How is the disarmament plan doing so far?

desarme_015It has been almost a month since the voluntary disarmament plan I wrote about last week was first announced by Nicolas Maduro, and finally we have an official number from Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres.

800 guns collected. That’s it.

To say unimpressive would be an understatement. But the government isn’t worried and will do a special program next month. What’s the catch? It will be sort of a telethon hosted by TVes.

Meanwhile, other legal guns just fell in the wrong hands: Three men robbed 54 weapons from a Bolivarian National Police branch in Guarenas, Miranda State. Weeks ago, a similar incident occurred inside a Maracay military base.

11 thoughts on “How is the disarmament plan doing so far?

  1. …” 20 weapons were seized from a Bolivarian National Police branch in Guarenas, Miranda State.”

    Actually the number is being reported as 42 automatic weapons.

    I also posted earlier that this was a useless waste of time.
    Just more on going propaganda.

    It has also been announced that they will begin using drones & radar against the crime wave.
    Probably will turn out just like Bareto’s balloons.


  2. Chavismo may split into moderate and radical factions at some point as the country becomes ungovernable. The colectivos and other splinter groups will never give up their weapons and are dedicated to killing political opponents.


  3. Maduro’s Government seems to be unable to actually execute a plan effectively. Instead, they preffer to blame somebody else about their constant failures.


  4. It sounds more like a trade-in program, you give your old outdated gun and go to your nearest police station and get a brand new and safer version. We the revolution take care of our people.


  5. I saw a report that Iris Varela wants to open a museum with the weapons found in her prisons… rather than hang her head in shame at the incompetence of her prison administration in leaving weapons in.


  6. … And also from the same veritable fountain of wonderful ideas, comes the new official strategy to prevent and combat Ebola …LOVE!


  7. Are you sure the guns were “robbed” from the police station & the military base, as opposed to “sold by corrupt officers”?


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