Overcoming capitalist savagery at Farmatodo Bella Vista

From Hugo Chávez’s 2012 campaign platform (emphasis is mine):

“We wish to continue building XXIst Century Bolivarian socialism in Venezuela as an alternative to the savage capitalist model, and through this ensure the greatest sum of social safety, the greatest sum of political stability, and the greatest sum of happiness for our people.”

“We wish to transform Venezuela into a social, economic, and political powerhouse, within this emerging new power that is Latin America and the Caribbean, so that we may continue to guarantee peace in our Americas.”

Rest in peace, Comandante. Your legacy lives on … at Farmatodo Bella Vista.

47 thoughts on “Overcoming capitalist savagery at Farmatodo Bella Vista

  1. Forget that this is an extremely horrible video, representing Venezuelan citizens descent into hell. The fight between the two robbers and basically, all the footage, was funny as hell.


      • Right. The meritocracy crowd, usually expats, don’t like HCR too much but he definitely has a huge following in Venezuela. Over 4.4K retweets:

        “Y este si es el momento para la movilización de los venezolanos,el único que está desestabilizando el país son los enchufados del Gob”

        Surely you realize the difference between la gusanera and Venezuela.


  2. The saints are coming!

    Redeem yourself and go down in history as the man who defeated Chavismo and freed LL.

    Go Capriles! We are with you!


  3. Most businesses were closed in Catia today, partly because they had little or nothing to sell, but mainly to avoid the possibility of saqueos. The situation is past dire in the country. Capriles’s following in the Oppo is definitely weak, and he has very little in Chavista lower classes. In any event, this situation will ultimately be decided either by military action, or by generalized saqueos provoking military action, in my opinion.


    • “Capriles’s following in the Oppo is definitely weak, and he has very little in Chavista lower classes.”

      Do you have sources for this claim? Capriles popularity is far greater Lopez’s. He’s practically the best chance for reconciliation between middle and lower classes. Be wary of media that prolongs divide and conquer.


      • dspur,

        Now you are using other insults (“la gusanera”, invented by Fidel Castro, nice) apart from “gygpsy”.

        But somehow you don’t work up the strength to man up and explain why do you use them.

        I understand, anonymity gives you the chance to take out your hates and let some steam off, but in the end it is just cowardly man, to insult people knowing you will never meet them.

        Another thing I find rather sad, because it says much about you and Venezuela, is that you really have it in for your own countrymen. For me in the distance it is as if you were playing in yourself the same bullshit wars that got us into this mess: resentment, desire of revenge, sensation of inferiority.


        • Alejandro, I could very well be a nationalist oppositionist. Nationalism isn’t necessarily idealistic or impulsed by emotion (“sensation of inferiority” as you say). Nationalism can be a pragmatic concern; the outcome should be most influenced by residents. They are the majority. They are who inhabit the country and benefit from change. When I use the term “la gusanera” I am depicting a group of people that have manipulated the resident oppostion into assuming human costs. Refer to UNO, RAV, VP, MCM, Ledezma, etc.


          • No man, don’t agree. To call another human being a worm is a form of violence used to strip an opponent of humanity. That’s very low, Majority or not.

            And the “gypsy” thing, I guess you use to depict people who are stateless (as in, Venezuelan emigrants). Well, a gypsy is a gypsy, a member of an ethnic group. It is not an insult, although you use it so.

            And an emigrant deserves respect, just like anyone else.

            I don’t care what you are or where you are or whatever. Chavista or not, you need to be told what being decent is about.


            • Alejandro, we are in disagreement. The terms gypsy and gusanera are very effective in soliciting reaction. They are people that are experiencing culture shock. They feel sometimes alienated in their new country. You draw attention to that and it can be demoralizing. It is important that the habitant opposition stops forming their political views after a majority that has no skin in the game. It is a practical exclusion for our benefit. I apologize but it is true. We need to be strong and go to the streets as Capriles says, in peace.


              • Sorry, I meant “minority that has no skin in the game”. I am so distraught by the current situation I’m not typing correctly. I read twitter and this #UNO people are saying very alarmist things. They are very similar to chavista in their fanatical conspiracy theories. I am appalled at what these gypsies are doing to my country…


              • Using those terms, going the Manichean route, no matter whose side you’re on, is counterproductive and frankly, despicable.

                This puts you right up there with those who use terms like “escualidos”, “patas en el suelo”, and so forth.

                Whether or not you support Capriles, or Maduro or whomever, by using such terms you place yourself in the company of those who really do not care to see the Venezuela many of us desire to see.

