Useless National Assembly begins to play its new role

Solo pienso en tí

Solo pienso en tí

After Nicolás Maduro took away all power to legislate from the National Assembly and kept it for himself, deputies have a lot of time to kill. It’s only fitting that one of the first things they decide to do is … plunge, head first, right in the middle of a celebrity catfight!

Roque Valero is a Venezuelan telenovela actor (according to Wikipedia) who has publicly supported Nicolás Maduro. Guillermo Dávila is a well-known actor and singer who has publicly come out to support Henrique Capriles.

The other day Valero and his family were at a supermarket in the posh Los Naranjos neighborhood, and they got jeered and whistled at. Valero alleges Dávila was at the market and began leading the crowd on, until he was forced to leave.

You’re probably as bored reading about this as I am writing about it, so I’ll try and write it up: the National Assembly has unanimously called Dávila to appear in front of the Comittee on Media. He will apparently be charged with “instigating hatred.”

This comes on the heel of Nicolás Maduro saying the incident proves the opposition are, get this … intolerant.

It’s only fitting – in a country with soaring crime rates, galloping inflation, scarcity, crumbling infrastructure … this is what lawmakers are worried about.

Then again, they aren’t lawmakers any more, just people with a huge budget and lot of time on their hand.

21 thoughts on “Useless National Assembly begins to play its new role

  1. Apparently, Valero was trying to crash a long line of buyers waiting for a cash register, along with his wife/nanny/small child, and maybe bodyguard, and Davila nearby simply pointed out to bystanders who Valero was (Valero has been jeered before in other middle-class venues, along with knees-on-tarima Winston Vallenilla).


  2. ‘…panem et circenses…’ as the Latin saying goes but in this case there is plenty of pretty red circuses but no bread.


  3. Can someone do me a favor and say briefly how we got to the point the National Assembly was able to get to the majority needed to pass an Enabling Law? My memory fails me.

    Obviously, it all started with a gerrymandered/altered electoral map and system that enabled Chavistas to get 59% of the seats with only 48% of the vote. But how did they get the last several seats? Did they have to get rid of 3 or 4 oppo leglislators? And how did they do so, bogus corruption charges or what?


  4. I wasn’t a fan of Roque Valero but I kind of enjoyed Punto y Raya. In it, Edgar Ramirez and Roque Valero had a tale of two cities-ish dynamic.

    Who would know they would keep the same dynamic after that? At one point they were both soap opera stars. Since then, Edgar Ramírez has gone to the big leagues in Hollywood. Roque Valero was a singer-songwriter/actor.

    Yet Roque Valero decided to become a political whore for the chance to suck playing Bolívar in yet another shitty/corny/boring Bolívar movie. Edgar Ramírez worked his way and also got the chance to play Bolívar, except that movie appears to be much better.

    I kinda of wish I had been present then and there, to jeer and whistle at the guy.


  5. Am i the only one wondering why these guys were in the supermarket, and at the same time? Did they get a special toilet paper delivery?


    • I understand that you need to whine about something but this really takes the biscuit. Dpavila qould no have dared behaved in the way he did towards Valero if he had been in, say, the Bicentenario in San Bernardino. He only did it as he knew that he was surrounded by people similar to yourself – disociated ignoramuses putrid with hate.

      JC cannot see anything wrong in istitgating hatred against anyone who does not hold his political views. It comes from being too close to Pinochetism all his life. He talks about consiliation and then implicity applauds such repugnant behavior.

      Dpavila needs to explain his bahavior and it’s a pity he is not in a criminal court rather than the toothless AN.

      BTW, JC, you do have a tendency to tell lies. The AN has planty of legislation to get on with adn will be stripping other AN opposition corruption experts such as JC Caldera and Cocchiola of their immunity sooner rather tan later and will be making Chavez’s plan up to 2019 into a law to be obeyed by all governors, mayors and coouncillors.


      • Arturo, sorry for the off topic, but I can’t stop wondering about that time you spent so much more buying something than you could have paid for so much less elsewhere. Why did you?


      • Since I can remember nobody in Vzla likes to see a “vivo” trying to skip the line, does not matter if it is a fancy supermarket, bank, Cantv or humble store.
        The only difference here is that Roquecito is a “guapo y apoyado” that did not like that people pointed out that he was abusing everybody else and like a spoiled baby started to cry out and his all mighty daddy is going to punish somebody just for showing the obvious


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