The unsafe, expensive, and illegal adventures of Cheverito

The Venezuelan Ministry of Torism has just released the Adventures of Cheverito, a comic that revolves around an eco-friendly Venezuelan – Cheverito (how many meetings did it take to come up with that?) – who travels around the country alongside his trusted companion Eco.

After identifying the cost of Cheverito’s adventures in Venezuela – anything but cheap -, we sat down with @danielragua to take a long look at other kind of crazy things from the PDF version of the comic:

  • The artist that made the cover seems to be a fan of Pokémon. Intellectual property, anyone?


  •  What the hell is Eco? A Pokeball? Flubber?!


  •  Or maybe Eco is a long lost cousin of Wilson (from the movie “Cast Away“), and Cheverito is simply lonely?


  •  Knowing the cost of Cheverito’s adventure, he must be very rich. We dare ask: is he a friend of El Potro?

  •  Or maybe a friend of Dani Cabello, budding pop star and daughter of Diosdado?

  • By the way Cheverito talks, we think he comes from the 70’s. Who the hell says “¡Chévere cambur!” now days and thinks it’s cool? Can you say pavosaurio?



  • Also… Cheverito seems pretty relaxed when it comes to his personal safety. Maybe he thinks our high crime levels are a matter of perception? Or maybe he has a couple of bodyguards?

  • If Cheverito is so eco-friendly, why did he leave his cap at the top of Angel Falls?



When it comes to breaking the law, Cheverito says: “¡Chévere cambur!”

In other words, climbing up the side of the tepuys and jumping off is forbidden according to Venezuelan law. So… when it comes to breaking the law, Cheverito says: “¡Chévere cambur!”

24 thoughts on “The unsafe, expensive, and illegal adventures of Cheverito

  1. Oh come on. Must we shit on EVERYTHING the government does?

    I think promoting tourism is a good thing, and promoting it in a “green” (ecological) way is doubly good. I, for one, like Cheverito and I like that he says “Chevere cambur”. And hey, there are no indoctrinating, socialist, or Chavez references. It all sounds pretty impartial to me. (That said, I haven’t gone through the entire pdf).

    Sure, it has its flaws and stupid blunders (like the breaking the law one, if confirmed), but shitting on everything someone (or some entity) does doesn’t encourage improvement. It just perpetuates negativity and unwillingness to work together, which is exactly the opposite of what we need.


    • It’s not our fault that everything the government does is shit, dude.
      You can pull as much propaganda as you like claiming that the country is safe and cool to visit, but that won’t be more than a shitty waste of money of there’s no actual good service and security here in Venezuela.
      Backpatting and pandering failures isn’t a way to improve either, just look at how messed is the economy, and there are several idiots who actually celebrate that nowadays you have to spend like 8 to 10 minimum wages in a computer, or that you can’t find half of the medicines you need anywhere, or that criminals are slaughtering people left and right.


    • Well, Rodrigo, ecological tourism or “ecotourism” is a contradiction. This word has been very common in the last couple of decades but it is nonsense. The closest we could come to real ecotourism would be to
      go to the beaches or to the Gran Sabana (preferably in an “environmentallly friendly” bus or the like) to clean the rubbish people throw there.

      If they want to promote people going to spend time cleaning the Valencia Lake or the Tuy River, I’m all for it.


      • Well, you’re giving other solutions and offering constructive criticism (as Canucklehead does below too). That’s most welcome. Just bashing stuff isn’t good for anyone.


    • In my experience, rather than take advice from an air bubble as to what constitutes eco friendly behaviour, a simple, low-cost sign saying up to $2000 fine for littering, and boots on the grounds to enforce it, goes a long way to promote respect for the environment from tourists.

      Also, it seems to me that the creators of this cartoon are the worst offenders, hence I think a lot of the skepticism. Will Cheverito make a visit to Lake Maracaibo?

      But I agree that rather than just scoff and shit on things, which I just admittedly did, we should also promote solutions, so that’s mine. Fine the bastards. A cartoon may influence the behaviour of five year olds for the duration of their short attention span, but it will not influence the behaviour of hundreds of thousands of drunk adult beachgoers in a national park on a long weekend.


      • Yes,please! please! send Chevarito to the playa in front of my apartment to talk with the fat drunken slobs that wake me up on weekends at 3 AM with their blaring music and also have them clean all the shit they leave on the beach.


  2. I’d sure like to see Cheverito spend some time in one of the lovely “5” star Venetur hotels. Not so “Chevere cambur”.


  3. I wonder when they will release that strip when cheverito gets shot 5 times to the face and mugged of “la bolita vergataria esa que habla mierdas”


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