                I’m pretty sure Capriles himself does not use such terminology.


        • “Now you are using other insults (“la gusanera”, invented by Fidel Castro, nice) apart from “gygpsy”.
          But somehow you don’t work up the strength to man up and explain why do you use them. ”

          Easy to answer that, he does because he’s chavista, cubanophile and racist.


      • But isn’t Capriles’ family composed of “Gypsy” Jews who fled Poland to survive the Holocaust? I notice some inconsistency in your remarks.


        • Marc, gypsy isn’t used to depict an ethnic group. The gyppities are those in Miami throwing digs at Capriles because of their fanatism.


          • I agree that the opposition shouldn’t bash the last political leaders it has. Capriles may not be the ideal person, but it’s what we have. It will have to do with him.


        • Capriles is rallying up the opposition, so is Chuo MUD chiefmaster and subalternate MCM.

          What do they need to do to get coverage? Should Henry Ramus Allup write an essay insulting their families first?


            • dspur = a pom-pom girl for Capriles and his reformatted motto.

              “El tiempo de Dios es perfecto” is now “Las cosas tienen su tiempo”. Guess that means we won’t be seeing a repeat of all the kissing of plaster virgins. Meanwhile, in today’s exhortation over the capriles.tv network, Capriles still delivers scattered pronouncements with a low cohesion index. But his voice is still strong, and it commands more attention than Maduro’zzzzzz.


          • We have been watching what HCR is doing, but there is really nothing to say beyond what you have already said. That is: “Capriles is tweeting and wants to rally the opposition”. Is there anything more to say?


          • No, Capriles and Chuo are *talking* and *tweeting* about rallying the opposition. Del dicho al hecho …

            Wait-and-see seems like a wise strategy at this point. Besides, Capriles has said that today he will announce some sort of plan to the country. Depending on how that goes, we’ll blog about it. But I appreciate the second-guessing of my editorial decisions, it keeps me on my toes.


  4. Well, not surprise of what is happening sadly. Hopefully, seeing the bright side of things, this awful experience will make us to put in perspective what we achieved during the Civil Republic: accessible education, a relatively safe and stable society, a strong (albeit ignorant of the realities of their own country) middle class. A country that attracted millions of immigrants, has seen in the latest 30 years, but specially during the Military spell (2002 – present) an unimaginable decay of living standards. I want to believe this experience will make us move away from the mercantilism to a free society where the population will be able to participate in any business they want without the intervention of a giant inefficient state.

    Has anyone here read about the shock doctrine? This whole thing happening in Venezuela seems like the prelude to impose several economic measure that will radically change the country. Or probably is just pure and simple chavista’s incompetence


    • “A country that attracted millions of immigrants, has seen in the latest 30 years, but specially during the Military spell (2002 – present) an unimaginable decay of living standards.”

      Venezuela used to be seen as the Eldorado for the Portuguese. They had basically three places to go in the Americas: Rio, Caracas and Newark. Until today one of the largest and most influential Portuguese communities (Conselho das Comunidades Portuguesas) in the world is the Venezuelan one. It’s crazy to think how the situation of these two countries (Portugal and Venezuela) inverted in such a small amount of time.


  5. If anyone wants to advance a change that improves peoples live in a sustainable basis , its not enough to persuade people that what you want is worth supporting . or asumme the machinery of state control and be able to juggle the pieces so as to maximize your power . What is essential that you be functionally competent to run the state so as to achieve the improvement in peoples lives you purport to achieve , If you are incompetent then the result will be the opposite of what you seek . You need to build an Effective and Efficient State that works , that maintains and improves people life in measurable and favourable ways.

    Whatever the merits of the regimes intention , whatever the high emotional banquet it can offer peoples often needy hearts with dreams and illusions , it has to be able to run things , to create conditions that allow people to know a better life . In this the Chavez Maduro regime has probed a total and flagrant failure despite the huge resources it has had from the oil revenue to advance its agenda.

    The proof of its failure lies in what we see today , those long queues of people desperately seeking missing goods and services they depend on to have a normal life , in the deaths in the hospitals because of the missing medicines or ruined facilities , in the rampant inflation and crime , in the failure of basic services such as the supply of running water and electricity and the atrocious state of the countrys roads , in they daily crumbling of the infrastructure for want to maintenance , in the stagnation of oil production , in its inability to control corruptioon in all levels of goverment , in its silencing of free press and persecution of political opponents in clear violation of the Rule of Law .

