‘Tis the season to be vindictive…


Former Mayor of El Vigia, Robert Ramos

Looks like the recent case of political payback in Maturin isn’t the only one.

Robert Ramos, who was until just days ago the mayor of El Vigía (Merida State’s second largest city) was detained days ago in Merida and will be charged for alleged influence peddling when he worked for the Agriculture Ministry (2001-2005).

Months ago, Mr. Ramos was not chosen by the PSUV to run for re-election in the recent local elections, so he decided to go alone anyway (with the support of the Communist Party). In his own words, he considered that the Chavismo’s national leadership simply ignored the decision of the local bases. In the end, the split between Chavistas allowed the MUD to win El Vigía by a sizable margin.

But looks like payback isn’t reserved to those who cost Chavismo several mayorships, but it will be used as well to set example within their ranks. Case in point, the former mayor of El Tocuyo (Lara State) Fidel Palma, who was detained by Military Intelligence and charged with (you guess it) corruption during his recently finished term.

Just like the case of Mr. Ramos, Mr. Palma was denied re-election and went on his own (supported by the small Juan Bimba party). But even if the PSUV won El Tocuyo without any trouble, he was punished anyway for breaking with Chavismo’s concept of discipline.

Well, looks like the term “war on corruption” is becoming synonym with “internal purge”.

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8 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to be vindictive…

  1. It would be nice if we had a list of the PSUV guys who decided to run on their own. Are there any more that you know of? So many municipios, so much temptation.
    I wish we had their database…just ther IDs would do so much!


  2. * Henry Falcón – Lara
    * El Gato – Monagas
    * Rojas – Maturín, Monagas
    * Roberto Ramo – Vigía, Mérida
    * Fidel Palma – Tocuyo, Lara

    Come on, come on, keep them coming!


    • For what is worth, in Valencia it was widely rumored that Parra intended to run without the PSUV. So it might be a case of preemptive strike.

      Another possible name to add is Liborio Guarulla, a MUD acquisition from PPT, since the Amazonas Governorship has lost the airport, a hotel and several other dependencies.

      If they have a Hit List, I’m guessing it looks like this (http://www.ultimasnoticias.com.ve/noticias/actualidad/politica/division-paso-factura-en-15-municipios.aspx). A list of dissident candidates who actually spoiled the election for GPP.

      That news article states that 11 chavista mayors ran for reelection without PSUV approval, but only 3 managed to get elected.

      I think we are going to need just a little more effort to compile that list.


  3. Well, looks like the term “war on corruption” is becoming synonym with “internal purge”.

    Indeed. Or: you can steal with impunity as long as you don’t rock the boat. Rock the boat, and your immunity with impunity will be revoked.


  4. These Rojo-Rojitos thought that Venezuela remained a traditional democracy… They forgot that we now have a cuban democracy…


  5. As long as they are PSUV, ex-PSUV, future PSUV, future-ex-PSUV or ex-future PSUV, there is no harm done, sue and jail the SOBs.

    Happy new year to all.


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