Who killed Juancho Montoya?

Relatives carry the coffin of Juan "Juancho" Montoya during his funeral in CaracasBBC Mundo’s Daniel Pardo offers a chronicle of the funeral held last Friday for Juan Montoya, one of the three people killed by gunfire on Wednesday’s protest in Caracas.

Montoya was a member of both the Libertador municipal police and a major player inside the colectivos, the government-supporting armed groups. Juancho (as he was known) believed that “violence is a tool”.

But there are many questions about the circumstances of his death, as his brother Jhony told newspaper Ultimas Noticias. UN’s investigation unit did a special report about what really happened that afternoon.

11 thoughts on “Who killed Juancho Montoya?

  1. Just to add an additional twist, let’s not forget that, during the Al Jazeera interview, Mr. Montoya made a very specific threat to chavistas getting rich through governmental contracts.


  2. Who? In descending order of probability:

    1. Friendly fire accident. The colectivos are not exactly disciplined troops.

    2. Someone in his own group who saw offing the boss as a way to move up.

    3. Someone in the police who saw Montoya as a threat to their authority.

    4. Organized by the government (SEBIN?) to produce a martyr (and secondarily to remove someone who had gotten too powerful).

    5. Someone in the collective who bore a personal grudge (relative killed, sister raped…) against Montoya and took the opportunity in the confusion to settle the score.

    6. One of the protesters brought a gun and used it. Needless to say, I find this scenario the least likely. They would not recognize him, and for them to take out the leader of this collective would be shear luck.


    • To judge from the UN film narrative It wasnt the colectivos doing the shooting , but Sebim squads accompanied by some misterious armed individuals in civilian garb , who participated in the shooting and then went behind the lines and dissapeared . A kind of mobile murder squad purposefully sent to do a particular job.
      Overall It looks like a planned govt ambush which could have included either the death of a chosen martyr or the accidental death of a distracted badly placed tupamaro from friendly fire. What is clear is that it was not an oppo shooter , the oppo people where all unarmed running here and there , flying from the Sebim bullets and smoke gas canisters !!
      There is nothing to support the govt suggestion that the men were killed by opposition gunmen bent on creating martyrs. !!


      • The Government is in theory bent on creating a martyr, not the opposition gunmen.
        Per your writing: “There is nothing to support the govt suggestion that the men were killed by opposition gunmen bent on creating martyrs. !!”
        What interest could the opposition have in promoting the image of a martyr that will consequently support the twisted government idea of the Revolution?
        Also, what does “oppo” mean?


  3. I havent seen this answered yet: I saw some images of Juanchos funeral, but they were from a few years back. What’s up with that?


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