    Meantime it pathetically offers transparently false and fabricated explanations to attempt to justify its falures in bombastic and vitriolic language as if peopel could not see for themselves what was happening . This is a failed Regime , not in any failure to hold on to power , but in its failure to even maintain the quality of life people had come to enjoy duirng the whole of the countrys moderns history .!! polls show peoples deep and angry dissapointment at its atrocious performance .

    Why cant they ccome clean and admit their failures , their lack of competence and honestly tell people about the hard things that needs to be done to try and repair the broken life theyve given the country , why do they have to hide behind a tint coloured screen of lies and extravagant incredible explanations and infantile justifications .!! one answer , because they are not only incompetent and dishonest , they are also cowards , lacking in the resolve thats needed to put things aright if ever they can do it .!!


    • “Why do they have to hide behind a tint coloured screen of lies and extravagant incredible explanations and infantile justifications .!! one answer , because they are not only incompetent and dishonest , they are also cowards”

      To me that was the true legacy of Chavez, the realization that when in power you can keep on openly lying, big boldface blatant lies and no one can call you for it. His whole government is based on that principle.

      Paraphrasing Lincoln Chavez would say:
      “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, and that is all you need”


  6. There are three ideological currents left, as heritage, by the late Hugo Chavez. Two are mainstream, one is subterranean:

    Chavismo: which is Peronism with a dash of African feeling.

    Madurismo: which is chavismo without charisma, popularity or charm.

    and the subterranean but powerful,

    Jesseechaconismo: a pervasive ideology many adhere to in open defiance of logic and common sense. It’s backbone is the ability to hold disparate, but highly placed, positions with equal incompetence.

    It was developed by many petty civil servants that found themselves in power in 1999 after decades of hustling in mediocrity. As such, it is a collective philosophical current typically Venezuelan ( where many precedents of incompetence exist) and its main innovation resides in the care jesseechaconistas take to “play the part”. For example, to explain, in all seriousness, that a dead iguana triggered a massive power-out. That requires the support of solid ideology.

    Its name comes from the ineffable Jesse Chacon, who humbly began as a lowly army officer and failed putschist. He went on to be Minister of Interior and Justice during the expansion of our epidemic of violence. Then secretary of the President and later Minister for Science during a fall of national scientific output of 20%. Finally he raised to electric czar in a moment where power-outs went from exceptional to commonplace.

    He is also CEO of GISXXI, an unreliable polling company, and member of the board for the National System of Youth Orchestras to boot.

    As of now, every single high government official in Venezuela is a committed Jesseechaconista.


  7. Its a source of wonder to me how those cuban exiles which the Castro regime calls gusanos or worms , through their family remittances are so important in helping the Cuban economy sustain itself where it is unable on produce whats needed to maintain its people . that a clearly parasite regime that has to live on the hands out of others , be they the former Soviet Union or Chavez generous gift of oil supplies and money because of its inability to handle its own economy can have the gumption to call those exiled cubans in Miami and other places gusanos when the true parasites and gusanos are clearly themselves !!

    Statistics show that the contributions of the 500 thousand members of the exiled cuban community to the US economy is at least tenfold the size of what the whole island of cuba is able to produce , that those gusanos are able to be 10 times more productive than the 6 million people living a stunted life under the Castro regime. Clearly if anyone deserve to be called worms and parasites its the Castros and their entourage , sucking resoucres they have not earned , which they are incapable of producing from the Russians , from Chavez Venezuela , from the remittances of the very prosperous Cuban exiles in the US.


  8. Ok, no more quality control for car parts in Venezuela:


    Why make quality parts for a vehicle that is independent of quality to be safe? right? Venezuelan disk brakes anyone?

    Isn’t the Minister of Industry, Jose David Cabello, the head of SENIAT? Isn’t he a brother of Diosdado Cabello too?

    The worse: he puts lives in danger, he says, to end discrimination against small car parts companies!!!!

    WHAT?!? he can’t even bring himself to explain his true motivation: scarcity is so severe and scary, he is willing to sell anything to keep consumers fooled!

    Jesseechaconismo is worse than chavismo.


  9. The teniente coronel coup, is usually followed by the sargento coup.

    Time for leadership (civilian) to step up if they want to stop the descent into further chaos.
    *talking* and *tweeting* need on person and on the filed action.


  10. How much longer, Venezuelans? A blowhard Chavez and a completely ignorant and uneducated Maduro. You will starve. There will be no food. I think the US will eventually have a massive food drop not unlike Berlin in the late 1940’s. This is because you cannot or won’t change your “President.”


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