Only hegemons can get newsprint

rotativaelimpulso696Barquisimeto’s main newspaper (and the second oldest working paper in Venezuela) El Impulso only has enough inventory of paper to continue publishing until December.

Since CADIVI has not give them the dollars needed to import it, it has been forced to acquire newsprint elsewhere at prices that have severely affected its financial situation.

As the lack of paper has forced regional newspapers to either reduce their circulation or even close shop, their counterparts from the communicational hegemony are looking quite safe: the National Assembly just approved an additional credit so official rags like Correo del Orinoco or Ciudad CCS can continue operating without breaking a sweat.

5 thoughts on “Only hegemons can get newsprint

  1. The oppo must realize that conventional political operations are now effectively impossible except at a token and ineffectual level and that it is effectively at war.

    The chavernment still permits elections and voting, so it is not time to resort to force.

    But with the chavernment’s hegemony over fields for conventional political activity, the oppo must adopt new methods.

    That means organizing to resist intimidation and establish its own communications channels. That will have to be done by volunteers on a peer to peer basis. And gather intelligence. The model is a resistance organization in an occupied country. Which is what Venezuela is, practically.


    • well if the goverment says the thruth then such a war is already underway, now seriusly, the opposition’s strategy seems to be to survive while waiting for the goverment to implode alone and try to pick the pieces of what’s left, honestly I have no idea what else can they do, I’m specting that they’re going to do an all out media sprint in the final weeks before the municipal elections


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