A nice moment from Belén Marrero (UPDATED)

This video of actress Belén Marrero talking about her friend Mónica Spear is not my cup of tea, but something tells me that, in our telenovela-obsessed country, it hits a nerve. It’s a good moment for her, putting into words the absolute despair of many Venezuelans.

I also like the link that she makes between crime … and the government. This is one person who understood the gist of yesterday’s post.

Update: Ultimas Noticias is reporting the presumed culprit has been in and out of jails for years. Thank you, judicial system. Anybody out there still think this is a problem of culture and education? (HT: El gran Willy)

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  1. last night i almost choked… CBS news ran the story on the 11.pm news. as the anchorman stated they had a new development on the case, and talked about the major murder rate in our country. it turns out president “nicolas malulo” was quoted saying it hadn’t been a random act of violence: “she was targeted… ” and left it at tha,t hanging there in the air waves.
    and if so, does it make this dastardly crime any different? better? worse? will it make the watching gringo audience wonder why would a visiting beauty queen be targeted including her little daughter and husband? was she working for the colombian cartels? was her husband a terrorist of the IRA? maybe the thugs were just undercover agents shielding “malulo” from another magnicide plot.
    IMO it is the worst kind of smudge on the victims of this terrible red list that the criminal state uss to keep it’s citizens under control. i firmly believe that rampant crime is state policy. i mean the cuban’s states’ policy.


    • If she was targeted then her death is just an indication of the existence of sicariato gangs in Venezuela (i.e. old news) and perhaps also an indication of her possible guilt (someone wanted her dead, why?). Her death does not really belong in the huge pile of dead innocent people caught in the crossfire of the putative (according to Maduro) slow motion war that the Venezuelan scenario has become.


    • I, too, share your firm belief. I also think that the communicational hegemony of the Castro-Maduro regime is in overdrive.

      When “Malulo” says that Monica Spear’s assassination was not random, but targeted, his audio clip (with coaching from his Cuban bosses) accomplishes two things:
      1. It relieves people from thinking they could be next.
      2. It lifts some of the pressure off the government, which is directly responsible for the 500% rise in the criminality-murder statistics, since Chávez’ first term in office.

      Meanwhile, the government’s policy scrambles to divert attention in other ways. Witness yesterday’s published article by enchufadita Eva Golinger: http://www.correodelorinoco.gob.ve/politica/%c2%bfmato-nsa-a-hugo-chavez/.

      Any excuse to bring on the memory of an expired *gigante*, in this instance, to find a repetitive value (his death) and a distraction (a conspiracy factor). In so doing, Golinger’s little article ensures that those who followed the soap opera star will have their thinking re-routed onto a metaphysical and polarizing arena.

      Cynicism at its finest, matched only by this forced laugh from Rizarrita, vintage 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mUfDDYoOnw.


      • Syd my dear friend, you really are a masochist reading to the enchufada mayor, I give you that, and watching that cretin imbecile laughing to the whole word to see. They always talk about Chavez cancer was so rare, but never said what type of cancer he had so people can make their own opinion. Was is anal cancer?


        • feathers, my good friend, I received the link on Golinger’s article from another friend. For I don’t keep track of regime-paid manipulations in Correo del Orinoco. And so, I scanned Eva’s pap for buzz words, phrases, and feel, never for full comprehension. Now, I’m no genius. But it didn’t take but two seconds to figure out what she’s up to, by publishing on Jan 8, 2014 — during public consternation over the assassination of yet another citizen, this one with a higher profile than most — her hue and cry, already discredited by CNN, over the conspiracy of Chávez’s death last year in late December 2012.


          • So what these clowns are suggesting is that these devilishly clever hitmen dug the pothole in front of their approaching vehicle which blew out their tires, allowing them to carry out their dastardly deed. Move over Mossad. You´ve been bumped into second place.


  2. This from a commentator:

    Al Sr Roque Valero, quien declaró que la delincuencia en este país fué heredada de la cuarta república, vale ver que los asesinos son:

    Jean Carlos Colina Alcalá (19): era un bebé de tres añitos cuando llegó la 5ta república.

    Alejandro Maldonado Pérez (21): era un niño de 5 años cuando llegó la 5ta república.

