Party in the C.P.A. (Tocorón Prison)


Behind bars… that’s where the party’s at.

Remember the tale of Tokio discotheque, located inside Tocorón Prison in Aragua?

Well, the prison night-club has returned to the headlines: an 18-year old girl died of a possible overdose of drugs and alcohol after a weekend-long party in that club.

Can I just repeat that this nightclub is… inside a prison?! Back in 2012, the place even had commercials on local radio.

But that’s not the end of the story. Several pictures of the disco’s sort-of lavish premises have leaked online. Some have indicated that Disco Tokio was just re-opened last month. Tocoron isn’t an exception, but the rule. There’s even a family-friendly version of it.

But the government insists with the same-old excuse: It’s all the media’s fault! The fact that our justice system is rock-bottom isn’t relevant. Let’s control that nasty cable TV!

In the end, they don’t really want to do anything meaningful to solve this urgent issue.

P.S.: In case you’re wondering, C.P.A. stands for Centro Penitenciario de Aragua (Aragua Penitenciary Center), its official name. But everyone calls it Tocorón, so why even bother.

21 thoughts on “Party in the C.P.A. (Tocorón Prison)

  1. I can’t believe this! and the fact they advertise on the radio is even more f-ed up! The best part is that the premises are not even “controlled” by the prison guards and that non inmates come and go as they please!

    Everything is so upside down, that it sounds completely ridiculous to anyone not familiar with the whole story.


  2. But….but…but…the prison system is considered, by the WJP, the worst in the world with a score of .05, tied with Cameroon.

    How can this be? The humanity! The humanity!

    Credit where credit is due, you have to work extremely hard to get a score of .05. What has that got to be? Putting a prison between a pre-school and a bank with no fencing aside from stakes in the ground with a sign that says, “No trespassing beyond this fence between 10 PM and 8 AM”? Besides, it isn’t really a disco if it doesn’t have a giant mirror ball.


  3. Off topic: I really wish you CCers would arrange it so clicking in a link would open a new window. Constantly browsing out and in of the page gets old fast.


  4. Nicolaas, I think the deletions have to do with you promoting your book in the comments instead of engaging in the topic at hand. For example, this post is about the justice system, not hyperinflation.


    • I just wanna add: In recent days, there has been lots of spam, so perhaps I confused it NS’s comment as such. But now that you bring that up, there’s another reason.


  5. Doubt that access to and the enjoyment of the facilities of this very priviledge club are free, someone must be bankrolling it and making a profit on the business , probably one or more of the inmates plus some philantropic prison official . Shows you that when duly motivated Venezuelans can be very entrepenurial !!


  6. OT: TV is not the only thing we should reconsider (on Ley Resorte 3.0)


    A depressing read, if that’s the best policy advice experts can offer and the most deph we can get.

    Antonio Pasquali proposes an independent national TV channel outside of the influence of the government and advertisers, with lots of regional contents. Also known as the pitch for TVES.

    Marcelino Bisbal thinks public tv shouldn’t be partisan and commercial tv should be diverse. Also known as common sense.

    Maria Eugenia Mosquera proposes that everyone should medidate about values, and more public awareness campaigns. The default Venezuelan proposal: fuzzy feelings, awareness campaigns and no real policy change.

    They all concur tv shows don’t necessarily lead to violence.


  7. Serious question. Does anyone know the rationale used by the powers that be to let this happen? How is this justifiable? Does anyone have the link to the story were Varela replies back to her naysayers with a study completed in La Habana that clearly shows that well partied prisoners have a much higher rate of rehabilitation?


    • You’re getting it wrong, I think you’re not properly understanding how things work in jails. The Guardia Nacional are merely gatekeepers who let people in and out, the real control of the jails is in hands of the inmates.

      They’re not allowing inmates to have pools, discos and drugs, they have no way to stop it.


  8. Every time I see one of these prison stories I first thing, CC is must be making up the inflation and murder numbers too. This can’t be real… can it?

    Seriously, stop trolling me. Just stop.


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