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This was a bad week for chavismo, with its internal struggles becoming more evident than ever. But Schadenfreude would feel a bit better … if our side wasn’t in such a state of disrepair.

In that regard, I like this idea by Jean Maninat: the MUD folks should sit down and come up with a joint plan, and they should do so now. The folks who signed this thing and the folks who don’t want to do anything … need to find common ground. The person to spearhead such a plan? Antonio Ledezma.

Given his gravitas, Ledezma may be the best choice we have. Whether it’s fair or not, the MUD leadership has simply lost credibility. And heck … it’s not like Ledezma has anything else to do.

Have a great weekend everyone.

18 thoughts on “Paging mayor Ledezma

  1. When I read the intro in my email it said “the mud folks should sit down and come up with a joint…” Then you jump to page. Intrigued me enough to jump.


    • I thought the same thing. Of course, I’ve periodically wondered fromif the ideas they’ve come up with and put forth were inspired by said joint.


    • I must confess I got hopeful when I got to the joint part too.

      They’ve tried just about everything else……….Might as well go Green Lumpia………….


  2. Ledezma has been doing that, BTW:

    The thing is, the main thing that divides the oppo is the answer to a simple question:

    What actually happened on April 14, 2013?

    The differences of opinion on both sides pretty much branch from not getting a consensus on that. Hell, we saw it on this very blog.

    I make no secret on which side I am, I believe that Capriles should have defended the votes as he said that he would, and called to the streets, grieving chavistas for the mesmo and all, and the fact that he didn’t, together with the secrecy of his strategy, makes his side and himself void of credibility.

    Also, I grow tired of the calls of “radical” and “divisionist” for what, not believing that Henry Falcón should be President? Not believing that Capriles’s behaviour is consistent? Not believing the “two halves” nonsense, when is evident that most of the country despises Maduro? Yeah, fuck off.


  3. What has divided the opposition is a matter of tactics not of final objective , In turn people who prefer one tactic to another have by way of consequence followed different leaderships depending on which tactic they favoured . Both tactics have caveats and limitations , both have virtues and advantages , it is not impossible to combine them by adopting a flexible versatile approach . At different moments , in different contexts either tactics can be useful . To totally exclude either tactic seems blind to the complexity of the situation the opposition faces in its quest to rescue the country from its destroyers .!! As conditions change either tactic may be more or less practical and appropiate !! why not start with this approach instead of pursuing artificially inlfated antagonisms.,


  4. I like Ledezma, – certainly a lot more than Caprilito and his insufferable early campaigns lost in some pueblito.. But unfortunately the MUD already mudded everything up. Ya la ca…

    The disguised neo-dictatorship simply will not give up Power and all the $$$ they are stealing peacefully. There’s just too much cash at stake for a few hundred politicians in power, then thousands of heavy enchufados, including big companies and big business, including top Military.

    It’s gonna take even further deterioration of the Economy, basic needs, more inflation, more escasez, more colas, more people REALLY pissed off to overthrow this corrupt regime. In the streets, as in Egypt or La Bastille a couple hundred years ago: No Bread = No Harina Pan.

    But yeah, meanwhile, the more united the opposition gets the better. And get Caprilito some nice little gig as Gobernador de Lara, or something, Ledezma.


  5. hmmm yeah another guy that believes that can do something about anything…. sure go for it, but I’m not holding my breath though.


  6. Geordani-nomics might have worked better on an isolated island, but for Venezuela, with its porous boarders, it has produced a Geordani Knot that is going to be too painful for the regime to untie voluntarily. So, I’m waiting for signs for something to unravel. The question in my mind is whether there is going to be a cavalry to save the day when, and who could that be? My hope has been that private enterprise will be given a chance with guarantees that entrepreneurs can begin to invest and build things back from the ashes. I don’t see any other way!


  7. Let me see, i’ll change a state-centred, with has central-planification as it political flag for the representation or…well, System that also was state-centred and focused on central-planification (we didn’t have a municipal election until the 90s, and i believe Ledezma is older than that).

    Sorry, but i will not vote por ABP candidates or another party that will just try to delay the decision related with the reduction of public expenditure and the reduction of the state


  8. “The best choice we have” … the best choice for what? Post-Maduro post-Chavismo Venezuela? Get Real!

    Your only choices are how to get the hell out of Venezuela. Those who can’t must suck it up and make the best of it.

    I know Venezuelans with US working papers (they worked for me) that left the U.S. to go back to Venezuela and work with PDVSA for example. They are making money hand over fist… well over six figures (in US dollars). I don’t hear these guys complain too much… they know how to get along and survive and they can leave whenever they want and return to the U.S.

    Why don’t you post about the long term because it’s really getting boring and painful to read the daily minutae specially when one has gone through this with Cuba. It’s been 15 years now and the wishful thinking has not stopped.


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