No shortage of tear gas


Auto-Tantric Asphyxiation. (Do NOT Google that.)

More than three months since the start of the protests, the excessive use of tear gas is the new normal, both in Caracas and right here in Barquisimeto.

But not every incident involving tear gas here in Guaroristan is directly related to the demostrations. Let me explain…

Last weekend, a local nightclub was celebrating its farewell party when two tear gas cannisters were set off inside. At least 500 people stampeded out of the club, thankfully leaving dozens of people with minor injuries or breathing problems in its wake. One person was reportedly shot in the stomach in the same incident.

Then, on Monday, another cannister was set off inside the dining room of the Science and Technology School at our UCLA (Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado), just hours after it restarted academic activities. A female student suffered minor burns.

Those responsible for both incidents are still at large, and there’s no evidence so far that both cases are related. What these stories show is how easy is for someone to obtain material technically only available to the Security Services. There’s just a lot of tear gas circulating around the country, and it’s Venezuela, so of course some is going to end up in the worst of hands. (Well, worse than the hands they were already in.)

And, remember, it’s not likely to run out any time soon. The government has bought a lot of tear gas in the last few years. And I mean, a lot. If only Maduro imposed price controls on the stuff…then it’d disappear in a minute.

11 thoughts on “No shortage of tear gas

  1. As it appears that most of the tear gas canisters originate in Brazil, with the complicit nod of approval from one Dilma Rousseff, why not rename these things in honor of their place of purchase? After all the term “Molotov cocktail” was a trademarked term of honor for the Russian Foreign Minister Vyachselav Molotov during the Second World War who initiated its development. His wicked gasoline-filled mini bombs struck terror into the hearts of Wehrmacht panzer drivers up and down the eastern front. The name stuck!

    In the case of tear gas canisters originating from Brazil how about,…..Dilma’s Doushebags! (just a thought)


    • The “Molotov cocktail” was invented (and named) by Finnish soldiers during their heroic defense against Soviet invasion in 1939-1940. The reference to Molotov was in (dis)honor of his leading role in the 1939 pact Hitler-Stalin Pact, under which Stalin agreed to Hitler’s conquest of Poland in return for a share of the loot and a free hand in Finland.

      Molotov was a ruthless thug, the willing tool of mass murderers. He shouldn’t be given credit for things he didn’t do.


  2. Maybe this is against the boliburgueses and the capitalist collaborators.Who else could afford to go to these places and waste good money when most of the folks are going hungry?


      • WOW Jeffry where did I say it was? Your Moral indignation is for what ??

        I am saying what I think could be happening.

        The truth is that I am sure than many people might be angry at all the enchufados going Scott free while the students are being gassed on the streets.Also there must be a lot of angry at so many who are living it up in clubs while most are hungry…..and the hungry are gassed.

        Use your logic .There are bound to be people looking to retaliate.The situation with the students is pretty darn awful right about now.

        It could be any number of things but people have to face reality and understand the complicated situation this is.


        • Good theory. It’s possible one or another canister deployed by the GN did not go off during a confrontation on the streets. Same people facing down the GN would have the guts to pull of a public disturbance stunt. But it could just be some pissed off GN retaliating for some other reason. Too many possibilities, enough to keep your inner Sherlock busy.


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