Azul y no tan Rosa

Another piece of good news, Venezuela has recieved it’s first Goya award for the movie Azul y no tan Rosa.

Written, directed and produced by Miguel Ferrari, the movie deals with homosexuality, transexuality and gender violence, but it also deals with fatherhood, and gives a message of tolerance and acceptance. In a deeply homophobic and divided country, this is a step in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Azul y no tan Rosa

  1. It may just be that Venezuela is going to pass equal marriage legislation, without much fuzz, simply because people are going to be too busy queuing for food, to notice.

    A LGBT NGO introduced a bill, and not much has been said about it, not even by the usual suspects (Catholic Church, Evangelical Pastors, etc). Perhaps they’re waiting to see if the AN actually discusses it.


  2. The country being in the straits its in , any proposal to ;legalize gay marriage is bound to be looked upon by most as basically irrelevant and thus be tolerated by a population which by and large doesnt identify that much with gay causes . Moreover I suspect that most of the chavista hard core being probably heavilty steeped in Machista values , wont like it one bit except that the regime is so into going for emblematic gestures of high toned ‘progressive’ character ( any thing that runs counter to conventional or traditional values) that it might support it . Not out of conviction but in order to get a bit of cheap publicity from its sponsoring of a currently very voguish world tendency.


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