“El Impulso” will live on… for now

47265impulsoHours before Nicolas Maduro announced the coming end of CADIVI, Barquisimeto’s main paper El Impulso made public that its request for currency to buy newsprint was finally approved, after months of delays.

Had that request been denied or simply gone unanswered, the paper could have been simply forced out of print by Feb. 2nd.

However, the newsprint crisis is still affecting many newspapers nationwide. Even if this problem is happening since late last year, now it’s reaching a critical point.

So while it’s a small, welcome victory for diversity of opinion in the war against communicational hegemony, it’s far too soon to say that we have won the war.

6 thoughts on ““El Impulso” will live on… for now

  1. Just to point they aprove the AAD this meant they can order and ship the products, the actual payment is the ALD, son in reality there is no money for el Impulso.

    Ussualy importers pay in advance or is” given credit by supplier”.

    So this will be bring with black usd or saving money in the hope they pay, in average and ALD is executed 200 dias after the products arrive.


  2. OT: 5 Venezuelan cities in the 50 most violent cities of the world in 2013

    According to Mexican NGO “Segurida Justicia y Paz”:
    2: Caracas
    10: Barquisimeto
    17: Ciudad Guayana
    35: Maracaibo
    50: Valencia

    I’m surprised to see Valencia as the fifth most violent Venezuelan city, I would have though it was second or third.

    I’m also surprised to see Barquisimeto as the second most violent city in Venezuela, I would have guessed it as the fifth at most.



  3. OT: Osorio culpa al acaparamiento doméstico por la ausencia de harina de maíz

    “[Minister Osorio] said, it’ isn’t possible to end cornmeal scarcity through imports, because it’s only made in Venezuela”.

    ‘Según dijo, no es posible solventar la escasez de harina de maíz precocida con importaciones, pues es un producto que “se produce solamente en Venezuela”.’

    Minister Osorio is trying to cover the Sun with his thumb. Polar manufactures plenty of “Harina Pan” in Colombia, enough to supply that market and export it worldwide (US, Spain, Ecuador, and anywhere there’s a small community of Venezuelan expats). I guess the government refuses to pay Polar for cornmeal in dollars.


    • You want to get all kinds of harina pan, blanca, amarilla, dulce as well as Donarepa, go to Montreal. You get better products than back home to prepare hallaca. Sad truth!


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