Rafael Ramírez’s Sky-high FAIL

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Venezuelan travelers await the return of planes diverted to Brazil for the World Cup

Almost two months ago,while visiting Maracaibo, PDVSA President/Oil Minister/Economic Vice-President Rafael Ramírez tried to justify the drastic reduction of international commercial flights to Venezuela in recent months:

“Aquí nadie se va de este país, las aerolíneas esas que andan yéndose están desviando aviones para el Mundial de fútbol. Pero no es que se estén yendo del país, métanle el ojo a eso”.

“Nobody here is leaving this country, those airlines that are leaving are just diverting planes for the World Cup. But they’re not leaving the country. Pay a closer look to that.”

Well, the World Cup is over, Deutschland ist Weltmeister and everyone is either going home or already there…

So, Mr. Ramírez, the problem should be solved by now… Am I right?Right?RIGHT? [sound of crickets]

It’s official: Mr. Ramírez’s aerial expertise is just like mine in quantum physics, which is none. There’s another small addition to Annabella and Barbara’s excellent report card.

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    • And you have to be so narrow minded not to be aware that you will get exposed 1 month later. At this point I am afraid they don’t think we are idiots, the already know.


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