“Tío Simón” has left us

Thanks for everything Tio Simón

Thanks for everything, Tio Simón

The acclaimed Simón Díaz, Venezuela’s foremost folk singer and all around national treasure, passed away this morning, according to this message from his daugther Bettsimar. He was 85.

He will be remembered fondly by Venezuelans of all generations. Musician, actor, TV host, he was simply one of a kind.

On behalf of Caracas Chronicles, our deepest condolences to his family, friends and acquaintances in this time of mourning.

15 thoughts on ““Tío Simón” has left us

  1. “Si mi querencia es el monte, y mi fuerza el
    cimarrón, como no quieres que cante, como
    no quieres que cante, como canta un corazón “


      • “Lucero de la mañana, préstame tu claridad
        Para alumbrarle los pasos, a mi amante que se va
        Si pasas algún trabajo, lejos de mi soledad
        Dile al lucero del alba, que te vuelva a regresar
        Dile al lucero del alba, que te vuelva a regresar”

        Simón Diaz compone esta canción cuando se producen las grandes migraciones del campesino a la ciudad. El “amante” que se va es el campesino.


  2. Si mi querencia es el monte
    y la flor de araguaney,
    ¿Cómo no quieres que tenga
    -¡cómo no quieres que tenga!-
    tantas ganas de volver?

    Our nation owes this man a lot. He was responsible for helping sustain its culture in an age of rural-urban migration. He is one of the reasons why, despite all that has happened, many of us have not forgotten who we are.

    Descanse en paz, caballo viejo.


  3. Great man with a greater heart and soul…..pitty he left us but his songs are always in the heart of any venezuelan.


  4. Gracias Gustavo por compartir tan bonito video. Always knew Tio Simon to be greatly talented and of great heart, but never knew of “his funny bone” :) Several commenters are spot on; today the best of Venezuela dies and with him, a little bit of all of us. Good night to all, with “El loco Juan Carabina” playing in the background….


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