Too much death

alberto-barrera1The great Alberto Barrera on the Serra murders, talking about all the morally bankrupt chavistas jumping the gun and putting the blame for the Serra murders on our side. The highlight:

La violencia no nos rodea. Ya, más bien, vivimos en ella. No es una amenaza externa. Habita con nosotros. Está en todos lados. También en el lenguaje. Los homicidios en el país no son fascistas o burgueses: son muchos. Nada más. Son demasiados. No estamos ante un problema de adjetivos sino de estadística. El poder también debe desarmar su mentalidad, su concepción militar de la política, su forma bélica de relacionarse con la realidad. El país entero es mucha muerte. Esa es la conspiración. Esa es nuestra única guerra.

In English:

Violence does not surround us. Instead, we live in it. It is not an external threat, it is part of our lives. It is everywhere, in the language as well. Murders in our country are neither fascist nor bourgeoise murders: they are too many murders. Nothing more. They are too many. We are not facing a problem of adjectives, we are facing a problem of statistical. Power must also disarm its mindset, its military conception of politics, its war-like way of relating to reality. The entire country is too much death. That is the conspiracy. That is our only war.

The paragraph reads much better in Spanish than in my poorly-translated English.

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  1. The Interior Minister stated on his radio show that it was not a robbery since Serra’s computer was not taken. I guess that rules out the opposition because the info on that computer would have been too valuable for them not to take it.


    • Good point.

      Although … we all know how serial murderer Alvaro Uribe loves to steal computers every time he kills. And we know he did it! (See Smilde, Perez Hernaiz). So something is wrong. Maybe they switched the computers!


      • Because Uribe knew if the computer were gone, he’d be the first to be blamed. So he called on Coronel Mostaza to kill but not to take the computer.

        Sorry for the dumb joke of a subject that is no laughing matter.


  2. This was right on the mark as well:

    Es difícil decidir qué es peor: juzgar y condenar sin investigación, politizar a priori un crimen, o aprovechar un homicidio para hacer promoción y adular a un presidente. Algunas frases también necesitan autopsias.


    • Re the English translation. Not bad, but a few points from a working interpreter:
      1. la estadistica is ‘statistics’. Statistical is not the noun.
      2.You missed a ‘neither…nor’, which is very usual for Spanish speakers because of the different way English handles negatives. ‘The nation’s homicides are neither fascist nor bourgeois’.

      As an interpreter, here’s how I would translate it:
      “We aren’t surrounded by violence, rather, we already live inside it. It’s not an external threat, it dwells with us. It’s everywhere, even in our language. The nation’s homicides are neither fascist nor bourgeois. They are too many. Nothing more, they’re too much. We don’t face a problem of too many adjectives, rather one of statistics. Those in power should also disarm their mentality, the military conceptualization of politics, the bellicose relationship with reality. The whole nation is too full of death. That’s the conspiracy. That is our extraordinary war.

      (Excuse the lack of accents, haven’t figured them out on this tablet)
      As per Collins and Larousse: mucho can also mean ‘too many’, ‘too much’,or ‘a lot’
      Unico can also mean ‘unique’, ‘unusual’, or ‘extraordinary’.

      This sounds like he spoke these words, and someone wrote them down, the punctuation isn’t right…Spanish sentences are usually much longer. There are two schools of translation, one is to let the translation still sound foreign, the other is to make the translation sound as natural and idiomatic as possible…but due to the odd punctuation I left the short sentences as written.


  3. I have my reserves on the translation…

    The text in Spanish deserves a better review in its current English form.


  4. If the Interior Minister says it wasn’t a robbery because the computer was not taken, what does he make of the several guns that were indeed taken?


  5. Básicamente lo que más le va a costar entender a muchos venezolanos, tanto chavistas como demócratas, es que la violencia que nos agobia a todos los niveles actualmente es el producto del discurso cargado de violencia y odio del muñeco de cera, discurso que le sirvió para mantener controlada a la sociedad venezolana.


    • Ralph, I grew up in 70s and can recall the barrio and niche violence then…these kids where not even teenagers and they where already socipathic and without remorse. PLenty of them. Today these kids are in power. And that was 30-40 years ago, I cannot imagine how much worse it got. I learned to fight from the ass whoopings niches gave me. I took my new skills to the American schools and taught every bully a lesson.


      • In the 70s, 80s and part of the 90s, you got killed “por un par de zapatos” (just for a pair of shoes), and it was very often that murders were done with “chuzos”, a couple of stabs, you bleed to death.

        Now, the drug addicts and psychos are much worse, they carry 9mm automatic guns, and won’t hesitate to empty a whole magazine at the slightest provocation, today’s murders are overkill, be it 30 stabs, 50 gunshots, people dismembered and their limbs scattered across several cities.

        It sucked and was bad before, but now it’s much worse, and that’s thanks to the hate-filled speech of the wax doll, that’s how he got control over so many childish people, who never matured past the “school bully” age, and are more than happy to unload their hatred on somebody they want, just because they can.


  6. As you should know, Rodriguez Torres just went full nelson this afternoon trying to hunt down whatever thug he had a “culebra”, mainly based on them being loosely related with Serra’s murder.

    Now, colectivo’s say they will fight back to avoid the fate of German SA.


    • would like to see pushback and blowback by their own. However, with this murder, they are sending a clear message that even the dumbest and loudest colectivos should heed.


  7. I heard Miami is going to get the blame for Serra. Let me guess: Robert Alonso!!!!

    Seriously, they (the regime) did this. The last time we went through this and nobody believed them was Paracachitos. Robert Alonso is a terrorist and coup-monger who now resides in Miami (his sister does not talk to him). Robert used Paracachitos as embezzlement scheme to rippoff oppo financiers before fleeing for Miami. The regime infiltrated plan from early on snagging a few dumb but bright generals along. If Maduro blames everyone except himself tomorrow, then we will know the regime was behind this. Few will talk because of fear. This story is A deadly hot potato


  8. Wasn’t it Torres who participated in the Golpe de Estado against Presidente Perez and was supposed to have shot and killed Perez’s wife and children if he encountered them during the putsch? I remember hearing that a few months ago….He should know all about violence and how it is supposed to work.


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