#FuckingFracking (but only if the U.S. does it)

Fuck yeah

Fuck yeah

First, I want to apologize,  but this post is going to sound like a dialogue from The Departed.

As we all know, no other country in the world cares so much about the environment as Venezuela. We care sooo much that we disbanded revamped our Environmental Ministry and created and even better one, (it’s better because it now has the word Socialism in it).

Just today, the folks at Distrito Capital launched the Expo Fucking Fracking to bring into light this harmful and terrible technology that no one should use, specially the U.S. because it will stop buying our oil  destroy the environment and Kill Polar Bears.

I also came up with a few hashtags that I’m sure will be instant hits. Perhaps they can be used for other Expos in Venezuela. Something like …






And the cherry on top:


So yeah … fuck all that.

27 thoughts on “#FuckingFracking (but only if the U.S. does it)

    • Moreover, for those who went with chofer/escolta/esbirro they probably waited for them with the car running with the AC on, ’cause you know is hot outside.


  1. Hey Nicky, just a question: so I guess you are fine with enduring low oil prices so that frackers in the US are driven out of business, right? You know, taking one for the team… :)


  2. #FuckingPristineLakeMaracaibo #FuckingFreeContrabandGasolineforColombia #FuckingCutDownOldGrowthForestsinZulia #FuckingNoSewageTreatmentPlants #FuckingDeadCowsintheSea gosh this is fun!


  3. Two strong allies of the regime are officially sponsoring and developing large fracking projects in their territories as a matter of national policy , one of them is China , the other Argentina . To serve the purpose of the exhibition the ambassadors of both these countries should have been invited to attend and maybe give a small speech denouncing the dreaful effects of fracking , .

    We should warn our dear Chinese and Argentine friends of the awful consequences of fracking and officially call on them to abandon these frightful projects , The regime owes it to the good people of Argentine and China.!!

    The regimes deep concern for defending the environment is well known and documented , this exhibition is just another sign of their dedication to defending the planets from would be destroyers of our natural legacies. How tender and pious of them !!

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  4. Last time I was in Caracas a city garbage truck pulled up next to a river and unloaded into the valley. It is a suitable metaphor for the event Everyone knows this government has no credibility on environmental issues.


  5. Ah, how the chaburros love to insult others, but the very moment somebody goes and says them “You love maburro that much? Then go and FUCK him!” they start whining and crying, typical bullies:


    • I love how at the end the lady realizes she is giving shade to the chavista and takes her umbrella away!

      Ja Ja! “Dale un hijo, pues!!”


      • The best part for me happens at 0:21.

        “A usted le gusta esa cola?”, the reporter asks. And then the he replies: “ME GUSTA! ME ENCATA ESO! VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN!”



        • That’s why I say that chaburros are willing to eat shit, just to have their revenge against their “hated enemies”.

          chaburro hatred borders and wallows in psychosis and masochism, this people are really rotten in their skulls.


  6. From a source inside the Environment Ministry–It was ordered eliminated, its employees fired, including the Minister, because he refused a high Government order to approve multiple Chinese concessions to log large tracts of Venezuelan national forest preserves. A court-ordered amparo has stopped this process, at least temporarily….#Fucking Chinese Deforestation.


  7. I’m not a fan of fracking. I think at this point it is clear that it has a lot of problems.

    I’m also not a fan of being treated as an idiot by duplicitous hypocrites, which is kinda what is happening here.


  8. After seeing the “Pintale Una Paloma A La Guarimba” Posters, I asked myself just how these guys would outdo themselves in terms of vulgarity in their next piece of propaganda.
    Behold, the FuckingFracking hasthag…


  9. Don’t you people proofread? At least, if you don’t, correct the worst mistakes after publication. Only takes a second.



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