Tweet of the Year

With these jokers you can never be sure, but it doesn’t look like a joke…

“Compañeros en situación temporal de hamponizidad, en vías de recuperación.”

It’s…I don’t even…I…I can’t even…

19 thoughts on “Tweet of the Year

  1. Oh, Gosh!

    But take a look at Aporrea now. They are tweeting Maduro’s words:

    “Maduro: No voy a aceptar malandros en urbanismos de la GMVV. .”

    What is that? Does he mean he doesn’t accept those who prefer the IV Republic but he welcomes there
    those compañeros en situación temporal de hamponizidad, en vías de recuperación?


  2. Any other proof that chaburros openly enjoy people getting slaughtered by their ultimate weapon, all the criminals of the country?

    I still wonder why no one in the MUD has linked two brain cells to capitalize in this atrocious
    cynicism, one example that crosses my head right now is:

    “Epa, rojito, los choros no sólo matan opositores, las balas de los malandros también matan chavistas.”


  3. It makes perfect sense. We are constructing the New Man. Everybody, even oppositionists, even malandros becoming buenandros, will eventually come to understand the superiority of living in perpetual peace and harmony under Big Brother’s Wise Rule.

    It’s just that we are in the FIRST stage of this process, in which we rectify the words. Once we have the right words, surely the realities will conform to the new terminology.


  4. “Compañero” is so adeco. I guess the one who wrote this is true to “Adeco es adeco hasta que se muera”


    • Ethymologically companero designates those people who share a loaf of bread together , camarada those who share a bed together . To Venezuelans companero is a word which resonates naturally while camarada has an artificial flavour , something exotic done in inmmitation of a russian expression which evoked the image of communist fellowship .!! companero is natural, camarada an affectation !!


  5. The primitive mind believed that symbols and representations and words could not only represent reality but transform reality or actually become or take the place of a living reality . a belief which translates into a kind of magical thinking . the archaic jews loathed idols because people in those times actually believed that the effigy had the qualities of a live supernatural beign, thats why some primitive people dont allow their picture to be taken , or give their children a secret name no body else knows so that they cant be used to harm them through use of their images or names , Thats why the jewish God could have no name , thats why the world was born from Gods uttering a word calling the world into being , thats why when Egyptian hierogliphics had a snake , it would graphically be cut into three pieces so that at night when it came alive it wouldnt scape the hierogliphic and ruin the incantation that it contained. The distinction between a thing existing in reality and the graphic or plastic or verbal representation of that thing was blurred and fuzzy in the mind of archaic people , it also happens to very young children .

    Venezuelan popular culture is permeated with the echoes of this belief , you ennact a law with big words dealing with a problem and the problem is solved , you create a ministry to deal with a problem and the problem is solved , you cut the first stone of some public work and the work is built (even if its construction is never completed) , you call malandros a victim of capitalist injustice and you turn them into good honest harmless people . This childish inclination of the mind to think that because the words stand for some reality you can change reality by manipulating the word or whatever symbol represents that reality is very much embedded in the primitive and archaic mind ( the chinese had a more fanciful explanation for this form of primitive magical thinking but the root sentiment was the same) .Thats why Chavez was constantly flooding us with words and word changes , he really felt that as he spoke these words he changed the world , he recreated the real world to the world of his megalomaniac delusions. In peoples primitive mind he changed the world in a way that they found exciting and melodramatic .!! The belief that fancy words and dramatic symbols have the power to transform reality is deeply rooted in the Chavista mind !! Thats why we have a ministry of eternal peace and happiness , thats why there is so much play acting and scenified theatrical gesturing in the speeches of Maduro and other Chavista big wigs , that why the queues and miseries which assail the life of the common Venezuelan dont exist for them only their epic struggles agains the CIA , and the evil empire , an the conniving oppo. !!

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