Bombs away

This was the day your local hoodlum received his machine gun

Your local hoodlum receiving his work equipment

The ink has not dried on the news that Sucre mayor Carlos Ocariz had been declared “the fourth-best mayor in the world” by the City Mayor Foundation, and we are finding out just what we (and Ocariz in particular) are up against.

First off, in a clear act of arson, seven garbage collection trucks were set ablaze by unknowns. The mayor was livid, as garbage collection has always been something they have struggled with – the government has put all sorts of roadblocks to prevent them from taking Sucre’s garbage to government landfills. The PSUV in turn said that the mayor was using the fire “as an excuse” to not do his job.

I’m no genius, but if you ask me, not having garbage trucks is a pretty good excuse, but anyway.

Last night, though, Sucre’s municipal police confronted a gang of criminals who fired back … using Russian-made AK-103 machine guns and grenades.

We’ve heard of Caracas’ malandros using grenades before, but this is the first time I hear of them attacking the police with these sorts of weapons.

We all knew where this was headed the moment Hugo Chavez decided to give military weapons to civilians. The excuse that time was to ward off some “imperialistic” invasion that was only going to happen in his head. The result was a sharp heightening of the chaos that is now choking Venezuelan society.

That is also part of his legacy.

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  1. We all knew where this was headed the moment Hugo Chavez decided to give military weapons to civilians.

    The incubation period that preceded the give-aways occurred much earlier, when Chávez on his Aló Presidentes whipped up his anger-and-resentment schtick, and encouraged the motorbikers (motorizados) to engage in threats to the general public.


  2. While the weapons involved in the incident are indeed of the infamous AK family it is not an AK-103 assault rifle.
    Check this tweet by DanielBlanco ( image enhance)
    The rifle in the picture has an under foldable stock. The ones used by the Venezuelan armed forces folds to a side. (
    This one may be a black market import.


    • Yes. It is difficult to know from where these weoapons originaed. Whether they are ilegal imports of whether they were stolen or given by the government to criminals. This is all speculation and BTW – Hagel – weapons were given to the military reserve and the Bolivarian Militia. These groups are not exactly “civilians” as you state or rather manipulate.


      • Funny how whenever the regime-sponsored sources report on opposition activities, Arturo regurgitates them in these commentaries as no-question, no-speculation facts.

        But when Arturo is probed on those “facts”, all of a sudden those probing are engaging in speculation.


      • We’re still waiting to find the article in the Constitution that says that the “Bolivarian” Militias are in fact, legal.

        Since they are patently ILLEGAL, they are therefore CIVILIANS.

        Now Arturo, please explain how weapons, including part of the 5000 Dragunov sniper rifles Chavez bought in 2007, are found INSIDE our prisons in the hands of CRIMINALS.

        No me jodas, muchacho balurdo…………………


      • “Where did the weapons come from”
        CAVIM, controlled completely by CHABURRISMO, the same gang of psychos who arm criminals to slaughter civilians.
        Crimes against humanity like genocide don’t prescribe, smartass.


        • “the same gang of psychos who arm criminals to slaughter civilians.”

          Are we talking about the opposition group that promoted clotheslining motorizados by crossing streets with thin wire?


          • We are talking about the bodyguard of terrateniente and former minister (former coup monger) Miguel Rodríguez Torres, the one who killed Basil and others. We are talking about the military who first shot people in El Caracazo and then had the chutzpah to use that as pretext 3 years later to carry out a coup against the guy who “forced them” to do the shooting, the guys who then carried out two coups where they murdered in total a couple of hundred people (some of those blokes were revolutionary military like Arne Chacón and Rodríguez Chacín, the one who planned the murder of those guys from El Amparo….you know, the murders that were then responsible of the IV Republica from which the military revolutionary came from and were the worst part of…
            It is complicated, but you can’t understand it.


              • In 2013 Basil and most of the others were murdered by Chavista thugs (like that ex minister of Chávez).
                Most of the rest were murdered by “normal” criminals and then the regime said those who killed the people were opposition.
                Less were really killed by guarimperos.
                Chavismo hasn’t been able to explain find the culprits and has resisted the requests for a full, independent investigation. We are talking about 2013.