    Adolfo Rico Agreda (26): Este niño tenia 10 años.

    Leonar Marcano Lugo y Eva Armas Mejías (39): Estos sí estaban dañados ya, tenían en su momento 23 años, habria que ver si ya tenían prontuario o se hicieron delincuentes en la 5ta.

    Y dos adolescentes de 17 y 15 años: Uno tenía un añito y el otro no había nacido en la cuarta.

    dejandole el beneficio de la duda con los dos de 39, de 7 asesinos… 5 fueron creados, educados, armados y concientizados bajo el manto de la revolución.

    Por Dios! dejen de buscar culpables ideológicos y ponganse de una vez por todas a buscar medidas efectivas contra este flagelo que acaba indistintamente con todos los venezolanos de bien, sean del color que sean, nadie está a salvo!, cuántos más tienen que morir para que se asuma de una vez por todas la única guerra que se debe realmente librar en Venezuela, y es la guerra contra el hampa!, ya basta de idioteces y tanta impunidad!!!


    • Pero que importa que la violencia sea importada de la IV o no? En definitiva ellos son responsables de 15 años de hacer NADA sino robarse todo los reales. That’s what there is no money for anything else. Is that also imported from the IV? You bet. People voted for Chavez to end the cycle but he made it worst.


    • Es que para Roque Valero, los valores de la cuarta estaban presentes en la leche maternal (cuando no en útero). Estos mismos valores también se presentaban en el arroz y las caraotas que se producían nacionalmente. Por eso mismo en la 5ta república, ahora se importa el arróz y las caraotas, para así asegurar otros valores para la multipluralidad del pueblo (y la bipolaridad de sus líderes).


  3. A heartbreaking testimony, regardless of whether you like Belén Marrero or not. Some around here keep missing the real point. The outrage is not about the senseless deaths of Monica and her ex-husband in the hands of heartless, brainless criminals, but about the fact that this is happening almost every day in the streets and highways of Venezuela. The fact that this time it happened to a celebrity couple and an innocent child was involved just makes it much more noticeable for a population that has become numb to the massive bloodshed happening in the country. So whether this was a plot, a targeted murder or simply a random event, as I believe it was, is completely irrelevant. The government has been successful in gagging the media and giving the impression that this is something inherited from the “4th Republic”, to the point that even some arguably smart people bring this argument on occasions. This is absolute bullshit, and even though the government fudges the real statistics about the number of murders in the country, there has been a dramatic increase since 1998 even reflected by the official numbers, and we all know by our own personal experiences that in the last 15 years the number of violent crimes committed with the use of fire guns has grown dramatically. For me it works this way: before 1998 I knew of perhaps two cases of friends or friends-of-friends that were injured or murdered in robbery attempts. After 1998 I can easily count ten, perhaps fifteen cases, let alone the stories of people I don’t personally know which can amount to tens of cases. I bet most of you will be able to say the same. I’d love to be wrong.


    • That’s the insidious spin of chavista of facts and statistics that we all fall for.
      Venezuela in 1998 was a country that had seen a sharp rise in crime due to the economical crisis and a very deficient criminal system, but whose murders numbers were not by far the worst in the continent.
      Starting in 1998 the increase was dramatic making us one of the most violent countries in the world.
      The other distortion is that it used to be the same for poorer people, the difference is now that the rich feel it too. No, now there are 500% more poor people dying that before, and most of the murder victims in Venezuela are poor. But it all get lost in the matter of perception, lost of values speech, esoteric sociological explanations for something that has very clear earthly causes.


      • The disease was there before 1999, thats not a lie , few people saw it , but it was there , then because no one bothered to control it , because it was neglected , because the therapies that could be used to stop its growth were ignored, during the next 5, 10 , 15 years , the disease methastasized , becoming a brutal monster that every day that passes devours more of our children , young men , brothers , sisters , fathers , to feed its own ravenous hunger. That the roots of the disease of crime lie in a time before the regime took over the country does not excuse the regime for allowing it to methastasize , to stop it from becoming it the monster that it has become . for using its force to cement its own hold on power by adopting the victimizers it creates and endorsing or legitimizing their ravages !! Lets not criticize people for pointing out its origins , but lets understand tha the crime lies in letting it grow and allow it to transform our lives into lives of fear.


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