A Samán-onic decision


Economic war logic: Selling food in the streets at market prices, that’s good! Press reports on the shortages, that’s bad…

While the government is busy putting pressure on supermarkets and the media to “control” food shortages, what about those organized street vendors who sell scarce in the streets at three-times the controlled price?

Well, looks like they will be left alone for now. Says who? No other than CC’s old favorite Eduardo Samán, the head of the Venezuelan Consumer Protection Agency (INDEPABIS).

During a special inspection in one of Caracas main popular markets, Samán said this:

“Buhoneros are not guilty… why do people insist on attacking them? I’ll say it loud and clear: I’m not going to go after buhoneros, the revolutionary government won’t go after the people. We will talk to them and solve the problem that way…”

This outbreak of free-marketteering from Samán, of all people, rather surprised us: apparently INDEPABIS is willing to tolerate rational economic behaviour, but only by people who don’t invest, pay VAT or Income Tax, or follow LOTTT, or basic hygiene norms, or any other laws. ‘Mmmmmkay then.

During the very same tour, a couple of local customers told Samán that buhoneros are the only ones to access to scarce staples (like oil and harina PAN) and then sell them on for up to three-times their regulated price. He denied that and insisted that both the issue of buhoneros and the overall food shortage crisis will be solved soon. 

Funny that this inspection was just the first of a series called “friends of INDEPABIS”. With friends like that…

8 thoughts on “A Samán-onic decision

  1. So … why doesn’t Central Madierense or someone like that simply empty their shelves and sell via buhoneros? If one distribution channel is free and subject to market forces, and the other one is rife with regulations, price controls, and dwindling margins, then I would switch off one channel and use the other one.

    Oh wait … maybe that’s what they’re doing.


    • I actually heard from a store owner from the center of valencia that he was actually forced to do that, the buhonero epidemic made harder for people to enter his store, so he grabbed part of his merchandise and sold it in front of his store buhonero style


  2. Also Motorizados are not guilty…..
    The only guilty ones are iguanas, capitalists, imperialists, the CIA, SHIELD, UNCLE, etc… very soon the martians too.


  3. Please tell me there is video of Samán trying to dissuade the buhonero from selling toilet paper at market price.


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