                By the way: it is like its resistance to make a simple list of the murdered people of El Caracazo.

                OT, will you finally tell us when you post in Chavista blogs to expose their hypocrisy? You said you come here to expose ours…and that you are a model of objectivity…so: where are your posts in Chavista forums criticizing their hypocrisy?
                Don’t evade again this question.


            • Captain Rodriguez Torres, btw, was tasked with the “heroic” mission of capturing or killing the presidential family in the failed coup d’etat against CAP on Febrary 4th, 1992.


      • Arturo: they are paramilitary groups. Deniability of the kind you just spouted is the whole point of their existence.


      • Perfect.

        So maybe those guys firing at local police weren’t civilians, but rather members of the military reserve or the Bolivarian Militia. If we’re extra lucky, they were National Guards or agents from CICPC or SEBIN.

        I feel safer now.


        • In theory, any disarm plan should just go and pry the weapons from the criminals’s hands (and if they fire them, give them a full face of bullet-a-nol, yeah, I’m nazi-fascist when it comes to crime, HAIL STRUDEL! Criminals should be talked to first, then if they insist in being criminals, dislocate their jaw with an uppercut.)

          In chavista practice, it works to disarm non-chavista civilians who have legal permits, so everybody is helpless against the circles of death, the milicias, the guardia del pueblo, the colectivos, the sebin and whatever-the-fuck-is-the-name-of-the-new-death-squad of the week.


    • That looks like an AKMS, the good old AK47 “modernized version” (circa 60´s) and also with a foldable stock.

      Classic “terrorist” weapon, sold anywhere in the world for pennies.


      • But the only folks with access to enough pennies in Venezuela are the chavista government, and drug lords.

        … And the “Cartel de los Soles” happens to be the intersection in that Venn’s diagram…


  3. There is no way to be always astonished by how impossible it would be to recreate this stories in another country. When I read the part of the government roadblocking garbage trucks ( among other things). Not roadblocking malandros but garbage trucks,,,


  4. Systematic dehumanization of your enemies, historic class hatred, now on steroids, lack of a minimally functioning justice system and the stern intent to avoid responsibilities, blame others and run the country to the ground, COMPOUNDED with hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons and ammunition on the streets, AND recent uncontrolled assault rifle distributions announce a hard reckoning.

    We are already experiencing 25 thousand violent death PER YEAR!
    I am not very optimistic you could say.

    I can see Rwanda/mogadisho/ Ukraine famine type scenarios in the forecast! Not that unlikely.


  5. How could we possibly think that this is a political act by Chavistas against a successful Opposition politician? After all, anyone could have targeted those garbage trucks. Why criminals are always looting and burning garbage tr… What? Oh… Never mind…


    • Those annoying garbage trucks! Always making so much noise! Aways smelling so bad! Somebody should do something about it! Think about the children!

      Hahah, I bet the bastards who did that got several zeroes in their paychecks for that one.


  6. This proves again that the “hardcore leftists” like chaburros, prefern to live buried in garbage, rather than letting anyone they hate to do a job for the people.
    That’s why they’re nicknamed “chaburros”


    • They hate their country and despise their own people, they only care about their party.

      If they had to kill 99% of Venezuelans and completely level the country in order to preserve the rule of the remaining 1%, they would gladly do it.


      • psychopaths and criminal mind sets — those who believe in the fiery rhetoric without question, those who engage in the destructive process without reflection, and those who promote the pretty words to sell cosmetic constructions to hide destruction.

        I’m talkin’ to you, Arturo, and your ilk.


        • “psychopaths and criminal mind sets — those who believe in the fiery rhetoric without question, those who engage in the destructive process without reflection, and those who promote the pretty words to sell cosmetic constructions to hide destruction.”

          Lol, they way you dramatically prefix with “those who” in that list tells me you’re reading too many campaign brochure and actually think of it as normalspeak instead of corny bullshit.

