Disbanded, but not without honor

UNA hat tip to Ultimas Noticias’ former investigation team for receiving the award for best investigative report from IPYS (Instituto Prensa y Sociedad). Congrats to César Batiz, Airam Fernández, Lisette Boon, Laura Weffer, Albinson Linares, and their director, Tamoa Calzadilla.

Please forgive me if any names are missing, I took the information from the Ultimas Noticias post reporting on the honor bestowed upon the journalists they just forced out of the newspaper.

Funny how things work out.

Go ahead and check out -once again- the award winning report: Uniformados y civiles dispararon en Candelaria el 12F

15 thoughts on “Disbanded, but not without honor

  1. you look at those reporters and it’s two different countries. Those reporters are not pueblo. They are educated middle and upper class. Venezuela is not for them anymore.


    • That is precisely what La Peste Roja has always liked us to say, and clearly they have achieved. Class-hatred was a foreign and imposed excuse for chavistas to find some ground among the people. It is sad that most people in Venezuela actually believe this is true.

      Until 20 years ago Venezuela was an example of social mobility through education and hard work. No matter your “class”


      • That just goes to show you the power of politics everywhere.Herd extincts insure the adherence to political gestures that create conflict in order to receive promised resolution and most of all VOTES…


        • Disclaimer to occassional readers out there:

          FIrepigette is a US citizen who lives in (N? S?) Carolina. She lived for many years in Venezuela but she does not represent the feelings of the great majority of Venezuelans of the opposition.

          She may represent the feelings of people in the countryside in N or S Carolina – I don’t know – but not those of Venezuelans.


            • Venelondoner


              Kepler hates my opinions so he slanders me.

              I am a Venezuelan citizen who lived most of my adult life in Venezuela, and grew up in Washington DC, and share very few opinions with people in North Carolina or Venezuela .

              I believe in the freedom of thought , rather than adhering to the majority’s opinion who elected Chavez.The majority in Venezuela have been really abysmal in handing the situation.

              Kepler seems to think that people who opine have to be in the majority or else criticized if he disagrees.This the kind of authoritarianism that got Chavez elected and keeps Chavismo in power.


    • “Venezuela is not for them anymore” whatever happened to “Venezuela es de Todos”?
      Would you care to renconcile that for us?


    • Is a complete mystery why the attitude from the (actively hunted to extinction) middle class to the poor isn’t warm these days.


    • Pathetic. I ask, why want to belong in Venezuela? Every human is uneducated, low class and poor by default, but some by the virtue of their nature will aspire to become more. The remainder are the “Pueblo”, but Santiago de León de Caracas is a Big City and has Universities and it’s students want more than just a “Pueblo”. They want to be educated, have careers, liberty, and yes they want to have wealth also. with them the Nation will have real progress. The Pueblo will then rise with the students to become a great City or die with them, their futures are inseparable. Patria, Muerte o Publeo, darle fuego!!!


  2. That was an excellent report,i was amazed when i saw that.I was thinking about it a few days ago.

    Was that sole report the reason for the takeover? Or was that report made because of the takeover?
    Their final gambit.


  3. I know Lisette Boon since our high school days, and she is indeed passionate about investigative reporting. This is not the first prize she and her team receive, but just one of many in a very bright career. Kudos to them!.


  4. The risks keep raising, more younger people growing up with no free media, single party system, etc. and more middle aged people leaving or adecuandose!. Older demographics just becoming less relevant politically or simply dying away.

    Eventually, they will just find themselves in a new CUBA, where reference to different times is two to three generations away! scary.


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