle . I know exactly what prejudices you speak about , and am totally opposed to them . At the same time I once had to fight the selection of a lady to a position simply because she was the mistress of someone important but evidently didnt make the grade . In the abstract it all seems pure and simple but in practice it seldom is.

      At the same time how many times you have had to grapple with choosing people to occupy certain demanding positions where different people have their own favourites and views about whats required ?. Its a very difficult process and genre is not really your top consideration but the weighting in of many other factors that are hard to asses and judge !. Trying in such conditions to come up with a perfect genre quota system is really impractical and does not lead to optimal results.

      I have just re read Hannah Arendts Reflexions on Little Rock where she takes on the idea that you can forcibly integrate the schooling of black and whites . there she makes the point that while she of course favours educational equality for children of both races she feels that doing it by forcing children of both races to attend one same school only make it worse , 60 years later she has been proben right !!

      Her main point is the same as mine , the cause is deserving of support but the method for enforcing it is wrong and counter productive !! Thats the real substantive subject of this discussion !!


    • Earnest, Comments point to the absurdity of quotas, yet you interpret them as pointing to the absurdity of gender imbalance… telling.


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