          …in a country where over x die per day, in a country where basic staple foods are scarce, in a country where…


          • DSPUR you are fucking relentless. You defend the indefensible by rote. You are a hairy little troll that sits under your bridge sucking the revolutions tit unto death. I wish you well, you little toad. When the smoke clears and the bodies are counted, you will be accountable.


            • Bud, notice how I didn’t approve of those who suck the revolution’s teet, those who wear red shirts in public, those who get riled up in Miami proxy insurrections, those who preach Orlando Urdaneta’s commandments…

              [How sad is that even something as inconspicuous as list-writing is affected by emotional baggage?]


              • Your track record leaves tracks. You are a troll, that for better or worse, supports the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela and everything it stands for, regardless. Good luck to you, you piece of shit, are you are going to be knee deep in a massacre very soon. ,


              • “Good luck to you, you piece of shit, are you are going to be knee deep in a massacre very soon.”

                Oh my. Are you threatening me all the way from Miami?


          • In a country that has been turned into an insufferable hell by psychopaths like this:

            Yeah, poor Geraldine received her dose of “revolutinary love”

            Also, in a country where the government is run by thugs so sadistic, that they kill unarmed, defenseless civilians and then they use them as political weapons:

            Difamatory manipulation from telefarc, fillinc chabestias’s heads with hatred as usual:

            The woman who died after having her face blasted off with a shotgun round, almost point blank.


      • Socialism is a utopian plan to build what cannot be built, to realize what is only illusory, and to destroy what works even if the result is CHAOS AND DEATH.”
        George Moneo


  7. It’s not a threat. I have not the means to cause a massacre. Talk to your buddies in the glorious FANB. Lets see you defend the bloodletting that is coming down the pike. No doubt you have the script fresh from Mr Maduro. You tell us.


    • Mr. Maduro doesn’t micro-manage my comments in CC, silly. He’s too busy correcting Golinger’s grammar in Correo del Orinoco.


  8. At least you acknowledge your affiliation. Now you can let this forum be. On a scale of 1 to 10 this forum represents a threat of about 0.02 to your glorious experiment. Fuck off and leave us alone.


    • “At least you acknowledge your affiliation. […] On a scale of 1 to 10 this forum represents a threat of about 0.02 to your glorious experiment.”



      … on both accounts.


        • Doesn’t compete with HRF salary. It’s tough being payed to have controversial opinions. Buddy, you don’t want to know my music preferences, I’ll tell you that much.


          • At least you are not a robotic agitprop troll like those writing from Russia and China. We can notice that there’s a soul there hiding somewhere – it’s obviously lost, chaotic and very confused, but at least it exists.

            “It’s tough being payed to have controversial opinions. Buddy, you don’t want to know my music preferences”

            I can imagine… If you are not a total psychopath and do it only because you need money to survive in Venezuela, you probably suffers a lot doing this.

            To go against your own people and country can’t be easy.

            When this criminal regimes falls, I hope they forgive people like you.


  9. Please dude. Go away I beg you. Your going to have too much blood on your hands. I am trying to spare you a life of regret. At least now you can claim ignorance. When they start stacking bodies, deniability is not an option. History is replete with tales of ignorance. This is not going to end well..


      • chabobos started the persecution and turned politics into raging hate wars, any consequences that befall them are their own fault.

        After all, nobody told chavecos to act like school bullies and then make fun of other’s suffering during 16 years, nobody put a gun to any chaburro’s head to create and support the tascón-carrasquero list and apply it, or supporting the fascist minister who barked that any non chavista deserved to be fired and starve to death just for not being chaburro.

        All in all, the boomerang is just returning, and they don’t know how to catch it, every mockery, every insult, every aggression, every confiscation, every mugging, every laugh at their suffering, every murder, somebody’ll be there to repay it, several times.

        And you’ll be praying for people to never find out you were a chavista.

        This will be like the next day after nazism fell, there were no nazis in Germany, and everybody who was, will frantically deny it.


        • “This will be like the next day after nazism fell, there were no nazis in Germany, and everybody who was, will frantically deny it.”

