Caracas Chronicles in Deutschland

I’m delighted Caracas Chronicles has been invited by the German Embassy in Santiago and the Deutsche Welle to this year’s Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. The theme of the Forum this year is particularly relevant for all of us in the blogging community, since it deals with the role of old and new media in this changing world of ours.

I’ll be traveling to Bonn, Germany in a few days to participate in the Forum. I will be tweeting and posting about these issues next week from the Forum (or my hotel room, depending on how the day goes).

In the meantime, check out the participant list if you have time, and let me know if there is anyone in particular you think I should meet. Personally, I will look out for the issues that touch our Hemisphere and the speakers on the topic, but also will try and seek out interesting people from the most far-flung places that we can all learn from.

Also, if you are in the area and would like to meet up, just drop me a line, nageljuan at gmail.

22 thoughts on “Caracas Chronicles in Deutschland

  1. This is a well deserved recognition of Caracas Chronicles as a source of very innovative and intelligent journalism . congratulations to Juan and the rest of the CC team !!


  2. Congratulations Juan. Great opportunity. By the way, in min 3:10 they show a map of the participating countries. From South America, Venezuela and Ecuador are not highlighted.
    Will you be presenting? The topic is information and participation. CC does a great job at informing, but I have not seen much about participation. Have you thought of ways to channel the information into participation? If you have not, that’s fine, but it may give you a chance to think how CC can transcend from informing into political action. Perhaps a voting system like Amazon does with customer reviews, or a searchable data base of the madurismo shenanigans? There got to be many possibilities.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, mein Freund


    • Good point. I think the “participation” aspect is there just as much as Venezuela is a “participatory democracy” … Kidding aside, it-s a good point, I hadn’t really given it much thought but I’ll mull it over.


    • Oh, and I don’t know why they didn’t highlight Venezuela. I am going as a Venezuelan blogger, just that I’m based in Chile. I hope they don’t want me there as some sort of expert on Chile.

      Oh, and I’m not presenting. I’m just there to listen and meet people I guess.


  3. If you can reach him, Bassem Youssef, of course.
    You can try to listen to the Russian bloggers as well.


    • He may be in a talking mood:

      “…Le dirigí una carta al presidente Chavez … donde le digo absolutamente todo. Le digo que es imposible aceptar los niveles de corrupción que tiene el país…

      …Aquí no hay socialismo, no hay República, no hay democracia, no hay hombre nuevo, no hay revolución no hay nada. Todo es una farsa…

      … es vergonzoso ver como funcionarios de PDVSA envían comunicaciones pidiendole dinero, estafando a la gente y luego escriben patria, socialismo o muerte…

      …Creo que se perdió la perspectiva de lo que estabamos haciendo, creo que estamos en un nivel de cleptocracia, de oclocracia y de plutocracia extremos y de descomposición social y política…

      …por lo tanto por eso tomé la decisión de ir y por eso quiero dejar esta grabación, porque si me pasa algo sepan que quien me mandó a matar a mi fue el presidente Chávez y me imagino que su brazo ejecutor fue la Disip …

      …con la complicidad del Contralor, de la Fiscal y del Ministerio de Energía, Rafael Ramírez, que era mi amigo desde que eramos estudiantes en la universidad…

      … el monstruo que está construyendo el presidente Chávez de corrupción y dinero en su entorno es algo brutal. Y tiene un instrumento, el petroleo, con eso puede comprar todo…

      … yo una vez lo escuché hablando con los rusos, decía que él no perdía la esperanza de tener una bomba atómica. ¿Para qué?

      ¿Con qué ética, con qué moral, con qué responsabilidad usted empuja un país hacia la locura?

      … usa la guerra como un mecanismo de defensa de su mediocridad de su incapacidad de su corrupción…

      Por lo tanto el único responsable de mi muerte se llama Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías…”


      • El imbécil ..and the guy doesn’t even speak German. The US can perhaps afford to have an ambassador to Japan who doesn’t speak Japanese but who is there because of her connections (Kennedy). It is not optimal for them but it is not tragic: they have surely a bunch of embassy employees who speak the language and can get her out of trouble.

        But a poor country like Venezuela sending an ambassador to Germany who doesn’t speak German?

        Wankers! Well: that’s the norm for Venezuelan ambassadors now. Fleming hardly spoke French even though he was in France (I think thanks to IV Republic Fundayacucho), much less Dutch and he was the ambassador to Belgium ‘and the EU’.


  4. Congratulations to you all: well merited! ((But no trying to take any break from posting, we won’t tolerate slacking off!)


  5. Touristic value added would be:
    You’ll probably will take the train from Frankfurt to Bonn.
    There is a really very nice track through Rhein Valley.
    In Frankfurt you don’t take the fast train to Siegburg/Bonn but a train which goes through Mainz straight to Bonn Hauptbahnhof. There are direct trains on this route every to hours, but its probably easier to take a regional train to Mainz Hauptbahnhof and change there. In Frankfurt airport use Regionalbahnhof instead of Fernbahnhof, que se ubica al lado. There are different trains each 20 minutes or so which go to Mainz Hauptbahnhof. This takes less than half an hour.
    In Mainz there are IC-trains to Bonn, which goes straight through Rhein valley. Those trains depart from Mainz HBF every hour at xx:20. This leg takes less than 1:30 hours.
    Its awesome even after the very long flight.
    If you already have a train ticket like a combined ticket airline/Deutsche Bahn for Deutsche Bahn its ok to use this track instead of the ICE Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof – Siegburg/Bonn.

    URL to Deutsche Bahn Schedule:
    In this sample connections at
    15:58 (from Fernbahnhof without change of train)
    16:59 (with EC)
    18:01 (from Fernbahnhof with ICE without change of train)
    18:58 (with IC)


      • ??? I don’t understand, Kepler. Nice stay in my dirty, sentimental, self-centered home town, Juan Cristobal.
        Best view is back of the Dom at night coming from the Rhein.
        Greetings from near Wolfsburg, relocating to a architecture consulting/ programming job in Brandenburg. Well, its actually in Berlin ABC zone.


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