Chavismo: Putting the “eek” in “eco-socialism”

0cb34a4119c24ff490b7b444e0e884c9Several Twitter users (including world-class freediver Carlos Coste) published multiple photographs of what looks to be a serious oil spill in the beach near the Amuay Oil Refinery in Falcón state. In the face of the evidence, PDVSA admitted the spill and, to their credit, did not use the word “sabotage” but blamed instead a strong storm that “…changed the wind and caused the spill.” This makes us wonder … where was the spill supposed to be located then?!

Missing from PDVSA’s press release was precise information about the source of the spill, the amount of barrels involved, and pretty much anything else. And this happens one week before the Pre-COP Summit in Margarita. Not the best days for eco-socialism, or PDVSA for that matter.

7 thoughts on “Chavismo: Putting the “eek” in “eco-socialism”

  1. Speaking of oil and disaster, I am still waiting for that report from Inpsasel on the Aumay explosion, as I grow older and older and older. But I see the institution tasked with protecting the health and safety of workers has a nice presentation on Karl Marx on their website. Who has time to investigate industrial shit blowing up the working class when there is Marxist theory to explore…

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  2. Is it too dilute for the Colombians to buy? If not the hidden hand of off-the-books small cap, free marketeer, transportation and export specialists will handle.


    • They’ll use slave labor without any protective gear to dredge the oil out of the place, so rojo rojito, robolucionario chaburro milicos can keep all the profits.
      All while 20-something people are shot dead everyday and many more die in hospitals without any supplies, bravo for the people’s revolution!


  3. This is what brain drain gets ya!

    All those talented oil workers enriching Colombia, Canada, Malaysia, and Venezuela is left with the rojo rojito dregs…


  4. If this oil spill had happened in the U.S., “Environmentalists” from all over the world would be attacking the “greedy capitalists” and calling for heads to roll. Where is the outrage when an environmental disaster is created by “Socialists”?


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