The causes of crime in one graph

Take it away, World Justice Project.World JusticeShould it surprise you that a country with no justice system, tons of weapons, and lots of drug smuggling … is a killing field?

What I love about the report is that it compares us not only with Latin America, but with countries around the world that have similar income to ours. Anyway you slice it, we’re doing horribly.

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  1. Yes – in terms of Rule of Law – there is very much to be done and maybe it will never be done. Who knows?

    The disaster according to the WJP is offset by many positive aspects which are never mentioned by Juan Nagel in his mission to discredit Venezuela whatever is done here.

    Well, he talks about “us” but he lives in the neoliberal paradise of Chile which is a shining example of inequality and bourgeois favoritism in Latin America.

    Stay where you are Juan – much safer in a pseudo democracy with 58% abstnetion in the presi election.


    • what could possibly be positive about the current crime figthing system?

      widespread corruption in the police and tribunals, jails in destitute conditions, complete impunity, degrading moral values… Venezuela is a failed state in that regard. The worst part is that the chavism have no idea about how to clean the system, that’s even considering they wish to.

      And dont tell me that the tv and videogames are to blame I’ve watched and played a lot as have done billions and I’m not even interested in owning a gun, everytime an official claim that “the culture” is to blame he is just releasing himself from the obligation to fix the mess.

      “…there is very much to be done and maybe it will never be done. Who knows?”,
      a lot of places have performed very effective crime reduction programs, new york, medellin are examples, chavism is absolutely to blame for the problem, political change is necesary to change the situation.

      Tambien se peca por omisión.


    • It’s interesting, you acknowledge that Crime is high in Venezuela, but also believe that poverty is down sharply. Aren’t you thereby killing one of the canards of the left – poverty breads crime?


    • The disaster according to the WJP is offset by many positive aspects which are never mentioned by Juan Nagel in his mission to discredit Venezuela whatever is done here.

      From the report itself:
      Venezuela is the weakest performer in the region in most dimensions of the rule of law. Government accountability is weak (ranking third to last in the world), corruption is widespread (ranking eighty-first), crime and violence are common (ranking ninetieth), government institutions are not transparent, and the criminal justice system is ineffective and subject to political influence (ranking last in the world). The country also displays serious flaws in guaranteeing respect for fundamental rights, in particular, freedom of opinion and expression, and the right to privacy. Property rights are weak. Venezuela’s strongest scores are in the areas of religious freedom, accessibility of the civil courts, and protection of labor rights. –emphasis added

      I would point out that if you look at the inforgraphic in the report below the exceprt from Mr. Nagel, that the religious freedom, accesibility of the courts and protection of labor rights are roughly on par with the mean of both LatAmCar and Upper Middle Income countries. The only one that might, just might, be outside the statistical expectations of one group or the other, is the religious freedom aspect…and that might be a stretch. Bear in mind that this includes luminary countries in the UMI as Iran, Turkey, Russia and China.

      So where, exactly, are these many positive aspects you are citing? I don’t see that many.


      • Pitiyanqui : on the three areas where the regime scores high the following comments are in order

        1. Freedom of Religion is allowed because in a country such as Venezuela , where few people are really devout except in a puerile celebratory sort of way , religion is never a threat to THEIR religion which is the establishment and exercise of absolute rule . In their mind conventional religions dont matter because what they view as real religions are the political allegiances of people and there they practice abusive persecution of those who follow a political religion different from their own.

        2. The regimes Labour laws by taking away the legitimate rights of the employers and allowing irresponsible workers the opportunity of extorting their employer for benefits they havent earned, dont protect the ‘workers’, they grant them the power to abuse and persecute their employers destroying business productivity to the detriment of all Venezuelans , Nothing to applaud there !!

        Also those laws dont protect govt workers who cant get the govt to honour or negotiate lapsed or breached collective bargaining agreements or who are persecuted and fired because their politics are different from the govts

        3. .Access to civil courts which are presided by judges which are regime toadies , corrupt and incompetent deserves no praise

        Sometimes those international scores are so superficial and uninformed that they mean nothing.


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