The tower, cont.

10177530_290006244507433_6162437968697370173_n-632x421One week after a press report mentioned the possible sale of the high-rise slum “Torre de David” to the Chinese (and, consequently, the eviction of the 1,200 families that currently live there), the Minister of the Transformation of Caracas (yes, that’s a Ministry, given to the guy who lost the election for Caracas mayor) Ernesto Villegas denied it … and announced instead the future “dignification” of the building.

Villegas (who visited the skyscraper last May) indicated that they will take a census of the current residents and install a police post to provide security. He also said that further construction is not being allowed, and that he can’t give away any details of the upcoming plans because “what matters is the final result”. Okay then…

If he doesn’t mention how long this “dignification plan” will actually take, don’t be surprised. Just take a look at his counterparts in the Mision Vivienda in the capital: according to a recent field report of the Metropolitan Urbanism Institute of Caracas (IMUTC), only 15% of all public housing works have been finished. The majority (75%) are still under construction, and a large chunk (10%) haven’t gotten off the ground yet. Not very promising data.

Looks like the Torre of David will be left alone for now. After all, Putin will give Maduro a new credit lifeline. But who knows what the Russians will ask in exchange. Perhaps buying more junk weapons won’t be enough…

7 thoughts on “The tower, cont.

  1. Funny, I have been trying to find more information about that “new line of credit” in Russian and I find NOTHING but a reference to what Delcy Eloína said. Usually at least the business newspaper Kommersant would report about that.

    Any idea how the general plan for housing for all of Venezuela is going?


  2. Well, Ernesto looks pretty bad now. And he won’t care. I guess the Chinese really wanted to take the tower right now.


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