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From Washington al MundoTwo tidbits:

1. I’ll be interviewed live on “From Washington Al Mundo,” a show on Cristina Saralegui’s Sirius XM radio Station. It should air today at 4:30 PM EST. They want to talk about my article on beauty queens and work ethic. No, I won’t be talking to Cristina herself.

2. A few weeks ago, I was in Barcelona for a family get-together and my sister brought home a special magazine on Venezuela published by La Vanguardia, the main newspaper in Catalonya. As I was browsing the magazine reading the articles (authored by the usual cast of characters – Corrales, López Maya, Nicmer, Alayón, Luis Vicente, etc.) I see this in the last page, under “webs”:

“Caracas Chronicles: Esta es una de las principales fuentes de información on line sobre política venezolana. Todos los colegas consultados coincidieron que es la primera página que revisan cuando quieren saber algo de Venezuela. Cuenta con diferentes secciones desde la visión de una oposición moderada, por lo que suele ser crítica con el gobierno sin llegar a los fanatismos. Escrita en inglés y con un alto nivel de interactividad, facilita compartir sus contenidos a través de las redes sociales y estimula el debate.”

There we were, right next to Aporrea, Analítica, YV Polis, Entorno Parlamentario, Provea, and a few others. That … was pretty cool, but it was doubly cool that the author noticed that part of the quality of the blog comes from the Comments section.

6 thoughts on “Caracas Chronicles in the media

  1. Agree. CC is my main Venezuelan news source since the Venezuelan Hegemon decided that truth was no longer acceptable in mainstream media turning former serious news outlets in advertising agencies for the (disgraced mis-) government (Noticias 24, Globovision, etc)


  2. Well played!

    It is striking that a Spanish/Catalan-speaking group of writers would all agree that English-language CC is their first resource on Venezuela.

    They should also have mentioned your book, and its low, low price!


  3. Bravo to the post writers and commenters! And to think Quico had once rubbed us out, the ingrate.

    As for yoyo types, they are both comic relief and solid reflectors of leftist-dreaming stupidities. I doubt that Spanish readers with grey matter between the ears are fooled by the appearance of these types, and they probably welcome our retorts.

    In sum, we here at the Greek Chrorus Inc. have worked hard all these years to fulfill Quico’s first tenet: don’t be boring.


  4. The comments section is as good, usually, as the main part- and never to be missed!
    CC and D’sEx are my two most important sources of info on the Venezuelan predicament- which seems unending…..
    Thank you all for your invaluable work!


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