Who is Jim Luers?


HI! My name is… (WHAT?) My name is… (WHO?) My name is… JIM LUERS!

Back in April, State broadcaster VTV and weekly political gossip rag Quinto Dia quoted White House spokeman Jim Luers saying that reports that the U.S. is investigating Diosdado Cabello are “totally false”.

Days later, El Nacional called the White House to confirm if any Jim Luers worked there. The answer? Nope.

This week, El Nacional kept up its search for this Jim Luers, asking the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the FBI’s NYC offices. The answer, once again: “no Jim Luers here”.

Interestingly enough, some Caracas Chronicles commenters brought the case to our attention at the time and noticed that Luers has been quoted in multiple times in Venezuela-related news by either State media or other outlets. The fun thing is that in each of those articles, his work description shifted from spokeman to investigator to FBI agent to analyst and so on.

A real jack of all trades, then.

Argentinean journalist Mario Szichman launched his own inquiry for Tal Cual and published this article in late April, which confirmed the phantasmagoria surrounding Mr. Luers. But that has not stopped State media outlets and even PSUV MP (and journalist) Earle Herrera from going ahead and quoting Mr. Luers. That report, btw, comes from State news agency AVN just came a couple of weeks ago, which probably was the reason why El Nacional went ahead with its follow-up article.

Jim Luers, it’s pretty clear, just doesn’t exist. Yet the hegemony still trusts him 100%. And that’s show how far it will go to impose their version of the story.

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  1. The Hegemony has difficulty spelling names that aren’t from the patria. As I think caracas chronicles has pointed out, they have trouble spelling period. So it could be Jim Hendrix for all we know.


  2. Back when we heard Irwin Cotler would join Lopez’s defense team, Telesur used a fake South African official quote saying Cotler was not a part of Mandela’s legal team.

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  3. There is the anchor on PBS Newshour, Jim Lehrer which when pronounced badly and quickly which a spanish accent could be misconstrued as Jim Luers. I wonder whether some idiot chavista is trying to pass things off as coming from that source? Long shot, but maybe that is the person they are trying to say created all this mis-information?


  4. El semanario venezolano Quinto Día, del 17 al 24 de abril de 2015, reseñó en su contraportada que “definitivamente no prosperó la denuncia contra Diosdado Cabellos en Estados Unidos. El informe del vocero Jim Luers, advirtió que las acusaciones de un militar de la armada que pidió refugio (Leamsy Salazar), resultaron totalmente falsas”.

    Crystal clear, the charges against Diosdado CabelloS did not go through. However, the charges against Cabello may have…


  5. Aquí Javier

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    Descripcion de la cuenta: White House Spokesman and FBI agent with responsibility for the Western Hemisphere/Vocero de la Casa Blanca y Agente del FBI Para el Hemisferio Occidental


    • I looked up your picture in your Twitter account in Google, Google found it and it seems to belong to Lawrence E. Strickling who in March of this year was a US Governent Official at the Dept of Commerce

      I can not post pictures here but you can go to my post where you can see the pictures at: http://notiven.com

      So, is Mr Strikling using your picture or you are using his

      Lets see how long your Twitter account will last


  6. Guys

    I looked up the picture of that Jim Leurs place in Google, Google found it and it seems to belong to Lawrence E. Strickling who in March of this year was a US Governent Official at the Dept of Commerce

    I can not post pictures here but you can go to my post where you can see the pictures at: http://notiven.com



  7. Plenty of time to joke around:

    “One review in the British Medical Journal found that hunger strikers who choose to continue taking in fluids begin to feel severe starvation symptoms after around 35 to 40 days. That’s when many develop confusion, hallucinations and convulsions. Shortly after, they begin to experience organ failure, which can lead to death on its own or to fatal heart attacks”.

    Lopez is a triathlete, gotta be more concerned about Ceballos.


    • love the “About” in Jim Luers’s website:
      “I am a White House spokesman and FBI agent with responsibility for the Western Hemisphere.”


  8. Quico, the page you present shows Jim Luers introducing himself as “whitehouse spokeman and FBI agent”….somehow it reminded me of the famous “Roger Ranget, heroe de multitudes y tío simpático a más no poder” ….or maybe a Mel Brooks character.

    I think Maxwell Smart should investigate.


  9. Finally we have a John Galt, it couldn’t be more appropriate and timely, ours is sort of goofy, but it will have to do.

    I will start: WHO IS JIM LUERS?


  10. Quico – as the Brits say – you are totally taking the piss! Thanks for the laughs this morning, guys.


  11. Vote this one of the top ten posts of the year for redefining Absurdizuela for me.

    Two thoughts on Luer: first, I thought it might be a case of bad spelling. I mean, Venezuelans have mangled standard english spelling to the extent they can’t even spell “John”: http://www.el-nacional.com/politica/Venezuela-rechaza-declaraciones-funcionario-EEUU_0_640735960.html

    Then it occurred that the name rings a bell. Indeed, there is a famous “luer lock” (see the wikipedia) named in honor of the 19th-century German medical instrument maker Hermann Wülfing Luer. Perhaps someone was inspired after sitting in a hospital too long awaiting treatment?


  12. For Townie, that was my question. I knew Ambassador Luers in Caracas. I believe he had two tours, there but am not sure. I don’t think it is a very common name. Maybe someone just picked out a last name of someone State Department related and changed the first name.:-)?!


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