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Behind last year’s protests lies a shield of impunity…

There are already plenty of reports recording what happened in the wave of protests last year, but a new one from the Human Rights Center of the Andres Bello Catholic University (CDH-UCAB) puts the magnifying glass on the State’s many strategies to cover up its abuses.

Under the title “Que no quede rastro” (Leave no Trace Behind), the 50-page report showcases the State’s efforts to undermine or even erase possible human rights violations through a series of questionable tactics: depriving detainees of means of communication, forcefully trying to replace their lawyers with public defenders, the use of military facilities (including hospitals), and having evidence vanish, among many others.

In a press release, the CDH-UCAB makes a summary of its findings:

At least ten strategies were used by institutions of the Venezuelan State Branches to deliberately cover up evidence of cruel treatments or torture, and to avoid such actions being publicized during the arrests made at the 2014 protests…

The CDH-UCAB concludes that the difficulties to present complaints for mishandlings or torture and the opportune making of a medical exam violate the United Nations’ Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners and the Istanbul Protocol

Also, the Human Rights Center recorded testimony in which public servants threatened victims with more harm or with depriving them from medical attention if they didn’t change their story on what had happened to them.”

The full report is available on the CDH-UCAB’s website. Sadly, there’s no English version of it at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Leave no trace behind

  1. Come on, what could we expect from a regime whose ombudsmen state stuff like “insecurity is just a feeling” (gabriela ramírez, who exploded and went ballistic when a woman tossed a glass of water at her) and “the ombudsman’s office is no private buffet to assist specific cases.” (tarek w. saab, local clown and another cynical defender of the stupidity)

    And the best of these: “We prefer to keep criminals INSIDE AND ACTIVE the security forces, because that way we can KNOW WHERE THEY ARE” (luisa ortega, state prosecutor, aka “la fecal general”)


  2. Meantime the regime’s propaganda strategy is making some dumb moves , either that of they live in their own cloud cuckoo land , the attempt at making an ‘event’ of the visit and medalling of the 5 cuban spies is one such move , who the hell in Venezuela knows or cares about these 5 cubans, who even knows what their names are, ask any one in the streets of Petare who these guys are and you will be met with a quizzical look. what the hell are you talking about.

    One good move the mango thing , evidently concocted to make the incident humorous and simpatico , even caught the attention of the foreign media , of course it also calls attention of how bad things are in our country , Maduro has made mention of the mango incident some 5 times now , So mango throwing good , medaling five strange unknown cubans bad .

    Another coming non event , Maduro visiting Moskow to join in the celebration of the great Russian victory over the nazis in 1945 Europe , Does the regime think that most people born 40 years to 50 yers after the event in Venezuela care one whit about that old old far away thing. And Maduro forgets that Putin is close to broke and cant give him any money so whats that trip for. It will only add the mill of voices complaining about those govt robbers spending the peoples money on useless touristy junkets to far away places !! . .


    • There is always the hope that Maduro doesn’t come back from one of his trips abroad. Would a villa on the Black Sea entice him? Probably not, but one can always hope.


      • no mango or banana trees there, so no, that wouldn’t interest Maduro. Though a Black Sea spa might entice Cilia to take a month off and hone her skills to allow her inner refinement to flourish. After all, she’s been practicing, when her bovine eyes look vacuously at the crowds as she gently cups her hands, during Maduro’s speeches.

        Muy fina. Una prince.


    • And there is the new Cilia show… Which with Mr Hair’s daughter and the continuous reshuffling of the cabinet shows that their bench, besides its lack of talent, is short on bodies.

      I think we are seeing symptoms of isolation and bunker mentality.

      As you correctly point out, the Cuban spy non-event is so far removed from Venezuela. Morevover, that lightining visit to Havana on May day plays into the narrative that in fact Venezuela is subservient to the Castros, and that Maduro is a cuban agent. The net effect of this PR attempt is deeply negative. As if going to Russia and showing himself as a URSS fan boy will help!!?? While reviving the embarrasment of spending hard currency for a family trip with Nicolasito (at least it is spring and he won’t be using the ghastly scarf he used in January, or looking over the Mediterrenean thinking of Mare Nostrum).

      Meantime, revolocon, after sacudon just show inaction, while the population queues up for hours for toilet paper.

      My only hope, is that he may fax his resignation letter from Moscow and become neighbor with Mr. Snowden, I bet they can find some cubans there “pa levantar una partida de domino”


  3. Hi, Mr Hernandez Acevedo. I am the Director of CDH-UCAB. We have an executive summry of the report in English. We’ll be glad to provide the PDF version in case you want to share it with your readers. Please write to cddhh.ucab@gmail.com


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