Special powers are not that special

I'm not scared of this tiny, little book

I’m not scared of this tiny, little book

Maduro received the power today to rule by decree. It is the second time he has had these. Hugo Chávez had a ton of these during his tenure.

You know what? It does not matter.

Maduro could do whatever he wanted yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Does he have any constraints on governance? Perhaps, but if he does, they are certainly legal in nature.

It’s important to keep this in mind as talking heads try to wrap their minds around these developments. Maduro doesn’t need special powers because he and his clique have all the power in the country. There is nothing new here, so folks can just move along. This is just bad theater intended to dishearten Maduro’s opposition.

This is nothing worth dwelling on.

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  1. Yeah, maybe it’s just a childish way to scare the people, like:


    But, in reality, it’s the same old silly Maduro with the same powers as before.

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  2. I was kind of thinking the same last week, wondering why they are even bothering to go through with this charade. Just to frighten and demoralize the Opposition? That doesn’t sound right to me. But, I don’t know what does make sense in this government any more.


  3. It is for external consumption. If foreigners notice that Maduro rides roughshod over the law, imprisoning opposition members at whim,the propaganda answer is that “legally” he has the power to do whatever he wants, by decree. Dictatorship is democracy.


    • Good point. Maduro and his mentor have always ruled without regard to the laws. The decrees simply provide a figleaf for the PSF. Democratically elected, legally President, what have you.


      • That is a pretty thin fig leaf. Even an enabling law doesn’t legally allow the regime to violate the Constitution and commit human rights abuses.


  4. Reminds me a little of the Romans. By the time of the empire they were thoroughly corrupted and engaged in regular fratricidal politics. All the while they maintained an obsession with having their abusive behavior fall within a legal framework, regardless of the contorted or absurd legal reasoning. A peculiar farce common to some other, later totalitarian governments.


  5. Differences with the Romans are obvious though, they were a great Empire that lasted as long. They stole left and right, and were highly corrupted, sure, to their demise. But not nearly as much as Vzla! After they could not steal any more, they built incredible cities, entertained and educated the poor, gave them bread, water and jobs.

    See, in corrupt dictatorships like Vzla, there’s nothing left after the stealing, par de novelas malas en televen, cero papel “toile”, y “una vigas ‘pa la autopista e’ la guaira. That’s it. Chupate esa mandarina.


  6. and some people are still thinking that going to primaries for parliamentary elections is MORE important than putting pressure to the government on the streets…


  7. Maduro is a piece of Shit. His brain is not capable to realize good actions. Around Him are there many sockers blood.What a pity for Venezuela. It´s the worest time to this country.All the people must to be hipnoticed or may be bewitched.


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