Breaking: Interior Minister Rodriguez Torres got sacked

rodriguez-torres-ningun-funcionario-recibe-ordenes-de-violar-los-ddhhNicolas Maduro has just announced the exit of the Interior, Justice and Peace Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres and asked him to take a break.

Defense Minister Cármen Meléndez will assume Rodriguez Torres’ post while the head of the Armed Forces’ Strategic Opreational Command (CEO) Vladimir Padrino López will take the Defense Ministry job.

Question: If this was all about taking a break, why changing the post and not settling instead for a leave of absence, leaving the Vice-Minister in charge for a few days or weeks? Here’s the video:

16 thoughts on “Breaking: Interior Minister Rodriguez Torres got sacked

  1. Ha Ha, Yes, Maduro told him to get a 15 day vacation but he better stick around and do internal tourism in the Patria he help to destroy, otherwise he might end up in a cell.


  2. Is this, “Get out of town before sundown?” or “Ramo Verde or Miami?” or some other variation?

    This is a fascinating development. So much for closing ranks.


  3. Recall that Torres and Merentes, before the recent ‘sacudon’ cabinet shakeup in September, were said to be in line with Ramirez on the economic reforms needed (unifying the exchange rate regimes into one, gas prices, etc), but they were afraid to do them rapidly, as Ramirez wanted, Let’s see if it has relevance to that difference.


  4. Ramirez Torres is just a scapegoat bone thrown to the Colectivo dogs to quell their anger at the Govt.-sanctioned revenge hit on Odreman for the Serra murder.

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  5. Amazing that an unarmed peaceful opposition has marched and marched for 15 years demanding that ministers and presidents be replaced with no results, yet the armed collectivos/militias marched one day demanding the replacement of Torres and the next day it was granted. What will Cabello and the military be thinking…..?


  6. The guy got a full-paid-in-dollars-vacation in anonimity for slaughtering 45 people during the protests this year and offing the boss of the death squad where the guy who fragged bigmouth serra was.

    Doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me.


  7. At best, MRT will just fade out like Giordani and Silva. He’ll likely be demoted to a lesser job that’ll keep him out of sight for some time.
    I do wonder if any attempts on his life will follow, since he’d been very recently calling for yet another security body to protect the high command.
    Regarding Melendez, I’m hoping she will screw up just as badly.


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