Quick reminder to all non-revolutionary women

inamujerEsteemed Capitalist Pig,

A socialist greeting to you!

The following is to notify you that, even though the Central Government is now working on a new political framework to cope with violence against women – specially that inflicted by family members or partners – you, by virtue of being a dirty capitalist, imperialist and escuálida apátrida, do not qualify for said protection.

You are once again reminded that only those female comrades committed heart and soul to the revolutionary process will have their basic human rights recognized.

We also exhort our female comrades to not break the commandments of our Lord Chavez and fall into the temptation of the capitalist lifestyle, because that will result in the immediate termination of the recognition said rights.

We only serve Revolutionary Women. Do not insist … unless you want to end up like that lost woman Eva Hebert.

Good Day,

The Management.

Long Live Chavez. Capitalist swine need not apply.

17 thoughts on “Quick reminder to all non-revolutionary women

    • It goes way before that, anybody remembers the insulting “Esta noche te doy lo tuyo, Marisabel!”?
      They’ll excuse it as just some “innocent chalequeo”, when it’s really one way to think what only women are for in this “revolutionary people’s republic”


  1. Somehow I thought that Lina Ron didn’t need any help in defending herself against violence- perhaps because she was more likely to be the one to initiate violence herself.


  2. Machismo, misogyny and violence against women is a problem common to all of Latin America, but somehow it is much more acute in Venezuela. I wonder why…


  3. Well Audrey, for once I disagree with you. When I read the post, I thought that you were going to show confirmation that one of the directives of Inamujer had said something related to the fact that women being helped had to be registered in the PSUV or something of the sort. The tone that you used in the post made me think that.

    Yet, after peeling one and other link (I am not sure that I peeled them all), all I could really find was that there was a prospective employee that was fired because she moonlighted as a model, and that was not considered appropriate for someone that worked in women issues.

    I don’t agree with the firing, but the issue sounds to me totally different than the tone you gave in your post. To me, a firing like that could have happened in any feminist organization around the world, or in any other context (a teacher that moonlights as a Chippendale dancer, a nun that moonlights as a dancer, a medicine professor that has a sexy blog, etc etc …). The issue here is a matter of encountered values between the employer and the employee…you planted the issue in the Venezuelan context and extended it as if it were simply a chavista issue.

    Maybe it is, but the post does not prove that. It just proves that the values of Inamujer chief are different than the values of a well-educated and beautiful prospective employee.


  4. Well Bruni, you do raise a valid point. Perhaps no “Lista Tascón” exist for this,or they are not asking for your PSUV membership number, but the fact remains that the “values” of INAMUJER under Martínez are pro-chavismo and pro-“socialism” first, and then “pro-woman”. To me, it is only a matter of time that these values bleed over to the women who seek help from the institute.


  5. It’s pretty sad to see that the newspaper article that attempts to show a case of discrimination against a woman starts by describing her physical appearance. That’s Venezuela for you. It’s maybe a little worse that it passed unnoticed in this post.


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