Graphs galore!

Twitter is just chock-full’a graphs today. Here’s one from Asdrúbal Oliveros on Venezuela’s car production. Vamos sobre ruedas!VehiculosThese two are from my partners-in-crime at ODH. The first is on how the World Bank viewed us in 1998, and how they view us now. Hmm, somebody in Washington doesn’t like the Revolution!

Bco Mundial

And finally, I was going to try and translate “resistencia a la autoridad” but … really, is there any way of doing so? English is such a civilized language. I guess you could call it “death by random police shootings” or something.

Resist Autoridad

14 thoughts on “Graphs galore!

  1. Sharing Data perse should not be the goal.

    The goal is to make the like between the performance variation depicted in the different graphs, the responsibility the regime has in the performance of the indicators,and offer an interpretation of the motivation the regime may have had on the behavior promoting the performance variations.

    o sea….

    Hasta ahora muchos siguen enganados con el cuento que este es “un mal gobierno”!

    In my book, this has been a very successful occupation! and saqueo:

    They have bought servant opposition, silence uncomfortable critics and drove out the potential resistance members out of the country.

    Recent Diosdado dixit: ” si no les gusta la inseguridad se pueden marchar del pais…”


  2. “Resistencia a la Autoridad” would include when two drunk on-duty police officers rammed their truck into my sister in law’s car on xmas eve?…


    • Yup. They (the autoridad) were rolling along and encountered some resistance, namely, your sister-in-law’s car. Seriously, I hope that turned out well. I’ve been pulled over by drunk cops on New Year’s Eve shooting in the air. It shows how far rule of law and accountability have eroded when officers drink routinely on the job.


    • I stopped at “Estimado (Bueno, casi)”. Go be insufferable, condescending assholes who use the “Ohhhh we’re so edgy and radical, we’re almost like the chavista version of Panfleto Negro” Gimmick somewhere else. Thats my unwanted opinion of that article.


  3. It’s not that English would be more civilized than Spanish. It’s that we in Venezuela do not have rule of law or democracy and got used to the euphemism.
    As Navarro pointed out, it could be called “Resistance to Arrest”…only that US Americans would mostly parse right away that is cop talk for shooting randomly.


  4. The graph on the national cars production should start at 0 othwise you give a distorted picture. (I am NOT defending the Venezuelean government., but this is a rule for good statistical graphs.)


  5. OT: “PetroVietnam suspende operaciones en Venezuela ”

    “La situación presente en Venezuela es muy difícil debido al deterioro de la economía y a la alta inflación”, explicó a la publicación Saigon Economic Times.

    “Ningún inversor puede soportar enviar dinero para contratar servicios en las compañías en Venezuela para llevar a cabo el proyecto”, añadió. ”


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