          Then this is risky. If this conversation and CC comments in general are supervised, it’s either me or you depending on the coin toss.

          Center-leaning folk have it much easier. Do you agree?


          • Center leaning folks created fascism in Italy, and look how that one ended, somebody hung by the family’s jewels, beaten and even spit.

            chavistas’s best option is to tighten their butts and accept the recoil of their own assholery when it comes, once they’ve gone through what they’ve done to the rest of the venezuelans, then the scorecard could be considered even and their deeds forgiven (but not forgotten).

            Also, don’t try to put every non-chavista in the same sack, while many would gladly pounce at the chance to get payback, many others simply won’t care and will try to go on with their lives.


        • Live by the sword, die by the sword, hehe.

          Sometimes I wonder what will happen with three particular women when the regimes falls:

          Tibisay Lucena
          Iris Varella
          Luisa Ortega Díaz

          Oh boy, this trio will have to run like hell… hahaha


          • Of course every fat sacred cow will fly away desperately trying to hide, and I can count among those the most bully-like assholes in the highest parts of the nomenklature like disociado, maburro, jose temiente, joge, rizarrita, yessy and many trillionaries who promise and threaten with total anihilation but at the time of truth will be several miles away when the shit hits the fan for real.


  10. Imminent? You heard the man. 300 000 dead. Let that slide as a natural phenomenon you sorry excuse for a human being. How could these clowns make it worse? 600 00?


    • Well, going from 300K to 60K would better the situation. Corpse reanimation or is it a recount after someone admitted they’re making shit up?

      Are you and Ralph RAV/UNO? Because you bought the genocide BS.


      • I don’t need to use another nickname to rebutt your pseudo arguments, dude, this site’s admin can prove that.

        And chabutroll as usual, because only a moron would blatantly deny that several thousands of people have been murdered because of this regime’s incompetence or open collaboration with crime.

        chavismo CAN’T control malandros? Then they’re incapable and incomparabily stupid. chavismo DOESN’T want to control malandros, that’s MUCH worse, and if that’s the truth, it would mean the permanent death of chavismo as a political option and become more hated than anything in this country for like a century, and don’t ask me, just go and ask every family that’s lost a member to a fucktard malandro how they feel about that (or if you’re so brave and “arrecho”, go and do what chavistas enjoy so much doing on internet, MOCKING the murder of their family members, and see how many bones will you have whole once you are done with it)


        • In a world where wages aren’t enough to pay for basic commodities, in a world where injustice prevails, in a world where no one is safe.

          In a world where anything can happen, only one man can save us all.

          The norwegian homosexual.

          From the makers of Fujimori: This time is personal.


          • DSpur,

            There is nothing wrong with being a homosexual. Nothing at all. Being homosexual does not disqualify anyone in any way.

            It is pretty much like being jewish, black or gipsy. All of these are circumstantial things people are born into.

            Using the word “homosexual” as an insult reveals more of you than of the person you mention.

            Now, talking about the “world” thing. You don’t really know the world, dspur, you are just a little person full of prejudices about everything. You would do well to shut up.


          • Ah, ye olde goode “marico” wildcard, always useful when trying to avoid any discussion when facing the hard, cold reality.

            Was that the actual training for the “idea war” you chapendejos were given? Dude, ask for your money back xD

            Also, your total disregard about the crime issue proves even more that you’re a hardcore chavista.

            And for last, I’ll quote a funny man I once heard:



  11. Alejandro, Ralph, Marc, J. Navarro, et al:

    Please re-read the initial post by Juan. Then read all the commentary. You will see that “dspur” has succeeded in drawing you away from analyzing inexcusable conduct by the government to trading insults. This is what “dspur” does. By filling the commentary with personal attacks and irrelevancies, he assures that no one outside of this group will bother to read any of them, and even contaminates the credibility of the blog itself.

    Please, just don’t engage with him.


      • It was not my intention to offend.

        As for the link re conditions in “la tumba”, this is what happens when thugs get a taste of power. It will get worse before it gets better.


