Guess which country has a new home in Caracas?


After finally opening its embassy in Caracas, North Korea and Venezuela will sign a bilateral agreement to build giant statues.

Good news, everyone! With the blessing of the central government, North Korea will open its embassy in Caracas.

More than a year has passed since the formal request, but in the end the self-described “dictatorship of people’s democracy” will finally have its own diplomatic post right inside the proletariat stronghold of… Las Mercedes.

This should come as no surprise. Solidarity between leaders Nicolas Maduro and Kim Jong-Un has strengthened in recent months: Venezuela backed North Korea at the UN, and Pyongyang responded by supporting the government’s campaign asking for the repeal of Obama’s recent executive order against several State kleptocrats. But there have been times in the past when even the late comandante presidente publicly opposed the nuclear actions of the so-called “hermit kingdom”.

The announcement also had a bit of unintentional comedy: The original article from ANTV (the National Assembly’s TV station) called North Korea the “Republic of Korea”, which is the formal name of the other Korea. You know, the Southern one, the one with all the gadgets. They even put up the wrong flag. But they corrected it quickly (The updated article is linked in the first line of the post). For the record, relations between Venezuela and South Korea celebrated its golden anniversary this year.

What could come next for both nations? Joint military exercises? Sharing medical cures? Full cooperation to block social networks? Or maybe, they will have some bilateral funk?

P.S.: I’ll admit it… I always wanted to post this video #FunkyKoreaIsBestKorea

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      • It seems that delcy rodríguez applied for the job, but apparently she didn’t like it at the end, so joge had her assigned to her current position.


  1. Maybe the rapprochement is to insure a retirement home different from some Federal Correctional facility in the US, or even Ramo Verde…

    The way things stands with the US, I would not count for a beach front villa in Varadero, Cuba. Of course there is always joining Snowden in Moscow.


  2. P.S.: I’ll admit it… I always wanted to post this video #FunkyKoreaIsBestKorea

    The above video, along with the one Canucklehead posted, reminds me of reading the reaction of some tourists to North Korea- this may have been around the time the Olympics were held in Seoul. They found much about NoKo that was comical to them , such as the goose-stepping NoKo soldiers in the above video. The ever-so-serious NoKos couldn’t fathom why they were being laughed at. I doubt that the soldiers posted to Korea during the Korean War found the NoKos comical, though.


    • That is the biggest thing wrong with Communist regimes… no sense of humor. Well, that and killing untold thousands of their own citizens, and threatening their neighbors too… But, no sense of humor? That is just unforgivable!


      • So a Trotskyite, a Right-wing Wrecker and a Jew walk into People’s Bar 4765-d, the bartender sez, you know we don’t get to many of you in here anymore. The ?Jew sez well at these prices it’s not surprising, the Right-wrecker slams a flimsy Soviet barstool over the head of the Jew in the name of Slavic Solidarity. The Jew asks for help from the Trotsskyite and the Trotskyite smashes an empty vodka bottle over the Right- Wreckers head, causing no damage. A veteran of such affairs the bartender calls for help from Peoples Katyusha Battery 4.25a. The loyal PkB battery launches 24 rockets within seconds targeted at People’s Bar 4765-d with excellent results.


        • Point taken. It is the regimes themselves that have no sense of humor. The people living under such regimes develop excellent senses of humor. They have to! In private, the Cubans have thousands of jokes about Fidel Castro.


    • NK first opened an embassy in Venezuela back in 1974, when CAP started rolling back the Betancourt Doctrine. Nobody gave a damn. In 1990 NK chose to close it along with another bunch of other embassies around the world due to economic constraints. No one noticed. We were busy with other stuff: VIASA and CANTV taking the wave of privatization, Citgo being acquired by PDVSA, the sad death of Baudilio Díaz, and so on.


  3. Hopefully, if/when Ramos Allup gets in trouble with chavismo, he would run to seek asylum to this embassy by mistake


  4. Guess it’s easy to laugh at these horrible news from a different, half-civilized country. I still can’t, plus any serious Jazz-Funk aficionado would agree the video is beyond revolting.

    Cuba, China, North Korea.. and what was Venezuela is the same putrid sauce. What do N.Korea and Venezuela have in common? A lot more than many might think, including 2 of the very worst Corruptions on the planet, only approached perhaps by Iraq, Libya or Haiti..

    What are they gonna do together? Huge MegaGuisos, of course. Steal, and then steal some more, while exchanging tips about terror, fear, persecution, political prisoners, massive repression, and new venues for corruption..

    You have to find new MegaGuisos, China’s stuff is getting old..

    What will people think about this embarrassing rapprochement with arguably the Filthiest Dictatorship on Planet Earth, led by the most recognized Criminal Assassin in power today? (Now that a few African Genocides are partly over, Hussein and Gaddafi are dead).

    Nothing. Millions of Chavistas in Cubazuela will hear about this, see the 2 deplorable statues in Las Mercedes, and say nothing.

    Many are so freaking ignorant and under-educated that they’ll think North Korea is Great, just like out other venerable ally, Cuba is Great. Yes, that’s what Millions still can believe today.


  5. This would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. There are only two things that can come out of this: increased drug trade and increased weapons trade between the two countries. Furthermore, it may suggest Venezuela wanting to begin developing a nuclear program. There is nothing else that North Korea can deliver.


  6. At min 1:43, the guy at the right of Kim Jong-il seems to be the uncle that got whacked by Kim Jong-un. Concentration of power always leads to expeditious removal from high office. Every member of the Soviet Politbureau , other than Stalin, soon saw the grave or exile. Even the sadist Beria was whacked by the boss in due time. That fear creates a paranoia where lies and unashamed ass kissing govern the behavior of ministers. It is impossible to perform duties required of efficient government officials. Mismanagement rules in autocracies.


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