    • Roy, I think you are corrrect. And I apologise.


      Alejandro, La Tumba reminded very much me of the cells that they put Badden-Meinhof members in.

      Chavistas are obviously drinking of the same fountain to mentally break them down, trying to either neutralize these people for life or make them kill themselves.

      “me respondió que los tres han llegado a un punto en el que prefieren morir que seguir allí adentro.”

      Compare it:


    • Well, the post speaks about the mindless and self-destructive violence that comes from chavista hordes, which serves no purpose other than make opposition officers look bad in the eyes of the voters, the typical sabotage they accusse everybody and yet only they keep doing.

      dpsuvr is indeed a troll, but, we can see how in his comments he shows the same mentality from the chavista crackpots who will gleefully destroy all Venezuela just to prove a point, his posts also show he openly supports this stupidity by spewing a bunch of lies about how “faggot sifrinos and sluts mommy and daddy children” were beheading bikers with wires (Thing that hasn’t been proven at all outside the horsecrap that came from telefarc and pustv)

      You see how dpsuvr devolves from the “apolitical, superior and pure non manipulated genius” (A byproduct of the IQ-punching apolitics campaign in the 90s that later drove the wax doll to power) to a whinny, insult-diarrhea child-like moron that only seeks to annoy others by posting excuses, in the most typical chaburro fashion, it’s a hobby of mine deconstruct them by firing a couple of truths and see how they crumble and have their breakdown.

      dpsuvr serves as a sample of that kind of close minded chavista, who thinks they’re superior but actually go ridiculing themselves everytime they try to defend the indefensible, even when that means making up absurd stuff like “you hate the poor because you are fascist” or “I don’t know what murders are you talking about, those protesters and the others were shooting their own heads off”

      In conclusion, I think dpsuvr’s trolling “tiene un poco que ver” with the topic, because it represents how chavistas are hypocrites in the core, regardless of receiving any actual benefit from that.


      • Ralph,

        You make a good point, but I will not respond directly to the troll, lest I lose my temper and respond to his insults in kind. Deconstructing his arguments in the third-person may at least take the personal attack out of the equation.


        • The point is not losing your temper, these people look to press the buttons on others to piss them off, if they had any training, is to annoy and being as infuriating as possible, even if that means openly mocking the people’s suffering by the loss of a relative or the total loss of life quality and reveiling in their disgrace, those are things that would get their teeth punched out of their mouth if they dared to do so in person.


      • ‘[…] he [dspur] openly supports this stupidity by spewing a bunch of lies about how “faggot sifrinos and sluts mommy and daddy children” were beheading bikers with wires (Thing that hasn’t been proven at all outside the horsecrap that came from telefarc and pustv)”‘

        … Jesus Christ.

        Where did you get “faggot sifrinos” from or the rest of the attributions for that matter?

        Are you crazy?


  12. You are all a bunch of assholes the way you keep feeding these trolls. On the one hand you want them to go away, yet on the other you go right ahead and take their bait, hook, line and sinker. Is it so hard to just ignore them completely? Don’t you ever learn? Jeeezzz!


    • language, language…

      I always say that someone who is vulgar in one language will be vulgar in any other.

      And the “jeez”… Oh dear, American English is drab, but it’s even worse when an adoptive speaker copies the junk words they use.

      Do something for yourself and put the BBC on.


    • You ask people to be reasonable, then you fire insults in the same sentence.
      Yep, we’re gonna heed your insightful contribution to this discussion, dude, totally.


  13. Possible update:

    Según la investigación preliminar, en horas de la tarde del referido día, los niños de 7 y 10 años de edad se encontraban jugando con sus papagayos en una platabanda cercana al estacionamiento de la sede de la empresa Sabenpe, cuando encendieron con un yesquero las colas de sus cometas antes de que el viento las levantara.

    Seguidamente, uno de los papagayos al estar encendido cayó sobre una de las compactadoras, que al consumirse causó un efecto dominó que afectó las otras seis unidades recolectoras de desechos sólidos.

    I find it a bit farfetched.


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